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Six-month NMAT Exam Preparation Strategy and Key Tips


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The NMIMS Management Aptitude Test's main objective is to assist candidates in getting accepted into the nmat colleges of their choosing. In order to prepare students for a global market, the NMIMS Management Aptitude Test by GMAC was developed with international management admission exams in mind. Candidate friendliness, comfort, and flexibility are prioritized. Thanks to a balanced and neutral exam structure, students from all streams can compete on an equal footing. The NMAT exam will be given between October and December. Candidates must start studying for the exam as soon as the dates are announced in order to pass it with flying colors. The NMAT exam is easier than the CAT exam. Candidates wishing to take the NMAT exam should begin exam preparation well in advance, though, as competition is increasing. The six-month NMAT exam preparation plan and important advice can be found below.

Criteria for Eligibility in the NMIMS Management Aptitude Test

You'll need to meet a few requirements before you can begin the journey toward your dream position. Make sure you satisfy all requirements set forth by the appropriate authorities before starting the application process for any competitive exam. The following conditions must be met in order to take the NMIMS Management Aptitude Test:

  • Candidates must have at least a 50 percent grade point average in their undergraduate degree.
  • Anyone above the age of 18 may take the exam.
  • Those who are in their final year of undergraduate study may also apply. It would be a provisional admission, though, and might be canceled if the applicant didn't have the proper paperwork on hand when they were accepted.

Registration for the NMIMS Management Aptitude Test

Candidates may apply for the NMIMS Management Aptitude Test if they have completed or will complete a bachelor's degree program. For admission to MBA programs at more than 40 different universities, the Graduate Management Academic Council (GMAC) oversees nmat registration. Prior to scheduling a test using the NMIMS Management Aptitude Test login window, candidates must complete an application form. Candidates can complete the NMIMS Management Aptitude Test by registering with GMAC up until the second week of November, per the suggested timetable. On the other hand, the exam schedule will be accessible for a longer period of time. The NMIMS Management Aptitude Test exam requires candidates to submit an application and schedule the test. Making an account, filling out personal, academic, and communication information, choosing a school preference, and paying the application fee are all steps in the NMIMS Management Aptitude Test registration process.

NMAT Exam Curriculum

Next, develop a strategy for covering the syllabus by becoming familiar with the topics covered by the NMAT exam.

  • English grammar and vocabulary, reading comprehension, English use, synonyms and antonyms, idioms, phrases, and clauses, sentence error/correction, word meaning, paraphrases, and statement correction are all examples of language skills.
  • Quantitative Skills- Algebra (Linear/Quadratic Equations), number systems, quantitative skills, percentage, trigonometry, ratio/proportion, line graph, bar graph, pie charts, tables, profit and loss, average, 2D and 3D geometry, and statistics, time, speed, and distance, modern math, work/time, mixture & solution, simple/compound interest, mensuration, permutations and combinations, probability, coordinate geometry
  • Logical Reasoning-  Coding and decoding, numerical grids, series, critical thinking, strong and weak arguments, calendars, multi-dimensional arrangements, syllogisms, puzzles, the conclusion to a statement, arrangement, course of action, family tree, and blood relations are all examples of logical reasoning.

Detailed six-month plan for preparing for the NMAT exam

  • Language Skills: There are 32 questions in this section that must be answered in 22 minutes. The themes covered in the questions include fill-in-the-blanks, idioms, phrases, clauses, word meaning, paraphrases, and others. It's crucial to focus on developing vocabulary and comprehension abilities while you prepare for the Language Skills part. Reading a variety of business publications and newspaper editorials will help you understand things better. For this section, read the grammar and language reference books that have been recommended by professionals. The secret is to read a lot to increase your vocabulary and comprehension.
  • Quantitative Skills- The section on quantitative skills has 48 questions covering a variety of subjects, including math, arithmetic, trigonometry, quantitative skills, average, ratio/proportion, etc. The test takers get 60 minutes to answer all of the questions in this part. As a result, test-takers should practice sharpening their mental abilities to solve any kind of problem in the allotted amount of time. Spend some time learning the fundamental ideas and theorems. Utilize Vedic mathematics to its fullest to improve your capacity to calculate mentally. Take many practice tests on all of the topics in this section.
  • Logical Reasoning- The most time-consuming component of the entire NMAT exam question paper is the logical reasoning section. There are 40 questions altogether in this section, and you have 38 minutes to answer them all. Questions are asked on a variety of subjects, including decision-making, verbal reasoning, family trees, and number grids. The easiest way to answer all the questions in this section correctly is to develop your verbal and analytical thinking skills by practicing various question kinds from various sources.

Strategy for Six Months of NMAT Exam Preparation: Emphasize Time Management

Using sample NMAT exam question papers can help you become familiar with the NMAT question format. Don't only concentrate on theory and create fundamentals. To learn how to utilize theoretical information when answering questions, practice answering a variety of questions from the NMAT exam syllabus's many sections. This will facilitate faster and more accurate question responses.

NMAT test preparation: Mock Test- Regularly take practice exams to assess how well you can respond to questions. To improve, make a list of your strong and weak points. Candidates can practice and assess their level of preparation using the free NMAT exam practice test offered by Shiksha. Click the following link to begin the test.

Several Tips for Six-Month NMAT Exam Preparation

Like many MBA admission exams, the NMAT exam is basically a speed-based test. For six months, focus on the following areas as you prepare for the NMAT exam.

  • Work up Basics- Lack of conceptual clarity is typically the cause of students' inability to respond to questions in a timely manner. It is crucial that students strengthen their foundation by memorizing formulas for quantitative aptitude, analogies for logical reasoning, and English grammar in order to understand problems quickly and answer questions in the Language Skills portion accurately.
  • Solving advanced-level questions in all of the NMAT exam parts can help you improve your accuracy level when responding to any type of question. Save time by using quick techniques to handle complex problems. To enhance your reading skills, continue to practice comprehension passages.

You can use this advice as you prepare for the NMAT exam over a six-month period. Your chances of getting into a prestigious business school increase as you become more prepared. Scores from the NMIMS Management Aptitude Test by GMAC are accepted by several institutions in India and around the world. Remember that persistence is the secret to success.  If you study hard, there is no question that you will succeed in the test.

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