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What is a hotel management course? Is it easy or difficult to pursue?


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Who doesn’t like traveling and when we are outside of our city at some beautiful destination? We need a hotel to stay in for a while, and most hotels provide quality services according to their standards. Imagine if the hotel’s environment attracts you so much that you want to be a part of that environment. For this, you have to pursue a hotel management course, which helps you get into the various industries related to the hotel and hospitality industry. In this article, we will provide you with whole information about the hotel management course so that you will be ready to go into the hotel management industry.

First of all, we will give you basic information regarding hotel management course. Hotel management means managing all aspects of a hotel. It means to do work in a proper way and at a given time. Many works are involved like hospitality, hotel booking, event management, room services, etc. Hotel management plays an important role in our country’s GDP. So, chances of growth are also high in this industry. Tourists can be national or international all who want to take advantage of hotels. So, in this field experience and trained graduates are required who can impress with their services. Now the question arises what are the training  they provide in hotel management courses and which one should we choose. And what kind of job can we get, here is the list of jobs you can choose once you complete the hotel management course 

  • Director of a hotel operation
  • Manager
  • Housekeeping manager
  • Chef
  • Floor supervisor
  • Guest service supervisor
  • Restaurants and food service managers
  • Food and vibration manger
  • Front office manager
  • Event manager
  • Kitchen manager
  • Wedding coordinator

So, like this, there are many options.

So, let’s look into how we can pursue a hotel management course. And what are the exact criteria for them? So, if you want to do a diploma in hotel management, the duration for this course is 1 year and you have to pass 10th and 12th with a minimum of 50%. For this course, you have to prepare for AIMA UGAT, BVP CET Exams, BIT Mersa Hotel Management Entrance Test (BHMCT), and for diploma courses, you can choose any of the following courses:

  • Diploma in food and Beverage services
  • Diploma in the front office
  • Diploma in food production
  • Diploma in bakery and confectionary
  • Diploma in housekeeping

If you are serious about pursuing a hotel management course, you can enroll in a three-year undergraduate program. To get admitted to an undergraduate program, you must have a minimum score of 50% on the 10+2 test. You can enroll in the following Hotel Management courses as an undergraduate.

  • Bachelor of hotel administration
  • Bachelor of hospitality administration
  • Bachelor of hotel administration in food and beverage administration

You can study for the following tests to get your diploma in hotel management.


If you want to specialize in a specific area/subject, you can go for post graduation in Hotel Management course which you have to clear graduation courses after that you can do 2 years post-graduation degree or postgraduate diploma course.  For post-graduation in Hotel Management in courses, you can choose any one subject from the following.

  • Master of hotel management
  • Master of business administration in hospitality management
  • Master of business administration in hotel management

To get admission to a postgraduate program in hotel management courses, you have to prepare for the following exam.

  • XAT
  • NAT
  • GMAT
  • MAT

And now let’s talk about specialization available in  hotel management course

1.    Marketing of services: In this course, you deal with how to provide services to the tourist through the room, food, spa services, cleaning lounge services, and how to satisfy the customer through the detailed plan.

2.    Food sciences and dietetic management: This course teaches the students practical knowledge about food its nutrition values and all so teaches how to make the menu plan and food quality control it also dealt with in this course. Which helps in serving good quality nutritious food to satisfy their customers.

3.    Events and Conference management: This course helps the students to develop organizing and managing events skills. This is a very important course since all the events happening in and around the hotels are managed by them.

4.    Facility planning, design, and management: It means the more organized and beautifully decorated a hotel is, the more attractive it is to the customers. This is one of the important courses. So, this course is very important and it teaches facility planning and layout designing like practical skills are taught.

Hospitality law: Hospitality laws were developed to ensure that restaurants, hotels, motels, and other public accommodations have safety measures in place to safeguard the safety of their customers. When people go to a restaurant, they expect to eat nice food.


Now we'll discuss the best hotel management school for pursuing a hotel Management course. If you want to work in the hotel management field, you should enroll in a programme that will provide you with the most practical knowledge, develop your abilities, and make you a professional in every way. So, be cautious when applying for an institute. The top Hotel Management schools are listed below.

  • DELHI's Institute of Hotel Management, Catering, and Nutrition.


  • CHENNAI's Institute of Hotel Management, Catering Technology, and Applied Nutrition.
  • Christ University, BANGALORE, Department of Hotel Management.

Programs Offered