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What is the purpose of doing a degree in hotel management?


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To build a successful career, get a brilliant salary, have opportunities to travel the world, options to explore different cultures and cuisines, and meet different kinds of people are the primary purposes behind doing a degree in hotel management.

Hotel Management Industry is a field where hotel products, services, or businesses have to be run correctly and smoothly. Along with good contact skills, a unique personality is also required to drive hospitality. 

What is Hotel Management?

Successfully handling any hotel or hotel business is called hotel management. All those tasks that help to profitably run a hotel, restaurant, cruise ship, etc., are covered under Hotel Management.

Your duties in a career in the hospitality industry include:

Making sure the guests get the best experience and revisit the property

Presents the utmost customer service and property’s USPs

Supervising various administrative tasks of the hotel including housekeeping, kitchen, etc. 

Career In Hotel Management In India

If you like meeting and talking to new people and having a welcoming nature, then making a career in the hospitality industry is one of the best opportunities in India and abroad. As per Hospitality Global Market Report 2022, the global hospitality market stood at 3,952 billion dollars in 2021 which is expected to reach $6,715 billion in 2026 at a compound annual growth rate of 10.2%.

Jobs After A Degree in Hotel Management in India

Job Opportunities With A Degree in Hotel Management
Job Opportunities With A Degreein Hotel Management Salary Package for Entry-Level
Hotel Manager INR 7-14 Lakhs per year
Event Manager INR 3-6 Lakhs per year
Front Office Manager INR 2-4 Lakhs per year
Tour Manager INR 0.5-10.0 Lakhs per year
Executive Chef INR 3-6 Lakhs per year
Rooms Division Manager INR 3-5 Lakhs per year
Food Stylist INR 4-5 Lakhs per year
Bartender INR 1.5-3 Lakhs per year
Food and Beverage Manager INR 3-6 Lakhs per year
Cruise Ship Manager INR 5-8 Lakhs per year
Executive Housekeeper INR 4-9 Lakhs per year
Cabin Crew INR 5-7 Lakhs per year
Club Manager INR 6-7 Lakhs per year

Popular Companies To Work With A Degree in Hotel Management In India

  • Marriott International, Inc.
  • Radisson
  • Hyatt Hotels
  • Taj Palace
  • Vivanta
  • Sofitel Hotels
  • The Leela Palaces, Hotels & Resorts
  • The Lalit.
  • Sarovar Hotels & Resorts
  • Accor Hostels
  • Intercontinental Hotels & Resorts Group
  • Hilton Worldwide
  • Neemrana Hotels.
  • Lemon Tree Hotels
  • Courtyard by Marriott
  • Oberoi Group of Hotels
  • The Residency Group of Hotels.
  • The Taj Group of Hotels
  • ITC Group of Hotels
  • The Leela Palaces, Hotels and Resorts

As the hotel management industry expands gigantically, the options for a career in the hospitality industry for those pursuing a degree in hotel management also rise. Even today, you can do so much with a degree in hotel management including resorts, airlines, cruises, cafes, restaurants, etc.

Apart from the core hospitality industry, you can also explore event management, catering, consultancy, etc. if you want to explore unconventional careers in the hospitality industry.  

Top 5 Careers in Hospitality Industry

Here are the best 5 job options that are available for Hotel Management students pursuing a hotel management degree.

1) Catering Manager.

Catering managers are answerable for planning, allocating, and managing a client’s catering processes and services. There are vast numbers of jobs available in this line. You can always find a job or seasonal appointments in catering venues such as restaurants, pubs, and fast-food outlets at weekends and holidays. If you wish to explore freelancing options as a career in the hospitality industry, catering manager is a nice option to consider.

2) Chefs

 Chefs are culinary professionals qualified in all factors of food preparation. Their main commitments include planning menus, overlooking the kitchen staff, and assuring that the food meets high-quality benchmarks. Head chef, executive chef, assistant chef, personal chef, etc., are some of the best careers in the hospitality industry.

3) Tourism and hospitality 

The Indian tourism and hospitality industry has arisen as one of the key drivers of evolution in the services sector in India. Tourism in India has marked potential considering the rich cultural and recorded heritage, variety in ecology, landscapes, and places of natural beauty spread across the country. Tourism is a crucial source of foreign exchange in India, equal to many other countries. The foreign trade earnings from 2016 to 2019 grew at a CAGR of 7% but dropped in 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

4) Hotel Manager

As a hotel manager, you'll be commercially responsible for budgeting and financial management. You will require to plan, organize and control all hotel services, including front-of-house (reception, guard, and reservations), food and beverage operations, and housekeeping. 

5) Indian navy/army catering.

This is one great opportunity to show your love towards the country and also secure a government job. Catering JCO cares for catering assistance within Indian Army's training universities, canteens, and messes. You can complete your degree in hotel management and then go for this job.

Hotel Management Salary Structure In India

If you are a fresher, you can start your career in the hospitality industry from INR 2-3 lakhs per annum comfortably in the hotel industry. Whereas after 1 to 3 years of experience, INR 4 to 5 lakhs annually and INR 5 to 10 lakh rupees can be earned annually after five years of experience.

Within a year of getting a degree in hotel management, aspirants get boosted to the supervisory level or at the executive level, and they start removing lucrative salaries of Rs. 50,000 per month. Apart from top-notch hotels like Vivanta, Sofitel, Leela Palaces and Resorts, etc., and restaurants like KFC, Mcdonald's, Pizza Hut also offer Rs. 20,000 at an initial level that goes up to Rs.40000.

Passed Your 12th Standard? Pursue A Degree in Hotel Management With ITM

Do you want to learn from the top faculty in hotel management and build a career in the hospitality industry? Have you always wished to work as a top-level manager in the top restaurants abroad and travel the world? 

 If yes, ITM is your best bet. We have been turning people’s aspirations of building a career in the hospitality industry into reality for years now. Our degree in hotel management encompasses academic as well as practical aspects of learning. We encourage frequent internships and career counseling sessions to ensure our students have what the industry demands from them.

ITM provides various degrees in hotel management as well as culinary arts. Get 100% placement support and enter the hospitality industry with Taj, Vivanta, Novotel, Starbucks, etc. Yes, all these top-level industries come to ITM’s campus to recruit our students. Want to know more about our courses in hotel management? Visit us here.

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