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What is Interior Design?

Tired of living in the same old boring home where there is no sense of style? Time to renovate and bring life to the space you live in. This is where you need a professional to do the job of transforming your space into something amazing. 

We all are aware that the Interior Design course has become a much-hyped career option among the young generation. However, the design industry needs professionals to do the job. 

Opting for a short-duration design course will not benefit the candidate in any way. The student needs to opt for a graduation interior design course that will help them enhance their knowledge and skills. The interior designer’s job is to transform a dull-looking house into a trendy-looking house, to make this possible an interior designer needs to be creative and decorative. Interior design course teaches a student the art of blending colors, structure transformations, and selecting the right materials required. 

The job of an interior designer is to work in correspondence with an Architect. While an architect builds the space, it is the duty of Interior designers to bring life to it. One more important thing is that interior designers need to possess good communication and relationship-building skills. It is their duty to take briefs from the client, understand their requirements, and put forth their best efforts. The idea is to make use of the space, innovate, decorate in the best way possible. This way the professional interior designers make the space look attractive and lively. In an interior design course, you will learn how much research goes behind creating a design that is aesthetically pleasing and attractive. 

The design industry is filled with glamour and that is why it attracts the younger generation to build a career in interior design. Even though the industry may bling from the outside there is a lot of hard work and dedication that goes behind the scenes. An interior designer course teaches you every important aspect of design in detail. Right from the selection of colors, furnishings, materials, etc to placing the element, proper use of materials and colors, etc. They are also responsible for creating space and directing dimensions for the elements. 


Eligibility Criteria for an Interior Designer Course 

The candidate must complete his/her Higher secondary education i.e. 10+2 and earn a certificate from a reputed/recognized university. Some institutes conduct entrance tests for students to gain admission in the course. Therefore, it is advisable to check with the institute and its criteria before applying for the interior design course. For example, a good designing college like ITM Institute of Design and Media conducts a rigorous entrance test for students applying for Interior Design Course which includes, Round one - Common Intelligent Test and Round two - Interview-Portfolio evaluation. 


Where to study Interior Designer Course?

The most important aspect to look at for doing an Interior Design Course is an Institute that has the kind of infrastructure necessary for learning the course. The second most important thing to look at is the curriculum the institute is offering. 

We recommend the students of ITM institute of Design and Media, to build a successful career in design. The Group has collaborated with some of the experienced designers to design the curriculum. The institute is fully equipped with the latest technology to train students on the current software and tools. The classrooms are designed to create a fun environment for the students. This helps the students to bring out their creativity and focus on creating innovative designs. An AICTE accredited institute providing a certificate that is accepted globally. The fee structure is as per the standards of the Design courses. Students also get a chance to win scholarships from the institute based on their test scores. Apply today to build a promising future with the ITM Institute of Design and Media. 


Important Skills required to become a successful Interior Designer through an Interior Designer Course

The journey to becoming an Interior Designer may take you through a lot of ups and downs. But it is worth it once you’ve reached the top. In this blog, we are going to list important skills required for becoming a successful designer. This will help the journey become easy. 

  • Get Inspired 

There is no need to go looking for inspiration. Everything you see, touch, and feel should inspire you in several ways. We live in a world where many things go unseen. One must have the potential to look beyond what you see and get inspired. Creativity simply means taking whatever you have in front of you and making it into something amazing. Trends are set when you innovate the existing thing. All you need is a little inspiration to do wonders!

  • Keep Researching 

Never stop learning is the first thing you learn from an Interior Design course. Keep an eye out for the latest trends, design, technology, and so on. Keep yourself updated on the trending colors, elements, materials, etc. You will always see a shift in the behavioral change of a client. It is because nobody wants to continue with the same design forever. Try to think out of the box and create designs that set the trend.

  • Be bold

Developing communication skills are a very important part of the Interior Designer Course. The designer’s daily interactions are with clients to understand their requirements. They also need to be updated from time-to-time about the progress you have made. However, there will be times when the client’s opinions won’t match yours. If you strongly believe in your design instincts, be bold enough to put forth your own ideas. Not only that, create designs that speak a lot about your personality. 

  • Be passionate 

The best thing about this field is that the work never gets monotonous. You are constantly creating and innovating. However, the job can become hectic at times. The important thing to keep in mind is never losing your passion. There might be a burden of handling multiple projects but keep the hustle on! The outcome of your project will give you the satisfaction you need. 

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