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Difference between Medical Technologists and Medical Transcriptionists


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The Healthcare system is huge and different professions are involved in running this established system properly. While we know the people in white coats are likely to help us, why aren’t we able to differentiate them on basis of their jobs, roles, responsibilities, and other courses they pursue. Every individual working in this system performs to help people, their jobs, roles, and responsibilities make them different from each other.

While talking about the health care system, besides doctors and nurses, medical technologists and medical transcriptionists work day in and out to assist concerning the patient’s current health. You got that right, other people are performing their duties to assist the patients with the right aid.

Of course, you might have all the information about the profession, but you might confuse if you’re not aware of the factors that make this profession different from each other.

Medical Technologist

Medical technologists are skilled and experienced individuals working in a laboratory. They’re responsible for conducting multiple tests, and diagnoses and maintaining procedures and equipment when needed. One can develop the right skills and knowledge concerning this profession by enrolling in a lab technician course. A lab technician course assists students to learn about fluids, the human body, and equipment.

If you don’t know what is BSc MLT, it is a course that helps students to understand the inside outs of the human body to serve them the best. The institutes such as ITM IHS provides the students with real-time insights.

This institute allows the students to get enrolled in lab technician courses and know the benefits of this course allowing them to understand and severity of the role they will play in the future. Moreover, BSc MLT subjects guide the students to recognize the opportunities that help to take baby steps toward a flourishing career. 

As an initial step, a person wishing to work or become a medical technologist can enrol in a lab technician course. Now that you know what is BSc MLT, let’s move ahead.

Pros of becoming medical technologists after lab technician course

  • Vacancy

This profession requires a lab technician course degree with a lot of knowledge accompanied by devoted practice. Hence, there are ample vacancies to be availed post acquiring a lab technician course degree.

  • Respected job

As one of the respectful jobs, MLT helps to earn a good package but assists to make a great career and explore opportunities.

Before you get enrolled on a lab technician course at any institute consider getting insights by attending various seminars and free webinars.

Now that you have a gist of the lab technician course assisting to become a medical technologist profession, why not know about the medical transcriptionist?

Who are Medical transcriptionists

This is an allied health profession dealing with the process of transcribing voice-recorded medical reports by nurses and healthcare practitioners. They’re responsible to listen to the voice notes and creating written reports.

BSc MLT subjects give you enough idea about the relevant terms used in the medical field.

While they’re the ones curating the final report dictated by the doctors or nurses, they need to have certain specialised skills. Institutes such as ITM IHS provides access to lab technical courses, but help students to know the skills and crafts that help to grab great opportunities to have a great future.

Benefits of becoming a medical transcriptionist

  • Reduces mistakes and errors

As humans work on transcriptions, the errors and mistakes in the reports are minimal as compared to the machines.

  • Easy readability

Being a human, adding punctuations becomes easy and helpful. Also, the readability can be maintained as per the need of the human.

Differences between both the professions

A lab technician course degree is a need for multiple professions and both these professions require it. While discussing the difference, there is a thin line that makes those professions exceptional. 

  • Core work

Be it medical technologists or medical transcriptionists, their core functions differ. While the medical technologist is responsible to analyze and experimenting, the transcriptionist is responsible to document the information dictated by the doctors or nurses.

Medical technologists analyze the biological samples. They understand the reason behind the disorder that a person has. Additionally, they are the only conducting constant reproach to know the reason behind the ailments. While the transcriptionist only needs to hear from the experts and convert them into documents.

One requires lots of effort on the research part, and the other needs to emphasize hearing and conveying the correct drafts. 

  • Educational qualification

Well, as said there is a thin line, the qualification required for both the positions differ. Students who wish to become technologists, need to know the BSc MLT subjects and get enrolled in the BSc MLT course. On the contrary, when transcriptionists only need to get enrolled in the courses that improve their skills and abilities.

A candidate with good listening, understanding, and clear writing quality can choose to apply for this position. 

The transcriptionists are required to work on the core skills rather than the qualification. Hence, post completing the lab technician course, students can consider other courses that help to improve their skills. 

  • Maintaining and diagnosing the data

Medical technologists are the ones carrying out the diagnosis. This allows doctors to know the current situation of the patient and provide a certain treatment.

Lab technician course graduates are the primary ones accessing the sample, testing, and analyzing the real-time condition of the patient. At the same time, the medical transcriptionist works to maintain the data provided by the higher authorities such as doctors in the voice recorded form.

  • Work environment

Once you complete the lab technician course and pursue a position as a Medical technologist, you’re tied to work in the pathology labs. Unlike, medical transcriptionists are not cemented to work in a certain work environment. 


We must know about the roles and responsibilities if we wish to pursue a lab technician course or if it interests us.