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What is a BCA course - a Degree or a Diploma?


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We are living in a computerized world. In the last few years, computers have completely taken over our lives. Not in the form of desktops or laptops only. Almost everything we use has one or the other computer application. Be it mobile phones or appliances, all are run by some kind of computer applications. And apart from that every automobile, airplane and other forms of transports use computerized systems to operate. In fact, there is no field of life today, except maybe physical exercises, that are not touched by computerization. And even in that, if you go to gyms, you will find some computerized equipment. The schools today are providing basic knowledge of computers. So it is not surprising that more and more people are opting for some kind of formal qualification in computers. 

Nowadays, every type of industry has a requirement for qualified computer professionals. Every big company has an IT cell or department. And even small companies need computer professionals to take care of some basic applications. In this scenario, it would not be surprising if you are also looking to get into a course on computers. And BCA is one of the best courses to choose if you really want to get deep into computer applications. In India, you will get a good BCA course in Vadodara and many other cities. BCA stands for Bachelor of Computer Applications. There is a lot of confusion about whether BCA is a degree course or a diploma. To be sure, BCA is a three-year degree course. Degree courses are usually 3 or 4-year courses while diploma courses are of 1 or 2 years duration. 

If you are genuinely interested in the computer or IT field, then BCA is an excellent course option for you. The course will provide you the skills which you can directly apply in the field. BCA will provide you an insight into the applications of computers. It will also give you adequate programming knowledge. While doing a BCA course, you can explore such diversified areas as system engineering, software engineering, animation engineering, and computer security. These are those fields, which are in use in one form or the other in almost every organization these days.

A distinct advantage of doing a BCA course is that you get a computer degree in three years instead of 4 years. And unlike a 4-year B.Tech course, this covers only important topics which are related to computers. This is a course which will give you knowledge of more technical topics than any other computer course thus making you technically sound. And a BCA course in Vadodara and every other city covers a large number of programming languages that will considerably add to your knowledge and prepare you for handling practical problems. Moreover, it is more of a software-oriented course than a hardware-oriented which is more in demand.

If your quest for knowledge in the computer field is not satisfied by this course, then BCA opens the doors of Master of Computer Applications (MCA) program for you. Further enhancing your knowledge and qualification is sure to boost your career. You will become an expert in the computer application field and will be in great demand. 

By developing an understanding of computer applications, your thinking about application development and projects gets a logical perspective. Since you will learn more languages than any other program will teach you, you can excel in so many fields like coding, system analysis, etc. This, a BCA course in Vadodara or from anywhere else will allow you to show your full potential and have a strong career.

A big advantage of doing a BCA course is that you get to handle the newest technology. This can help you to do something of your own. If you are technically sound then you may be able to develop your own website, app, or even software. This will open a plethora of opportunities for you. You can start your own business and make a name for yourself in the computer applications or IT field.

From small companies to large corporates to giants like Google, HP, TCS, Oracle, Accenture, all employ IT, professionals. And even government organizations need such people. So there is no shortage of opportunities. As a BCA degree holder, you will have the chance to make a career in any specific field. The best part is that you will be employable in any type of industry. So you can see it is a versatile degree. You get a good salary package which is better than most of the other normal graduates. 

The above factors must clear any apprehensions you might have about doing a BCA course from Vadodara or some other place.


The ITM Group of Institutions offers a BCA course in Vadodara that provides right knowledge and technology for a successful career. The course is designed by industry experts and includes knowledge about mobile application development, cloud technology, and data centers.

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