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If ocean waves and beaches excite you and working on a cruise is your dream job, how about charting a great career while working on a cruise ship. Sounds exciting, right? Well, it is exciting especially when we consider the ever-growing hospitality industry. The plethora of job opportunities in cruise ship operation space makes it a perfect option for you to go choose. 

What makes working on a cruise exciting?

Apart from a chance to travel the far corners of the world and have an amazing future, here is what more a career in cruise ship management has in the closet for you:

Working on a cruise ship enables you to connect with people from all over the world. Not only does it allow you to forge international connections but also helps in framing a confident personality. 

Living costs such as accommodation and food are usually taken care of by the employer. Jobs in cruise ship management need you to be on the ship at least for six months of the year making it easy to save while living a luxury life.

The scale of progression in this industry is quite fast making it a perfect option for those seeking to have an upward success curve.

And last but not the least, an opportunity to travel the world for absolutely free is something that attracts people most to the industry.


What are the various roles in cruise ship operations?

The companies engaged in the cruise hospitality industry strive to build better ships meaning a pool of jobs in various areas. As the hospitality sector mainly serves leisure and comfort to clients, the job roles vary greatly. You can find jobs ranging from chefs, housekeeping, cruise ship manager, bartender, fitness coach, and many more catering to serve people.

Here are the most common job roles in cruise ships: 

  • Food and Beverage Manager: As a food and beverage manager, you will be responsible for handling all the areas serving food and beverages. Moreover, you will also be managing the budgets, expenses, and order placement for the food and beverage section. Apart from this, ensuring timely delivery and double-checking the quality of food and drinks marks the key responsibilities that come with the job role. 
  • Accommodation Staff: Managing the laundry, cleaners, stewards, and on-time access to all the services is something an accommodation staff is responsible for. The job role requires a strong personality, keen eye, and robust ability to manage people.
  • Hotel Manager: As a hotel manager, you will be equipped with the responsibility of managing all the areas of the cruise’s hotel. The managerial position is a significant role requiring you to manage hotel finances, train the new recruitments, and supervise the overall working of staff.
  • Casino Manager: If you have worked as a croupier, then working as a cruise ship manager is a perfect option for you. The job role involves directing the ship’s casino operations and managing the staff working under you. Moreover, you will also be needed to track the finances of the cruise ship’s casino. As a casino manager at cruise, your priority should be to ensure brilliant customer service to guests.
  • Chef Manager and Executive Chefs: A chef manager is one of the key job roles you can explore in the cruise ship management sector. You will be required to handle food services and ensure an exceptional guest experience. The job responsibility comes with supervising the kitchen staff working under you and preparing exquisite dining venues and exotic drink options for guests. To run the kitchen, you will need to have immense knowledge and experience in the field.
  • Housekeeping Manager: As a housekeeping manager, ensuring top-notch cleanliness for guests in every nook and corner of the cruise ship will be your priority. Along with maintaining hygiene and cleanliness in guestrooms, bedrooms, washrooms, open decks, and public areas; you will also be needed to manage the baggage movement to and from the cruise. A fresher can enter the department as a utility cleaner, accommodation staff, steward, etc.
  • The job roles in cruise ship management need an all-in-one person who can work exceptionally as a team as well as an individual ensuring all the requirements are well met on time. A job in a cruise ship comes with the responsibility to detect improvement areas, continuous operational analysis, manage finances, and make sure that the team complies with the rules and regulations.


What are the top cruise ship companies? 

In India and abroad, some of the top cruise ship companies are Royal Caribbean Group, Hapag-Lloyd, Viking Cruises, Disney Cruises Line, Carnival, Costa Cruises, Cunard, Holland America Line, and Costa Crociere. 


What are the qualifications for getting a job in the cruise ship management industry?

Travelling the Mediterranean, Caribbean, Americas, Europe, and Asia is a dream of many. If you want to work amidst far-reaching waters, getting a diploma in cruise ship operations is the first step. As the cruise ship industry conventionally relies on internal promotions, your best bet would be to focus on entry-level jobs and customer-service functions. The best option for those seeking a job role in cruise ships would be to pursue a certificate course in cruise operations.  

As you will be required to provide A-Class hospitality services, only those equipped with theoretical and practical knowledge will make it to the managerial positions. To convert your dream of working on a cruise into reality, getting a Certificate course in Cruise Operations with the ITM Institute of Hotel Management is the safest way to make it through. We have framed the course curriculum to make you equipped with the skill-set for the cruise industry.


Make Your Dream Career with Us

ITM Institute of Hotel Management is the pioneer to begin the course in Mumbai. We have framed the course such that you get exposure to the basics of the cruise industry and on-ground skills to make you a cruise professional and not a mere job seeker. We provide a complete package including on-ground training, paid internship opportunities, STCW certification, and CDC. ITM Institute of Hotel Management offers 100% placement assistance to our students ensuring you make a perfect start to your journey in the hospitality industry. The giant companies in the cruise ship industry visit our campus for recruiting our students.

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