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List of medical courses after 12th that don’t require NEET


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If you wish to acquire a medical degree, you definitely will conclude NEET is always accompanying it. Well, this is a flagship course accessed by the students to get admitted into medical institutes of health science. NEET is a mandatory course that assists one to become a doctor and acquire all the information. After completion of the medical courses, one becomes eligible to access opportunities available in the health care system.

Now that NEET is a special exam, there are a lot who just look for tricks that can help to skip the exam and directly get admitted to the courses. 

Every year there are millions of students who appear for NEET and qualify for the exam to get admitted to the institute of health sciences and start preparing for their careers. While half the students acquire the place, the rest find it difficult to get the marks and enrollment in further courses. Hence, in case, you fail to fit the criteria of NEET, here are the medical courses that you can opt for without NEET exams. 

BSc in Medical lab technician 

BSc MLT colleges in Mumbai allow the students to access the medical lab technician course after 12th. BSC MLT colleges in Mumbai allow interested students to learn about the human blood, fluids, and other problems experienced under the microscope. They play a major role and stay behind in the healthcare system. Most people have an idea about this profession, but few get admitted to BSc MLT colleges in Mumbai to learn about their curiosity. The graduates from this field are likely to get placed in hospitals and work in a comfortable environment. Their major responsibilities comprise collecting samples, analysing them, and providing reports concerning the same. They’re well trained and versatile enough to assist the doctors and nurses to perform their duties further.

Once you acquire BSc MLT colleges in Mumbai you can easily start working under any organisation and start the booming years. Besides, one of the top BSc MLT colleges in Mumbai such as ITM IHS aids to assist with the right direction to follow the right path. 

Bachelors in Pharma

Learning about medicines is not only possible in MBBS, but in a few other courses too. You can get admitted to the BSC MLT colleges in Mumbai wherein, you can enrol for a B. Pharma course and understand the various medicines, doses, and drug testing medicine. B. Pharma course can be chosen by any student post completing 12th science. Instead, one need not prepare for NEET Exams or any other competitive exams. This is a 4-year course and one can easily grab the opportunity after acquiring a degree or can continue to pursue a further degree. While working in this field, you might need to get connected to the graduates from the BSc MLT colleges in Mumbai who can help you understand the disorder and the treatments need. 

Bachelors in Psychology

Students who wish to learn about the human body and fluids can opt for BSc MLT colleges in Mumbai, but the one who wants to learn about human behaviour and the mind is recommended to take psychology studies.

These health science courses are designed to assist patients to improve their lives, serve communities, understand the world, and promoting health. While one does enrol for this course, the professional is likely to help patients with trauma, addiction, and mental disorders. One who wants to pursue it as a degree needs to acquire higher education and practice it under professionals. 

Bachelors in Agriculture

The students who acquire HSC certification can opt for the Bachelor in Agriculture degree. The one who doesn’t want to get admitted to BSc MLT colleges in Mumbai and wishes to learn about agriculture can acquire this degree. Though there are minimal students who develop a taste in the research and practice of agriculture, the learning in this field is huge. Similar to the graduates from the BSc MLT colleges in Mumbai, they study the soil and plants under the microscope. 

Instead, the institutes allow the students to understand the modern agricultural techniques and technologies that can be implemented in the current scenario. One can grab the position of Assistant Plantation Manager, Agriculture Officer, Agricultural Research Scientist, and different positions. Even the remuneration offered to them is good and aids to fulfill their needs.  

Bachelor in Food Technology

Well, similar to graduates from BSc MLT colleges in Mumbai, they are not supposed to get everything done under the microscope. The Food technologist is responsible to look into the food quality, processing of the food, transport, and storage factors. If you have the right knowledge and skills, you become lucky enough to work with FSSAI (Food Safety and Standards Authority of India), FCI (Food Corporation of India), or Ministry of Food Processing Industries, and other reputed organizations. When it comes to handling consumables, even private firms look for qualified and skilled professionals. 

With the needed skills and awareness of the gaps, you can understand the current requirement in the market and apply for the positions. 

Bachelors in Nursing

The healthcare system requires staff to fill different positions. The doctors, the lab technicians who have graduated from BSc MLT colleges in Mumbai, nurses, and other staff are important pillars of the healthcare system. While every person in this system works toward a noble cause, the nurses are the one who takes complete responsibility for the process and ensures the patient is recovered completely.

Getting admitted to the Institute of Health Science after 12th can help you acquire the right degree to get employed in the right position. Post your years at BSc MLT colleges in Mumbai, working in the hospital helps you get the right compensation. 

Acquiring health science courses like BSc MLT colleges in Mumbai or the Institute of health sciences gives you a reason to serve society. 

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