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Frequently Asked Interview Questions: Medical Lab Technician


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How will you feel, if you’re already aware of the questions that an interviewee will ask you? Interviews give you butterflies but they lead to a successful life. Before a candidate is hired, multiple questions are asked concerning the position, roles, and responsibilities. Now, there are a lot of MLT career options. Whether you apply as a fresher or experienced professional, interviews are the first impression. Few questions are common, they help to understand the students. The rest are subjective depending upon the stream, position applied for, and the roles and responsibilities. 

Interviews are crucial and prepping up for them is necessary. Most people prepare by looking at the videos, while others practice by seeking suggestions from seniors. 

Well, in this article, we have jotted down the common/essential questions thrown by the interviewers to BSc MLT graduates. These are the most basic questions, so prepare them intensely. 

1. Walk us through your profile or tell us about yourself.

Whether you’re a medical lab technician, engineer, doctor, nurse, lawyer, or have any other background, this is the primary and foremost question. Such questions are posed to know the basic details of the candidates. While starting the answer, start with your BSc MLT background, your experience, and your accomplishment, but ensure the answers are short and work-related. Do mention your educational BSc MLT college achievements in detail.

2. How is your interest in the profile, position, and job

Post completing a BSc MLT degree, you can practice by attending mock interviews. One of the biggest problems is explaining to the interviewee- how and why you are better than others. Questions related to profile, position, and job are asked to gauge the enthusiasm of the candidates. When you start answering, focus on your interest in the position, the opportunities that you might get due to this position, and your expectation from it. Also, don’t forget to mention the highlights or the experiences you had while completing BSc MLT.

Institutes such as ITM Institute of Health Sciences provide the best lab technician course after 12th science. They don’t restrict to teaching, instead, help the students with educational seminars and workshops as a part of their BSc MLT degree. Such institutions conduct mock interviews and invite industry experts to enlighten the students.

3. Why are you a perfect fit for this position?

This is a tricky question and most freshers don’t utter a word. Completing the medical lab technician course after 12th science gives you enough knowledge to understand the field and answer these questions. So, when an interviewee asks such questions to BSc MLT degree holders, they expect to hear the qualities that make you a perfect fit for the job. Mention other qualities that can help to improve the company and you in the future. Also, don’t forget to mention the technical skills you have developed.

4. What’s your knowledge about this job?

When you enroll for the BSc MLT course, you are aware of the roles and responsibilities you need to serve. If not you can simply state the duties that a medical lab technician is supposed to perform. The best BSc MLT course provided by good colleges such as ITM Intsitute of Health Sciences helps students understand the daily duties and needs of the service. Start by explaining the duties such as analyzing the samples, collecting them, supporting the scientific experiment, and other duties. Don’t forget to mention the assistance you can provide during documentation, reviewing, and presenting the results.

5. How will you resolve any conflicts in the group?

Whether you have completed a lab technician course after 12th science or have done any specialization, every person needs to work in a group. If you’re ever been asked about managing the conflict in your group, start by mentioning the causes that raise conflicts within the group. Also, don’t forget to mention, that you will help the team members to resolve the problems within your capacity. The techniques and tricks to manage the conflicts within the group are well taught in various career guidance workshops. Also, you don’t have to enroll in specialized classes or courses to inculcate the skills after completing BSc MLT. Those skills are developed with time and experience,6. 

6. How will you manage any problem occurring in the laboratory?

Multiple problems arise within the laboratory, and this is alerted about during the course. Institutes such as ITM IHS provide the BSc MLT course that guides the students with the right knowledge about the machines, tests, and analyses to be performed. One can enroll in workshops, seminars, or special classes to understand the working of the industry. Such questions are put forward to understand the cunningness of the students. You can simply state the easy tricks such as analyzing the current situation, knowing the important traits, and seeking assistance for experts when need to solve those problems. BSc MLT courses give you insights into the laboratory and problems that might occur to keep you prepared for emergencies.

7. Kindly share your achievements...

If you have just acquired a BSc MLT degree, you might not have much to share.  But this is not an escape, you still can speak about the achievements. You simply can tell them about any research paper that you’ve worked on. Additionally, you can elaborate on the failing outcomes and your part in the research. Once you have enrolled in a lab technician course, you should apply for internships to understand the working model of the industry. While speaking about the experience, you can speak about the learning, and other things learned there. Describing these experiences allows the interviewee to understand your ability to take up the challenge.


There are various other what’s, how’s, and about’s; asked to the candidate. ITM Institute of Health Sciences assists students with BSc MLT and many other health science courses to provide exposure to the industry. Every interview related to the profession is different and one needs to practice all those questions that can help you land a dream job.

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