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Designing Courses After 12th - Complete Guide


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It can be exciting to choose the right career path after graduating from high school. Your career path and future can be shaped by the choices you make at this point in your life. Going into design is one option that a lot of students think about.  

Today, there are many different job opportunities available in the rapidly growing profession of design. After the 12th grade, you can select from the vast range of design courses that perfectly match your preferences. After completing your 12th standard, you can select between a diploma and other certificate courses in design.  

This blog will help you understand the numerous facets of choosing designing courses after 12th standard to help you make smart decisions regarding your future.  


Designing Courses After 12th Highlights
Course Type Certificate, Diploma, Undergraduate (UG), and Online Course
Duration of Course Weeks to months for Certificate Course, 1 to 2 years for Diploma Course, and 3 years for Undergraduate programs.
Eligibility Students must complete 12th standard, from an accredited board or college to be eligible for designing courses after 12th.
Course Fees Certificate INR 10,000 to INR 1,50,000 ,Diploma - INR 5,000 to INR 3,00,000, UG - INR 4,00,000 to INR 12,000
Admission Process Offline Mode
Top Recruiters Orient Craft, Snapdeal, Oracle, Pantaloon, Shoppers Stop, Amazon, Benetton, Mumbai Dyeing, Pearl Global.
Career Prospects Graphic Designer, Fashion Designer, Game Designer, Textile Designer, UI/UX Designer, Interior Designer, etc.
Average Salary INR 3,00,000 to INR 6,00,00 per annum

What are Designing Courses?  

The designing course involves using creative thinking to solve problems, enhancing aesthetics, and crafting memorable experiences with visual components.  

There are degree, diploma, and certificate programs accessible for students who are looking for designing courses after 12th. The courses will help you to gain practical knowledge as well as build an excellent portfolio. Students can now learn and create designs on their laptops at their convenience.  

Among the most popular options for designing courses after 12th are available for students. The ever-evolving field of design includes various opportunities in interior design, graphic design, and fashion design. Students who complete the coursework will be ready to skyrocket in their careers with lots of job opportunities on their way.  


Benefits of Pursuing Designing Courses After the 12th  

  • If you want to enhance your level of creativity and build unique projects, then you will greatly benefit from a designing course after 12th.
  • In addition, students can also acquire technical skills and get the chance to network with top professionals in the industry.
  • Due to the latest tools and creative roles, job opportunities have also increased in the current market.
  • Upgrading your skillset by learning other soft skills can also help you succeed in any design job at different companies.
  • The design courses are well crafted to help you select the career of your choice. They can greatly benefit you by providing you with core knowledge and specialized training to help all students acquire high-quality design skills.


List Of Design Courses After 12th

1. Bachelor of Design (Fashion Design)   

The Bachelor of Design in Fashion, or BDes Fashion Design, is an eight-semester undergraduate program that focuses on teaching students how to design clothing, accessories, and other items using both technology and manual methods in accordance with current fashion trends.  

  • Eligibility - Students should score a minimum of 50% in their 12th standard in any field.
  • Duration - 4 years
  • Career Options - Fashion designer, Stylist, Textile designer, Fashion Merchandiser, Fashion illustrator, Fashion Marketing, Fashion Coordinator, Fashion Photographer, Jewellery designer, Fashion editor, Patternmaker, Footwear Designer, Boutiques, Cutting Assistant, and more.


2. Bachelor of Design in Interior Design

The Bachelor of Design in Interior Design focus on the theories and practices of interpreting human behavior and building homes that satisfy the needs of clients and customers. This course will give you a thorough understanding of visually pleasing living spaces and other interiors based on your client's requirements.  

  • Eligibility - Students should score a minimum of 50% in their 12th standard in any field.
  • Duration - 4 years
  • Career Options - Interior designer, Exhibition Designer, Lighting designer, Kitchen designer, Architect, Landscape Architect, Furniture companies, Sustainable design, Design entrepreneur, Industrial designer, Consultant, Stylist, 3D modeler, Builder, Interior designer.


3. Bachelor of Design (Graphic Design)   

B.Des Graphic Design is an undergraduate course that teaches students how to create and design visual content that communicates a clear intention of a brand to a group of people. This course is divided into 8 semesters over the years.  

