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In recent years, PGDM in marketing has become a highly sought-after degree among both students and corporations. This PGDM in marketing management course covers the fundamental techniques to understanding markets and product portfolios. Identifying target markets, market observation, and product creation are just a few of the features of this module that may be accessed via Hybrid learning mode. So, before enrolling in this specialization, students should be aware of the PGDM in marketing management Scope and the career opportunities available.

PGDM marketing management scope:

While studying a PGDM in marketing management, you may have a variety of employment options. It is self-evident since marketing can be a broad notion. There are several opportunities for marketing students throughout India, with the most of them concentrated in large cities such as Hyderabad, Mumbai, Chennai, Bangalore, and Delhi. After completing a marketing management course, there are numerous work prospects available.

5 main career options in PGDM in marketing management along with pay scale:

1. Sales Manager: You can choose to become a Sales Manager after PGDM in marketing. A sales manager's responsibility is to lead and guide a team of salespeople in the organization. They establish remuneration targets and quotas, create a sales plan, analyze data, allocate sales training and sales territory, mentor members of his/her sales team, and participate in the recruiting and firing process.

Pay scale:

  • 1. Average annual salary of 5 lakhs for the first two years (based on the organization).
  • 2. And over 7-10 lakhs each year in the next three years, depending on skill, experience, and organisation.

2. Brand Manager: One of the most crucial parts of PGDM in marketing is brand building and promotion. A brand manager is in charge of activities such as advertising, media interaction, promotions, displaying the brand at key locations, and so on, and this is a very dynamic sector as opposed to sales, which is monotonous and frantic. In brief, it is the role of the brand manager to establish a positive image of the product among the target population. Being a brand manager will keep you on your toes and allow you to unleash your creative side.

Pay range:

  • 1. The average pay scale is 6 lakhs per year for the first two years (based on the organization).
  • 2. And more than 8-10 lakhs in the next three years, depending on skill, experience, and organisation.

3. Market Research Analysis: A market research analyst might work in the media, retail, entertainment, FMCG, and other industries. One must examine the current market and patterns and work in accordance with the current trends. You must contribute to the development and implementation of marketing strategy. In order to collect information, you must also create numerous questionnaires and research procedures. This is a good option if you have an analytical mindset and are interested in research.

Pay range:

  • 1. The average compensation range per year is 5-6 lakhs for the first year (based on the organization).
  • 2. And more than 15-20 lakhs in senior-level year positions.

4. Public Relations Manager: A public relations manager's role is to manage information between the organization and the general public. A promotion manager must use the media to protect and promote the organization's reputation. He or she must examine the organization's history and culture to ensure that there are no doubts about it among the people. A public relations manager must frequently switch between many projects at the same time. The job also necessitates a significant amount of travel. However, you cannot ignore the pay and benefits that it provides.

Pay Scale: 

  • 1. Avg pay scale of 4-6 lakhs per yr (based on the organization).
  • 2. And more than 7-15 lakhs in the next three years.

5. Digital Marketing: For students with a PGDM in marketing management, digital marketing is the most lucrative career option. It serves the same aim as traditional selling, but the technique is more modern. Digital marketing encompasses a wide range of activities such as (SEO)Search Engine Optimization, Pay-Per-Click (PPC), Social Media Marketing, Web content production, and so on. It is applicable to both B2B and B2C transactions. Digital Marketing is appropriate for individuals who are anticipating technical advancements in marketing. With the advent of technology, digital marketing is creating a lot of buzz in the marketing industry by utilising numerous free and paid digital tools that are available on the internet.

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