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MLT Profession: Expectation V/S Reality


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Everyone who enrols in an MLT course does indeed have expectations about their career and daily life. While some of these expectations are undoubtedly precise, others are mere suppositions. Before you choose to pursue medical lab technology as a career, it is essential to ask certain questions before applying for an MLT course. Here are some examples of these expectations and the underlying reality.

1. High starting pay when you initially start work.

Expectation - The most typical expectation after completing your degree is that you'll immediately get a high-paying job after finishing your medical lab technology studies at any institute of health sciences.

Reality - The truth is that there are several aspects involved in earning a high salary, including your performance in BSc MLT subjects offered in an institute of health sciences you choose to study are foremost. It should go without saying that gaining a high salary in metropolitan areas is easier than in a small town or city. Thus Your salary also relies on where you live or work. Work Experience is another important factor for payment increment. Over time, as you steadily acquire experience, your income will increase significantly as a result.

2. Studies will consume a lot of time and money in the Process.

Expectation - Is it a common assumption about medical lab technology programs or any medical degree in general that you must dedicate a lot of time to your studies

Reality - This assumption is not completely incorrect. BSc MLT subjects are profound and do take a longer time to complete the course. So getting an degree does take a significantly longer time. But the time you invest in your education is absolutely worthwhile because it will have a significant impact on your employment prospects. This profession greatly improves once you have completed your course and BSc MLT subjects will train you thoroughly in the field.  And that makes up for the time you must devote to your studies.

3. You have to Interact with a lot of patients. 

Expectation -  Interaction with patients is a vital part of any professional in the medical industry. Thus it is presumed that a person in the medical field will have to be surrounded by patients all the time.

Reality - Even though lab professionals must interact with patients, they do not have to be constantly surrounded by them like other medical professionals such as physicians. Medical lab technology is a field that operates primarily in the background. The majority of BSc MLT subjects involve the collection, testing, and analysis of bodily fluid samples.  

4. The job will be boring 

Expectation - It is a very common assumption about the jobs of MLT professionals in the medical industry are boring.

Reality -The truth behind this supposition varies and depends on each individual. If you are interested in this field, it will never get boring for you. A professional actually has a very interesting career as they are able to interact with various health professionals in this field and learn from them about BSc MLT subjects personally.

They also have the opportunity to work with various high-tech medical equipment, learn about them, and learn about new ailments, along with other things in BSc MLT subjects. Therefore, people who are genuinely interested in this field will thoroughly enjoy both the BSc MLT subjects and the job of an MLT professional.

5.  MLT professionals mostly work with computerized technology

Expectation - As a result of technological advances in the medical field, it is assumed that all of the work is performed by computerized systems and that professionals only need to press buttons.

Reality - Although it is quite acceptable that the field has seen significant technological advancement. though this has undoubtedly benefited professionals by assisting them in their work, this does not imply that all of the work can be performed by a computerized system. If you look at the BSc MLT subjects or the work scope of an professional, you will see that there are many tasks in this field that can only be performed by a qualified professional. And not by a computerized system. For instance, you can consider the study BSc MLT subjects like microbiology.

6. The working hours in this field will be extremely high

Expectation - People in the MLT industry—or any healthcare field, for that matter—are assumed to be absolutely doomed in their work and have no time or room for interpersonal or social connection.

Reality -  Long hours and a hectic schedule are vital aspects of each and every position in the medical industry. And surely the BSc MLT subjects tend to be more time-consuming and demanding than other courses. But this does not always imply that the individual will lose all of his personal space or that he will have no social life. The reality is that a medical lab technician can operate in a variety of settings. One student may choose to specialize solely in one of the BSc MLT subjects. For instance, one can specialize in microbiology and just perform tests pertaining to it. 


Many of you will have many expectations for your career and assumptions about life after pursuing the job. Some of these expectations may be true, but you may have had the wrong idea about the other. I hope this blog has helped students as well as professionals to clear up their doubts about the job and life after the job.

This course is also offered by the ITM Institute of Health Sciences. The BSc MLT subjects have to be carefully planned, keeping in mind the latest advancements and forthcoming medical technologies. And in ITM, we have similarly constructed the possibilities regarding BSc MLT subjects. As a result, students tend to find the BSc MLT subjects at ITM to be more interesting and informative.

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