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How does volunteering influence your career as a Nurse?


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The pandemic situation gave us real insights into healthcare and this has made us realize the world requires more qualified nurses and doctors. The healthcare fraternity was shaken due to the incident and hence, it was concluded the requirement of the nurses and doctors are not fulfilled. However, getting your first job is a challenge. To strengthen the health care system, a lot has to be done. The doctors and nurses are to be trained well with the relevant skills to serve the best. Well, graduating from professional BSc Nursing colleges and various health science courses, and seeking enough experience at the same time is not possible. 

BSc Nursing colleges assist the students to acquire a bachelor’s degree. Though acquiring the degree is a must, getting trained in the best institute of health sciences enhances the skills and provides relevant experience. Most students from BSc Nursing colleges start their careers and begin with internship opportunities. While most jobs can be started with an internship, the students completing the nursing course are required to volunteer. Moreover, volunteership is giving back to society and helping needy people. While searching for volunteering opportunities, various questions come to your mind, here are the places that might approach for opportunities.

Where to search for volunteer opportunities?

Prior to completing a BSc degree from BSc nursing colleges, getting volunteer opportunities is a bit difficult. One can easily reach out to larger organizations, local clinics, emergency shelters, and non-profit organizations. While most of us dream to pursue some profession, we can begin to put some effort from stage 1 (right from we complete SSC). Here are a few places where you can volunteer during the early stages of your career;

Local hospitals

Most hospitals and non-profit organizations have special programs wherein they require volunteers. To be a part of one, students from health science courses can simply fill out an application, take tests and participate in the training orientation to start volunteering. Volunteering helps you to understand the roles, responsibilities, and duties that one needs to follow. Additionally, this also gives you an idea of whether to get admitted to BSc nursing colleges or get admitted to other courses. 

Seek assistance opportunities

Be it BSc nursing colleges or any other course, networking plays an important role. The best institutes such as ITM IHS assist the students to understand the need for networking. Hence, start networking and spend your time networking with the best mentor. ITM IHS introduces students to new mentors who can guide them in the industry and pursue a career. You can volunteer the doctors as your schedule allows while acquiring a degree from any BSc nursing colleges.

Summer internship

Well, health science courses allow you to understand the human and the life closely, yet the experience can be accumulated only when you work under professionals. The best time to apply for a volunteership is during a summer internship. These types of volunteering positions also allow your college application to stand out. Also, while applying for a job in the future, it depicts your interest in the same. 

Non-profit organizations

There are huge organizations that run non-profit organizations. They provide shelters and spaces for needy people. The best institute of health sciences connects students to a non-profit organization and allows them to inter with them to improve their skills. The students from BSc nursing colleges can contribute with their skills and help the non-profit organizations.

How does volunteering help BSc nursing colleges students’?

Well, thestudnets studying in any institute of health sciences can volunteer not only to learn the human and life closely but this allows you to get enough experience to build your career. Here are the reasons why students should consider volunteering. 

Improves your skills

BSc Nursing colleges do guide you to choose the right path and work on your skills, but one needs to understand that practice improves your skills. Nursing is a different aspect and one needs to understand the behaviour to be maintained, handling the patients, and other tricks to enhance their career. Volunteership improves the skills with time and also provides students to improve their network and get exposure to the industry. 

Increases networks

Being a dedicated and reliable volunteer creates a room for the students to increase their network. The places you’re applying for internships or volunteering can hire you full-time or provide you with an opportunity to grow. In case, you need to get placed or need a mentor to create a flourishing career, using the network you have proven to be beneficial for you. Also, if you’re applying for masters after acquiring a degree from BSc nursing colleges. 

Have a regular update about the industry

One of the best BSc nursing colleges, ITM IHS makes you aware of the latest and regular updates in the industry. Yet, the need to cope with the latest trends can be focused on by getting added to volunteer groups. They regularly post the latest trends as well as keep you updated with available internship opportunities too. 

Builds your confidence

For graduates from BSc nursing colleges, building your confidence becomes necessary. The students who are recently graduated require time to understand the work and gain confidence to work in the industry and acquire a place. 


Be it any degree, starting a career with part-time jobs, internships or volunteering becomes necessary. Such opportunities allow the students to be aware of the courses, industry, skills, and experience that enhance their careers further. Additionally, the career gets influenced by the activities that one participates in during the initial stages. Institutes such as ITM IHS assists the students with the greatest opportunities by not only providing them access to the best BSc nursing colleges degree but by assisting them with the right opportunities, skills, and other relevant information.

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