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Admission to the top MBA schools requires passing the NMIMS Management Aptitude Test. Like any other challenging MBA exam, preparing may be intimidating for some applicants. On the other hand, with the appropriate approach and guidance, the NMAT exam can be easily aced. The range is from easy to moderate difficulty. Unlike the CAT, this exam is a speed exam. After registering, candidates can schedule the exam and show up at the time and venue of their choice during the scheduling process. Your test scores can enable you to apply to any associated top B-schools' MBA or PGDM programs. Before starting their exam preparation, candidates must familiarise themselves with the revised NMAT Pattern. Everything there is to know about the NMAT Exam is covered in this blog.

NMAT Exam Registration & Scheduling:

Understanding the registration process is essential for ensuring a smooth application process. The steps to register for the NMAT exam are as follows:

  • To Register as a New User: By visiting register.nmat.org and inputting your name, working email address, and phone number, you can create a new user account.
  • When filling out the exam application form, be sure to include details about your identity, education, and employment history as well as the courses for which you want to transmit your test results. Please accept the terms and conditions as written.
  • Select the colleges, business schools, or nmat colleges to whom you want to send your results. From the list, you can pick as many colleges as you want.  For each additional college selected after the first five, a fee of INR 300 must be paid.
  • Upload a scanned copy of your most current passport photo when adding a photo. The file must be in JPG/JPEG format and shouldn't be larger than 1 MB.
  • The exam application fee must be paid: There are many ways to pay online, including credit cards, debit cards, mobile wallets, net banking, VISA cards, Diners Club cards, and UPI.
  • The "Book Exam" tab will show up on the website when you've completed your payment, allowing you to plan your exam by choosing the testing mode, test location, exam day, and exam time.
  • Choose an Exam Mode: Decide how you want to take the test (test center or home-based remote proctored). Only citizens of India would be permitted to book their  exams at the testing facilities.
  • ExamiSHOW: This stage entails uploading a photo ID from the government. Take a picture of your ID with your smartphone or webcam and save it to your computer. The Examity Scheduling System needs to receive this image.
  • ExamiKNOW: From the drop-down menu, pick up to three security questions. Remember your answers since one of the security questions will be asked throughout the authentication process.
  • Exam appointment: Select the appropriate day and time zone to make preparations for the NMAT exam. Candidates in India should set their time zone to UTC+05:30.
  • ExamiKEY: After entering your entire name, enter just your first and last names again. On the day of the exam, it will be used to validate your identity, so be sure you input it incorrectly.

How to Change the NMAT Exam Schedule?

After that, test takers for the NMIMS Management Aptitude Test might decide to reschedule their appointment for less than 72 hours after the original time and date. To sign up for a new date for the NMIMS Management Aptitude Test, follow these instructions:

  • To access your NMIMS Management Aptitude Test account, use the login information.
  • From the drop-down option, choose "Schedule Exam."
  • Decide on the day and hour of the test.
  • Choose the place you want to go.
  • To complete the transaction, you must use a credit card to pay the rescheduling fee.
  • 'Process' should be chosen from the drop-down menu.
  • Candidates will have the option to choose their exam location when completing the NMIMS Management Aptitude Test application form for 2022.

NMAT Exam Pattern 

The question paper will be divided into three sections, each with 36 questions, as per the NMAT Exam Pattern 2022. (LR, Quant, and Language Skills). Analyzing exam patterns is a crucial part of creating a successful preparation strategy.

  • NMAT Exam Medium: Only English is used for the NMAT Exam.
  • Exam Mode: This exam is available in two modes, home-based remote proctored and online CBT, with testing locations spread throughout 68 major Indian cities.
  • There are 108 multiple-choice questions in all. There are no descriptive questions on the NMAT exam.
  • There are three sections total: Language Skills, Quantitative Aptitude, and Logical Reasoning.
  • grading system No points are deducted for incorrect or unanswered responses; instead, each correct response earns one point.
  • NMAT Exam Length: The NMAT exam is two hours long (120 minutes). The exam also has a sectional time limit.

NMAT Exam Admit Card

  • Within 24 hours of the completion of NMAT registration and the exam schedule, the Admit Card will be accessible for download on the official website, mba.com/nmat.
  • The authorities will provide a link to download the admit card to the candidate's registered email address after the application fee has been paid.
  • With the use of their registration number and password, candidates can download their admission cards.
  • The Admit Card will contain all important details regarding the exam location, the exam time, the reporting time, and the instructions for the exam day.

Procedure for Preparing for the NMAT Exam

It's important to put your anxieties aside and have a clear idea of how you're going to prepare.

Mock Tests to Improve

Now is not the time to begin studying new material or learning new things. Concentrate your attention right now on the mock exams. Try to take as many mock exams as you can because this will help you identify your areas of weakness and determine how much time you are spending on each subject.

Discover your area of weakness.

It's typical for test-takers to find one or more parts of the paper difficult. Strong quantitative candidates could have trouble communicating verbally. However, when writing a paper, failing to identify your areas of weakness could be damaging. So, make it a point to identify your areas of weakness and work on them. You can achieve this by reviewing effective question examples, taking online practice exams, or by completing the previous year's question papers for a more thorough self-evaluation.

Go through the basics once more.

How thoroughly you studied for the exam will decide how challenging the paper is. The most important task to do in the final days before the exam is to review the fundamentals. Take a look at all of your keynotes once more after pulling them out. It will be really helpful.

Schedule your time.

The biggest advantage of this exam is that there is no negative marking.

It's preferable to move on to the next question if you get stuck on a previous one. You can manage and save time for the questions you'll be responding to in this way. The NMAT exam doesn't measure how well you can respond to challenging questions; instead, it measures how well you can respond to most questions in the allotted amount of time. Therefore, skimming questions might be very helpful.

Students should be informed that form revision is not permitted on the NMAT exam. The "College Preference" and "Communication Preference" fields on the application form become active after the application fee has been paid. Make sure that all of the information is accurate before completing the exam application form.

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