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140 crore people in India lack the vision care that they need. The ratio of optometrists to the Indian population is 20000: 1. This is an alarming ratio that the youth of the country should pay attention to. This makes Bsc in Optometry a degree to look forward to growing in the coming years. 

The lack of professionals in the field of eye care has certainly opened a huge array of opportunities for students who want to serve society and pursue a fulfilling career.

Many vision problems like cataracts, allergies, and eye disorders are increasing due to screen time, changes in weather, and other reasons. Hence, the demand for optometrists with a degree in BSc in optometry is on the rise and will be one of the high-paying jobs in the next decade. 

What is BSc in Optometry?

  • Students are introduced to healthcare and the basics of medical sciences with a focus on eye care.
  • This is a 4-year degree course that one can pursue after 10+2 studies.
  • The students are fully trained to understand the human eye in the first 3 years and further obtain a 12-month internship in the industry.
  • This is a respectable full-time career with good packages.

Who can pursue Bsc in Optometry?

  • Students who have passed the science stream with compulsory subjects of Physics, Chemistry, and Biology with an aggregate of 40% are eligible for this course.
  • The minority category or reservation students with the same subjects need to have a passing of 35% to qualify for this bachelor’s degree.
  • Students with a Medical Technology Laboratory as a vocational course are also eligible.
  • 10+2 CBSE students also make the cut for the course.
  • One can seek lateral admission directly in the second year of the academic program if the student has completed DMLT from a recognised institute.

Why is BSc in Optometry a lucrative career option for you?

Once the 4-year of BSc in optometry degree course is completed, students can choose and opt for a career that inclines with their personal and professional interests.

  • Candidates can opt for independent practice by starting their own clinic or an optical shop that can be used for vision care as well as for spectacles. Every spectacle shop will have Bsc in optometry certificate on the wall. It is necessary to run a spectacle shop.
  • Furthermore, one can pursue a master’s degree in optometry to become a senior care executive for eyes.
  • One can also take up research in the field of optometry and make contributions to the growth of this sector.
  • Students can work or collaborate with hospitals to work as full-time professionals.
  • One can also step into research and product development for products related to eye care with multinational companies.
  • Teaching in the field of eye care with reputed colleges or universities is also a viable option after this degree.
  • All the leading corporate companies now employ optometrists for their employees to maintain good eye care in the company. This can be a great breakthrough for eyecare professionals in the corporate sector.

The demand for optometrists will increase by at least 25-30% in every sector in the coming few years.

What skills should an Optometrist have after the degree in Bsc in optometry?

  • One should possess the will and desire to work in a healthcare industry that helps people to live healthy lives.
  • Communication skills are a must for an optometrist. You should be able to talk and understand the patient’s problem without putting them in a position of embarrassment. Hence, communication is a skill taught in the course of BSc in optometry. 
  • The ability to adapt to precision is a necessity. BSc in optometry mainly focuses on the aspect of precision to be a reputed optometrist in the field.
  • Concentration to be able to do repetitive tasks with the same precision is an essential skill for optometrists.

Students will be trained to learn all these skills to be able to deliver high-end consultations in the years to come after their BSc in optometry.

What will you be able to do at the end of Bsc in Optometry?

  • You will be able to perform routine eye check-ups to maintain eye health.
  • Diagnose eye problems like myopia or hypermetropia by checking hand-eye coordination, the field of vision, and the visual alertness of the patient.
  • Assist ophthalmologists with eye surgeries and be a part of high-end operations.
  • Effectively maintain the data or files of patients to understand their progress and help them accordingly.
  • Prescribe all patients with the correct medicines with study and analytical skills.
  • Use all the technology-based machines with precision and deep understanding to give the required results.
  • You can also perform laser eye surgery to correct the vision individually.

You will be completely equipped to perform all the tasks of optometrists to work in the field to the best of your knowledge.

Why should you consider a Bsc of Optometry at IHS?

  • Amazing placement opportunities

Leading eye care companies like Lenskart, Titan eye, Isha, Vision Express, and Surya Eye come to IHS for in-house campus placements. You will get an opportunity to work with the best companies in the field after your BSc in optometry.

  • Personality Development

The healthcare industry relies on trust and compassion. The skills to give the best results and win the trust of the patients are necessary. You will learn to effectively communicate and build customer rapport to build a clientele for a lifetime.

  • Technology

IHS uses the best technology in the market while learning the traditional methods as well. The bridge between technology and tradition will be effectively built with the BSc in Optometry at IHS.

  • Faculty

Professors who have numerous years of experience are teaching at our institute. The best of the industry come in for guest lectures to make students understand and motivate them to work in an effective to help the patients.

  • Support

All the faculty members extend warm support at every step needed by the student. Extra classes to understand certain subjects will be provided by the teachers to make the students more skilled and knowledgeable.

  • Hands-on experience

IHS offers hands-on experience in every path of learning. The last semester is completed and focused on an internship that will make the students industry ready with a certificate to show experience.

How to Apply?

  • Apply on the itm.edu website.
  • Share all the necessary documents on the website. All the documents are mentioned.
  • The payment process for the course. You will get the option of a one-time payment or semester-wise payment. You can choose accordingly.

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