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How much do Medical lab technicians earn?


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While opting for the career options during 10th grade, we are worried about the future, job opportunities, and salaries. Of course, they matter the most and helps to fulfil the basic requirements of human. Often, in a race to bring everything to the table, we forget skills and experience are the ones to attract a great offer and opportunity.

While we have access to multiple career options, one of the flourishing health science job as a lab technician is considered by very few people. The reason behind not knowing much about this course is people have a limted idea about it. Well, while we bless the doctors outside the operation theatre, lab technicians are also the real heroes. A medical lab technician helps doctors to understand the complication and other information to treat the patient’s disorder. Students can enrol in BSc MLT colleges in Mumbai after their 12th.

Enjoying a flourishing career is possible by getting admitted to BSc MLT colleges in Mumbai. The reason to choose this career is, that you need not worry much and can work in a comfortable environment that pays you well. While medical lab technicians are the heroes, here is everything you need to know.

What is a lab technician and who are they?

A medical lab technician is a professional carrying out tests to understand the severity of the disorder and assist the doctors to conclude the treatment. They’re the professionals who collect blood, analyze the disorder, and provide medical reports. Well, they’re not restricted to performing one task, there are various specializations within this branch of science. Along with conducting important tests, they’re also accountable to learn about the gear and machines that are used within the laboratory to conduct various tests.

How do BSc MLT colleges in Mumbai assist the students?

This course is available around the globe, yet one needs to decide about getting admitted to the best lab technician course after 12th science. 

The best BSc MLT colleges in Mumbai such as ITM Institute of Health Science provide the students with the right understanding and insights about the course. Here are the reasons to opt for this course.

Scope after graduating from BSc MLT colleges in Mumbai

Before you get admitted to any course, the constant question concerning the scope, growth and other factors also stresses you. Well, if you wish to get admitted to the lab technician course after 12th science, you need to understand its scope. BSc MLT colleges in Mumbai will guide you in exploring profiles such as,

  • Medical lab technician
  • Lab assistant
  • MRI technician
  • Medical officer
  • Laboratory Manager
  • Research Associate
  • X-Ray technician
  • CT Scan technician

Well, if you’re not satisfied with the bachelor’s degree, you can continue getting admitted to Masters's and PhD courses. With the available sources, you always have a chance to create a good and flourishing career.

Salary packages offered - 

i) Attractive packages offered to interns

While every person requires to start somewhere, most don’t have any idea about the internship. This is the foremost step that can be considered by the students who acquire medical lab technicians. Beginning your internship journey helps you gauge the market and learn the required skillsets. An internship helps you get smaller packages or stipends, but they’re not enough to fulfil your needs. On the contrary, the experience further helps you to get higher packages. 

The salary packages offered to the students having a bachelor’s degree is somewhere between 60,000-12,000 rupees. If you’ve acquired a master's degree, the range increases, but still isn’t sufficient enough to fulfil the needs. 

ii) Packages offered to fresher’s

While you’re saturating your career with no experience in the market and no relevant skills, you are offered with low salary. The salary packages offered to the freshers vary between 3-8 lakhs.

If you’ve acquired your degree from the best BSc MLT colleges in Mumbai, the chances that you have exposure to industry mentors are more, and therefore, your salary packages might differ. The salary bracket ranges between 5-15 lakhs. 

If you’ve acquired a Master’s degree from the BSc MLT colleges in Mumbai then your salary gradually increases. The bracket ranges from 5-15 lakhs. 

iii) Salary packages offered to a fresher after the internship and graduating from BSc MLT colleges in Mumbai

Once you complete the medical lab technician course after 12th science, you can apply for an internship and then join the race for competitive salary packages. Also, the reputed and best BSc MLT colleges in Mumbai such as ITM Institute of Health Sciences allow students to understand the skills they need to develop. The knowledge gained via workshops and seminars proves to be helpful to communicate with the known and reputed people of the industry. The fresher’s having relevant skills and internship experience are likely to acquire 5-20 lakh packages easily. So make sure you study from the best BSc MLT colleges in Mumbai.

Roles and responsibilities in deciding salary package

Well, the roles and responsibilities of an intern, fresher, junior, senior, and PhD position differ. With increasing roles, the responsibilities too increase. The student from BSc MLT colleges in Mumbai needs to understand the roles and responsibilities that interns need to perform are minimal. Hence the salary packages offered are between 60,000- 1,20,000. The roles and responsibilities of seniors differ from the PhD holder and hence, the salary of a PhD degree holder is more as compared to the senior. 

Along with time, the skills are to be enhanced, and with every upgrade, you get to know more opportunities which helps one attract the right salary package.  Additionally, the BSc MLT colleges in Mumbai provide expose the students to other courses. These other courses help one to grab more opportunities and a competitive salary. 


To help as many as people possible the hospitals and diagnostic centres are hiring medical lab technicians. Increasing demand has created multiple possibilities for the students through BSc MLT colleges in Mumbai. 

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