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Frequently Asked Interview Questions to BSc Optometry Graduates


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An organization needs to ensure they hire the right people for the right job. It affects the company’s image and the people who take up the services. Hence, whenever the companies, firms, or organizations hire, they ensure the students from the right background are selected. Whether you’re a rank holder or backbencher, having butterflies before you have an interview is common. You never know the questions that are asked in an interview. Depending upon the field, stream, and specialization, the questions vary. 

While giving an interview, you need to keep your eyes, and ears open to analyse and process things. In this article, we are going to talk about the various mandatory questions asked of an optometrist during the interview. Now, there are various health science courses to pursue after 12th. But here, we are going to focus on Optometry. 

Most optometrists are self-employed, while the rest work with hospitals or other firms. The BSc optometry course related to eyes is a bit difficult and can be chosen by those who are too interested in it. 

The student with a bachelor of Optometry degree needs to ensure they well practice the mentioned questions. Though we are not sure this can be asked of everyone, these are the basics not to forget.

1. Please introduce yourself.

Introduction or tell me about yourself is the most common, and a foremost question asked to the students not only those holding a bachelor of Optometry degree but anyone. While addressing this question one can speak about their strengths and experience. But whatever you say, ensure you do keep it work-related. Do describe as much as possible in short words. 

2. Describe a memorable career experience you have had.

This is an ice-breaking question that is asked to the BSc optometry students to know alertness. You remember a certain patient and it is due to the incident that occurs during that moment. Also, the interviewee asks this question to understand the action you might take or awareness that one must-have during a particular situation. The experience or the insights of this question is what interests the interviewee. Hence, keep your answer short but make sure it speaks about the various experience and highlight the one due to some specific reason. 

3. Which area of optometry do you enjoy the most?

The health science courses are interesting, and every person might not enjoy these courses. BSc optometry is opted for by the ones who are interested to study about eyes. Whenever a student chooses a stream, it is because of one factor that interests the student. Unless you enjoy the subject, you might be able to understand the depth of the studies and perform your duties. Hence, whenever you’re asked about the most interesting part do describe the ups and downs of the duties you’ve come across while analyzing the BSc Optometry course

4. Define your strengths

BSc Optometry studies ensure students are provided with certain skills. Those skills allow the students to adopt certain tricks and techniques that help to assist the patient well. Eyes are sensitive and the students who acquire a BSc Optometry degree are likely to have certain specialized tricks in the area. You need to elaborate on the strengths or your specimens that showcase your ability to perform well in the industry. 

5. Conflict and resolution with the patient

While working in the industry, multiple things happen. The BSc Optometry degree gives a real insight into the industry. These health science courses ensure the students are taught about the conflicts and the resolution that might occur in the organization. Showcasing an incident in which you have helped the patient or co-workers to solve some problem defines your interest in your work. Additionally, don’t forget to mention, that you will only do the possible things that are within your control. 

6. Tell us more about your educational background?

Once you acquire BSc optometry you need to understand the trick behind the question. The interviewee wants to know about your specializations but doesn’t forget to go through the job description. You need to understand the need or requirements of the firm or organization. The Job description provided by the companies elaborates the specialization you need to have. While acquiring the degree you learn about various courses and other parameters that you can specialize in and create your career path. 

7. Why should we choose you?

BSc optometry course requires a lot to study. These health science courses ensure the students are well taught about the required knowledge. One of the common questions asked is why are you a perfect fit for this position? Well, you need to describe how and why you are the perfect match for this profile. You simply can describe the qualities that this job position requires and you can speak about them. Elsewise, you can elaborate on the qualities that a BSc optometry graduate should possess to support the improvement within the organization. 

8. Describe your flaws

No person is born perfect and hence describing the flaws doesn’t make you unsuitable for the position. The institutes such as ITM IHS assist the student to identify the flaws and the strength that provides room for improvement. The organization then understands the flaws and can help you with them. The bachelor of optometry course assists the students to know their drawbacks and flaws that can be improved with time.

9. Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years?

This question is asked to gauge your self-confidence and one can easily analyze your strength with this question. There are certain tricks and techniques that one need to adopt and it is well taught in seminar and workshops and while pursuing the BSc Optometry course. The institutes such as ITM IHS allow the students to understand the requirement and answer accordingly by enrolling in a BSc optometry course

BSc optometry students majorly prefer working independently. Some limited students choose to assist the doctor or pursue the course further. So, it is really your choice to decide which direction you want to go.