  • Eligibility - Students should score a minimum of 50% in their 12th standard in any field.
  • Duration - 4 years
  • Career Options - Graphic Designer, UX Designer, Art Director, Advertising designer, Illustrator, Web Designer, Animator, Industrial Designer, Brand Identity designer, Packaging designer, Branding, Architecture firms, Book design, Design educator, Design manager, Designer, Production artist, Social Media graphics, Typography, and working in Advertising agencies.


4. Diploma in Graphic Design   

The course is specifically created for students who want to get a profession in graphic design and level up their skills. This diploma is perfect for those students who want to create portfolios and find job profiles across a range of industries, including advertising, digital marketing, media, animation, and others.  

  • Eligibility - Students should score a minimum of 50% in their 12th standard in any field.
  • Duration - 1 year
  • Career Options - Graphic Designer, Art Director, UX Designer, Web designer, Animator, Illustrator, Multimedia artist, Packaging designer, Advertising agencies, Branding, Marketing and advertising, Marketing Manager, Visual designer, Book designer, Film editor, Visualizer, Logo Creator, Print and electronic media, Print and layout design, and social media graphic designer.


5. Diploma in Interior Designing   

The course offers full professional expertise on interior design, covering topics such as material understanding, floor plan interpretation, design elements and process, three-dimensional space visualization, and mastery of all relevant software and tools, acoustics, lighting, and more.  

  • Eligibility - Students should score a minimum of 50% in their 12th standard in any field.
  • Duration - 1 year
  • Career Options - Interior designer, Exhibition Designer, Lighting designer, Kitchen designer, Architect, Landscape Architect, Furniture companies, Sustainable designer, Design entrepreneur, Industrial designer, Consultant, 3D modeling, Builder, Design manager, Interior designer.


6. Certificate in Fashion Design   

A certificate program in fashion design is a post-secondary education program that trains students to become fashion designers. Students acquire the fundamentals of designing clothes and selling them to customers through the study of color, fabric, stitching, technique, and design.  

  • Eligibility - Students should score a minimum of 50% in their 12th standard in any field.
  • Duration - 6 months to 1 year
  • Career Options - Fashion designer, Fashion stylist, Fashion illustrator, Merchandiser, Retail Manager, Assistant Designer, Digital fashion marketing, Footwear Designer, Personal shopper, Fashion coordinator, Garment technologist, Textile industry, Accessory designer, and Fashion Director.


7. Online Graphic Design Certificate Course  

Short-term programs like online graphic design courses with certifications are made for all the students to learn and develop specialized skills like Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, and so on. It helps students in expanding their knowledge of a specific skill or profession.  

  • Eligibility – Students should score a minimum of 50% in their 12th standard in any field.
  • Duration - 16 weeks (about 3 and a half months)
  • Career Options - Animator, web designer, art director, product developer, marketing specialist, brand designer, illustrator, etc.


8. Bachelor in Product Design  

Getting a degree in product design helps you improve your creative abilities and gain the technical knowledge required for using materials and other production techniques in innovative ways. The course also provides you with presentation skills, which are highly sought after by a lot of companies.  

  • Eligibility - Students should score a minimum of 50% in their 12th standard in any field.
  • Duration - 4 Years
  • Career Options - Industrial designer, Design Researcher, User interface designer, Automotive designer, Product Manager, User experience designer, CAD Technician, Advertising director, Materials Engineer, and Production Designer.


9. Bachelor in Textile Design  

An undergraduate program called the Bachelor of Arts in Textile Design aims to instill a creative edge through its diverse field of study. This field focuses on developing a three-dimensional method for designing patterns in apparel, integrating textiles, and creating a wide range of products.  

  • Eligibility - Students should score at least 50% in their 12th standard in any field.
  • Duration - 4 Years
  • Career Options - Textile designer, Fashion Designer, Apparel Designer, Freelance designer, Merchandiser, Color technologist, Knitwear, Spatial designer, Weaver, Entrepreneur and Fashion forecaster


10. Bachelor of Fine Arts in Animation  

Animated screen production is explored, developed, and innovated realistically as part of the animation designing courses after 12th. It combines in-depth studio-based study with research, idea development, scripting, storyboarding, character design, and creation.  

