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Basic lab skills you should possess as an MLT student


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When chemical or biological substances need to be analysed, they are taken to a lab where technicians, or lab techs, perform the necessary tests. Most BSc MLT colleges in Mumbai and Msc colleges have basic labs in their institutes. Lab technicians use a range of technical talents, physical aptitudes, and soft skills in their employment, which is typically performed for medical laboratories, healthcare facilities, or pharmaceutical firms. Knowing what talents are necessary to enter BSc MLT colleges in Mumbai and succeed in this field is crucial.

In this blog, we define lab tech skills, give examples of these skills, and talk about how to hone them and use them in the workplace.

  • What skills do lab technicians possess?

By examining samples and reporting their findings, lab technicians aid doctors, scientists, and other professionals in their work. The work is quite complex and calls for the use of computers, tools, and specialised equipment. Additionally required are strong physical attributes and a wide range of soft skills, especially for maintaining a secure and productive environment. A few skills might be something you'll learn at any BSc MLT college in Mumbai. institute of health sciences makes sure to provide the lab experience to their students. Top BSc MLT colleges in Mumbai offer a range of lab facilities and training for the same. 

The following key responsibilities are generally related to the job's fundamental competencies:

  • Utilizing and caring for laboratory tools like microscopes, autoclaves, incubators, chemical analyzers, and cell counts
  • utilising software and computers to complete lab assignments
  • heeding the advice of specialists who order testing, such as doctors
  • conceiving and carrying out tests
  • reviewing chemical samples, such as drug samples
  • recording analytical results
  • incorporating test findings into reports or ongoing records
  • giving results to other professionals
  • regular calibration of lab apparatus

Basic laboratory skills BSc MLT colleges in Mumbai and India teach you:

  • Safety and conduct in a laboratory
  • Experimental design - sampling, replication, etc.
  • Accurate experimental manipulations
  • Accurate recording and record keeping
  • Construction and testing of hypotheses
  • Calculation of molarities, dilutions, etc. 
  • Report writing, summary and conclusions 

As a student of any BSc MLT college in Mumbai, thorough training lets you understand more about the soft skills that are applicable to your day-to-day activities.

Technical proficiency

It's essential that they comprehend not only how to utilise this technology, but also how to keep it up to date, calibrate it, and, if required, repair it. Otherwise, it's possible that the tests they undertake won't yield reliable data. All leading Bsc MLT colleges in Mumbai have updated technology facilities. It's advised to learn all the technical terms during your MLT course. ITM institute of health sciences being one of the best BSc MLT colleges in Mumbai offers access to advanced technology learning. 


A lab technician who pays close attention to detail is more likely to properly complete the specified procedures since they have carefully read them.


Analysis skills are the capacity to scrutinise data and draw logical conclusions from what you observe. It's likely that you'll learn more about how to review your work in BSC MLT colleges in Mumbai. It's an essential activity during your MLT course.

Healthy Communication 

The capacity for clear information interchange with others is referred to as communication. Communication abilities, both oral and written, are crucial for lab technicians. Lab technicians are in charge of documenting all test procedures and outcomes in writing. Writing proficiency is crucial for tracking data that may be pertinent to regulatory compliance. Reviewing ability comes from regularly writing reports. Every MLT internship done in BSC MLT colleges in Mumbai, requires you to write a final report of your experience. These opportunities at your institute of health sciences will let you shape your writing skills.


You can systematically manage your workload and workspace if you are organised. You learn to manage your studies and practical work during your course at BSC MLT colleges in Mumbai. In the lab, this soft skill can be helpful in a few different ways. One is that since lab technicians frequently work with various samples and carry out multiple analyses throughout the day, it can help to streamline processes by reducing the time and energy spent on discovering pertinent information. Another is that a safe working environment may be maintained by the equipment being arranged logically, as this lowers the likelihood of accidents and breakages.


An essential trait of a laboratory worker is patience. It is challenging to do nothing except wait for a test result for hours. Here are some suggestions on what you can do by then:

  • Perform regular inspections of the lab's equipment for safety.
  • Equipment that is regularly used should be cleaned.
  • Examine the equipment inventory. Make certain that the lab has access to all relevant equipment at all times.
  • Put your equipment and tools in order. Make a note of your availability as well so that anyone can contact you even if you are not around.

Prior knowledge of the subjects.

The possession of solid knowledge in related fields is another crucial quality. Bsc MLT colleges in Mumbai expect you to have basic physics, chemistry, maths and biology knowledge. It helps these BSc MLT colleges in Mumbai to shortlist the candidates who would make a better lab technicians. You'll be able to comprehend a test's aim if you have the knowledge. You will become thoroughly knowledgeable in your profession.

Enrolling yourself for one of the best BSc MLT colleges in Mumbai lets you stay updated and in touch with the experts. This allows you to observe them and learn during your MLT course. ITM IHS is one of the best BSc MLT colleges in Mumbai which will make you field ready by training you overall.

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