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UX Design Degree - Career Options & Future Scope


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Why are so many people making UX design their career choice? The demand for knowledgeable UX designers is increasing as technology is developing fast. It has various other advantages as well.

So, in this blog, you will discover the main five benefits of the fulfilling and promising profession of UX design.  Let’s explore!

  1. High demand and job stability 

From 2022 to 2032, the job prospects for web developers and digital designers are expected to rise 16% overall, far faster than the average for all occupations. This is faster-than-usual growth in UI/UX career opportunities.


The scope of a UI/UX career in India is also bright. Businesses understand the value of a positive user experience. They need UX designers to build visually appealing and interactive websites, apps, and digital products. Thus, many work options and good job security lie ahead for UX designers.

  1. Good pay packages

UI/UX career in India offers good money. Their particular talents are priceless. On average, UX designers in India make INR 10.7 LPA, ranging from INR 3.0 LPA to INR 22.0 LPA.


However, location and experience are major factors that influence salary. Companies in tech hotspots offer higher pay.

  1. Job satisfaction

UX design balances analytical and creativity by observing user behavior. The work is thus both gratifying and fascinating.

  • UX design creativity

UX Designers create smart, visually pleasing interfaces and develop attractive, easy-to-use apps and websites that help them solve problems creatively.

  • Constructive analysis

UX designers must also think critically. They study users and examine statistics. Thus, as a unique and fulfilling profession, UX design combines creativity and analysis.

  1. Positive impact on users

UX designers can positively impact the user experience by creating easily understandable designs. This allows users to interact smoothly with digital media like websites and apps.

  • Focus on user experience

Developing user-centric experiences focusing on users' preferences is at the core of UX design. This strategy increases user happiness and brand loyalty. 

  • Ensuring accessibility

UX designers must also ensure their designers are accessible to all. Hence, they follow industry-recommended practices and accessibility standards.

Moreover, with the advancement of technologies and gadgets, there is a lot of UI/UX career scope for showcasing accessibility.

  1. Continuous learning and growth

As new development methods and tools constantly appear, UX design has never been a limited field. To UX designers, this means ongoing education and development. It further makes UX design a fascinating and challenging field.

  • Professional development

UX designers learn in many ways. They have access to seminars and industry workshops and can work on different projects to develop their skills. Staying up-to-date with market developments keeps them competitive.

  • Networking and collaboration

The UX design community is supportive and active. Designers are networkers and team players. They also collaborate with product managers, marketers, and engineers, creating a rich work atmosphere.

So these are the top 5 benefits of a UX design job. Thus, getting into a UX career might be your right choice. So, let's explore how to start a UX design career.

Roadmap to becoming a UX designer

Based on the above benefits, starting a career in UX design can be a good decision. This short road map will guide you through the process of becoming a UX designer.

  1. Get access to learning resources 
  • Enroll yourself in a reputed UX design program.
  • Practice as much as you can and read books and online materials on UX design. 
  • Watch tutorials and lectures from experienced UX designers.


  1. Learn core skills
  • User research: Focus on user research to understand what users use and do.
  • Wireframing and prototyping: Practice making sketches and models of your ideas.
  • Usability testing: Learn to test your designs by getting feedback from real users.
  • Visual design: Practice creating visually appealing and easy-to-use designs.
  • Master design software tools: Get hands-on experience using design and prototyping tools.


  1. Build a strong portfolio
  • Showcase your work: List your finest work and describe your design approach.
  • Work on different projects: Showcase your flexibility by including a range of work categories.


Pro tips:

  • Make sure your designs look nice and are easy to understand. 
  • Record and describe each step you took in your projects, from the start to the final design. This is useful for future reference.
  1. Gain practical experience
  • Search for UI UX career opportunities to work as a business intern to obtain practical experience.
  • Take on freelancing work to expand your portfolio and get a variety of experiences.
  • You can work with startups or non-profits to gain expertise and build your portfolio.


  1. Organize your network
  • Join UX design-related online forums and groups. Participate in discussions.
  • To network, pick up tips from others, and attend meetups and events for UX design locally and globally.
  • Seek out a mentor to help you with your job decisions.


  1. Keep learning and improving
  • Go on reading books and articles to increase your knowledge.
  • Enrol in advanced courses to develop your skills.
  • Stay current by reading and following UX design professionals on social media. This will make you more aware of the UI/UX career scope in future.

Wrapping up

A career in UX design has several advantages. There is employment security and great demand, and opportunities for growth and continuous learning are always present.

So, by the mentioned benefits, you must have got your answer for “Is UI/UX design a good career?” right?


Choosing the right place to learn UX design is essential, and the IDM B.Des in UX Design is fantastic! The program offers one of the best curriculum to help you become a skilled UX designer. Hands-on learning and dedicated placement assistance for a UI/UX career in India are added benefits.

Frequently asked questions

  1. Why is user experience so important?

Whether it's a website or app, how well people can use it decides its success. It's about whether users can find what they want, move around easily, and do what they came for.

  1. What is the UI/UX career scope in future?

The UI/UX scope in future is promising. UX design aims to create seamless experiences that work well on different devices and platforms. This means there will be many opportunities to design websites, apps, and more, making things easy and enjoyable for people everywhere.

  1. What is the use of UX design?

The importance of excellent UX goes well beyond aesthetically pleasing design. It is an important process that can help a business make more sales, save money, stand out in the competition, boost production, and improve the brand image.

  1. To what end does a UX designer work?

The main goal of a UX designer is to make digital products like websites and apps easy to use and visually appealing for users.

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