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Students interested in science are curious to learn varied topics and have a lot of options. Various questions related to human blood, human death, and the human body can be explored when you have enough knowledge about the subject. With access to the internet, you can understand a few aspects, but the depth cannot be easily known unless the science, myths, and facts are covered. One can enrol in various courses, but the lab technician course allows you to know the human body and save lives too. There are multiple jobs, positions, and requirements that are to be filled on an everyday basis. So, students who are curious to learn about human health, and want to grab an opportunity as Medical Laboratory Technician, need to know the roles and responsibilities it brings.

Medical Science has improved a lot, and doctors are the ones helping the people. The doctors help the patient to know the reason behind the disorder and the causes of the disorders. Yes, they’re life saviours but they’re assisted by others and they’re the actual saviour.

Who is a Medical Lab Technician?

A medical lab technician is the one who helps the doctors to analyze the disorder. They find the cause by performing certain tests via different technologies and methods to assist the doctors with the right treatment. Usually, we find them cruel to abstract the blood from our body, but the definition is different. Generally, we know the medical lab technician, but one can opt for different lab technician courses and specialize in a particular.

After he/she completes the 12th grade, the lab technician course help to learn about the disorders and prevent them. The BSc MLT colleges in Mumbai, India, and abroad give you instructions about the direction to be followed while pursuing the degree. The roles and responsibilities differ depending upon the advanced lab technician course they opt for and their job positions. To ensure a patient is cured, multiple things go behind. If you’re interested to study the details, you need to know about other branches, courses, roles, and responsibilities. Here are the ones that are chosen majorly.

Pathologist Assistants

Amongst the other profiles, the Pathologist assistants help pathologists to prepare and diagnose the tissues and other specimens in the laboratory. Being a PA you are responsible to examine the corpses and analyze the death causes. Other tasks include collecting and dissecting postmortem specimens, and diagnostic images, collecting various tests on samples and recording the findings. At times, the PA also has to train the colleges or assist with autopsies. Once you complete the lab technician course, you can consider acquiring a master’s degree to understand the clinical experienced in detail.

Medical or Lab Technicians

Lab technicians or medical technicians work with integrated systems and are responsible to perform diagnostic tests in the laboratories. While some work independently, the rest prefer working with the companies and become an extensive team of professionals. The roles are responsibilities are huge and the lab technician course assists the students to understand the subject theoretically and practically. 

Institutes such as ITM Institute of Health Sciences allow the students to interact with the experts and choose the wise ways. Throughout the course, you’re likely to know the variety of equipment and software programs to conduct the tests and diagnosis. Maintaining and sterilizing your lab equipment will be part of your job. There are 2-4 month medical lab technician courses, but opting for the degree programs is the most beneficial.

CT scan technicians

You might have heard about the CT Scans. Generally, it is the machine generating the images of internal organs and body parts to diagnose the injuries and the disorders. The BSc MLT colleges in Mumbai assist you with the right set of courses that help to fulfil your dreams of becoming a lab technician. The CR scan technician needs to have comprehensive knowledge about the process and procedure to be followed while operating the machinery.  The lab technician course guides you to craft adequate skills, and have rich knowledge about human anatomy. The reputed and renowned colleges guide the students after completing the lab technician course to get specialized by arranging webinars and workshops.

MRI technicians

Similar to CT scans there are MRI machines. The human body goes through a lot and it requires proper treatment. Certain treatments require analysis of internal organs and proper diagnosis. Post completing a medical lab technician course, one can enrol in MRI technician courses. This is a glorious field to work in and the salary provided to the professionals is enough to enjoy a good lifestyle. 

The best MLT colleges in Mumbai provide multiple options to choose from. Providing these courses to the students helps one to understand the use of machines and the issues with the human body. MRI technicians can either start their own MRI test services or can tie up with the experts and hospitals. This is a great career and one can opt for it without worrying about much-post your lab technician course.

Operation theatre technician

Doctors have the power to save a life. The process of saving lives expedites only when the diagnosis is conducted. In an operation theatre, some people look after all the work such as managing the operation theatre, looking after the patients in & out, looking after the arrangements of instruments, sterilizing the instruments, and checking other things that carry out the operation smoothly. The lab technician course related to Operation Theater can be opted to improve your knowledge and learn the necessary things about the equipment.


There are multiple reasons; interest, job security, roles, and responsibilities when choosing a lab technician course. Institutions such as ITM Institute of Health Sciences allows the students to access lab technician course and acquire the right knowledge about the duties to be performed. You can also check our Top Paramedical courses after 10th and 12th

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