  • Eligibility - Students should score at least 50% in their 12th standard in any field.
  • Duration - 3 Years
  • Career Options – Animator, Artist, Art Director, Graphic Designer, Character Effects, Game art, Illustrator, 3D animation, Art Associate, Art Teacher, Multimedia artist, Animation lodge, filmmaking, Editing, Games developer, Set designer, and more.


Skills Required to Pursue Design Courses  

Having the following abilities will greatly increase your chances of success if you want to pursue a profession after completing designing courses after 12th:   

  • Creativity - It is the foundation of design. In the world of design, having a strong creative flare is essential for coming up with new solutions and producing visually appealing designs.
  • Communication Skills- Having good communication and networking skills is a must. Designers must be able to express their notions and ideas clearly. Effective communication is quite essential whether one is working with a team or with clients.
  • User Experience - The ability to understand the needs of the user for whom you are creating designs is known as user experience design. The two main abilities that set a designer apart from the competition and raise their demand are creativity and ideation.
  • Technical abilities – It involves knowing how to use design software, understanding the production process, and being comfortable with digital tools for multimedia and animation.
  • Attention To Detail - To guarantee that the finished product satisfies the required standards, designers must pay close attention to even the smallest aspects. In this field, a designer who pays close attention will stand out.
  • Flexibility - New techniques, technologies, and trends are continually emerging in the ever-changing design sector. Maintaining relevance in the field requires being flexible and open to new ideas.
  • Marketing Skills - To excel in designing courses after 12th, students need to have a solid understanding of the business model and be aware of the products they are producing and selling to the intended market.

A job in design gives people the chance to explore their own viewpoints, express their creativity, and influence the world. All the above-mentioned skills are essential if you want to excel in any design-related field. 

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1. What should I do after 12th to become a designer?  

After finishing 12th grade, if you want to become a designer, start by checking out courses like graphic design, fashion design, or interior design. Find good schools that teach these things. Also, try working as an intern or doing freelance jobs to get practical experience.  

2. What kinds of design fields exist after 12th grade?  

After you finish your designing courses after 12th, you can either become a graphic designer, fashion designer, or interior designer. Look for fun courses at good Institutes. Try little projects or internships to practice and build your portfolio.   

3. How much does a fashion designer earn?  

Fashion designers at the beginner level can make between INR 2.50 and 3 LPA, while those with several years of experience can make up to INR 30 to 35 LPA.  

4. How much do graphic designers earn?  

 In India, a graphic designer makes an average of INR 1,45,500 a month. A graphic designer's additional salary ranges from INR 1,000 to INR 2,40,000.  

5. How much do interior designers earn?  

The average monthly income for an interior designer is INR 1,09,888. The range of additional financial compensation for an interior designer in India is between INR 50,405 and INR 1,19,880.  

6. What I can do after 12th in designing?  

After designing courses after 12th, you can jump into fun design jobs. You have the option to choose graphic designing, animation, fashion design, UI/UX, or designing interior spaces and so much more. Look for top courses in your desired field and start learning the latest technology and skillsets. 

7. Which subject is best for designing?  

For a career in designing courses after 12th, focus on arts-related subjects like Fine Arts, Visual Arts, or even Graphic Design. These subjects lay the foundation for creativity and design skills. Pick courses that excite your artistic side and pave the way for a vibrant career in the world of design.    

8. Which design course is best for the future?  

For a bright future, consider popular design courses like Graphic Design, Fashion Design, or Web Design. These courses offer creative skills and are in high demand. Pick the one that aligns with your interests, and step into a promising future in the dynamic world of design. 

9. Can I do designing after 12th science?  

Even with a science background after 12th, you can dive into designing. Explore courses like Graphic Design, Animation, or Industrial Design. Many fields welcome your unique mix of science and creativity. Choose what sparks your interest and design a path for a fascinating designing course after 12th.  

10. Is there scope in designing?  

Yes, designing courses after 12th offers great opportunities! With businesses focusing more on branding and visual appeal, demand for designers is high. Fields like graphic designers, UX designers, interface designers, interior designers, fashion designers, and art directors are thriving. Creativity and skill in designing can lead to exciting and rewarding career paths with ample scope for growth.

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