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Top trends in the Hospitality Industry: 2022 Edition


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When you open Instagram, it is flooded with videos and reels of picturesque places, hotels, and drool-worthy food that will tempt you. While we see those gorgeous places and food, we are unaware of the pain taken by the Hospitality industry to bring every component to the table and please the customer. 

And this has majorly influenced the youth of today to enroll in the best hotel management colleges in India. Multiple students are interested to get into this sector and kick-start their careers through culinary school in Mumbai, India, and abroad. Popular career options in hospitality, travel and tourism are very attractive to opt.

Though the best hotel management colleges in India assist students with the right insights about the industry, one needs to do their R&D and understand the aspects of this field. With the change in technology and innovations, the BHM course has also been restructured to give the students a deeper understanding of the industry. With the up-gradation in techniques, the best hotel management colleges in India have revamped their syllabus to ensure the knowledge provided is not outdated.

Currently, the hospitality industry is following the new trends, and here are the ones that you need to be aware of if the Hospitality industry interests you.

1. Big Data, integration of AI, and customization in the industry

Before you acquire a hot-seat job in the hospitality industry, understanding the need of the customer is important. The best hotel management colleges in India teach the students about the data, integration of AI, and the customization required in the industry. The data plays an important role, allows to understand of the customer’s behavior, and collecting the data benefits the industry. The integration of AI in hotel management enables the serves to understand the requirement of the personalized needs to fulfill the needs of the customer. Currently, digital advertising has increased the room to conveniently communicate with the people and optimize their needs. This impact of AI and digital advertising has been taught at the best hotel management colleges in India and abroad. 

2. Millennials and Gen Z supporting the industry

Currently, the hospitality industry focuses to attract Millennials and GenZ. They are the active and decision-driving group. The best hotel management colleges in India assist the fresher to learn the tactics to influence the people and create a new buzz amongst them. Belonging to the same age group, identifying the likings, and behavior becomes easy. Millennials and Gen Z love communicating with like-minded people. Hence, the hoteliers are now focusing to create more common rooms such as hostels to provide a unique experience. The institutes such as ITM IHM, among the best hotel management colleges in India provide the students with internships to understand the market and create connections.

3. Beyond traditional hotel brand

The traditional hotel brand was all about the property, today, it's all about the services. The best hotel management colleges in India ensure the students are taught about the physical assets, brand equity, and the services that play as an asset. The BHM course guides the students to search the opportunities that leave the traditional method behind. Though the services and design elements are the keys to the experience delivery, the students from the culinary school in Mumbai are primarily given insights about the opportunity to add and improve the current products and existing services.  This allows the industry to create something around the customer’s touchpoint and target the right audience. Today, with the help of technology, the industry easily analyses the ecosystem of services. 

4. Quick adaption of Digital transformation

The best hotel management colleges in India help students to know the current challenges in the market, the possibilities that help to serve the end-to-end experience to the customer, and many other aspects. The HM course trains you enough to serve the best in the industry. Creating a broader ecosystem, brands and touchpoints are possible only with the help of the integration of Digital transformation in the Hospitality industry. If you wish to understand the collaboration of digital media and the traditional industry, the best hotel management colleges in India, ITM conducts seminars and workshops to answer the questions related to the industry.

With easy internet access, brands are now competing by designing new competitive strategies that help the industry to grow. While traditional hoteliers are lagging, advanced counterparts such as online visibility and brand recognition help hoteliers to grow and serve the best in the industry. This is one thing that the best hotel management colleges in India are training their kids about.

5. Sustainable hotels 

On the one hand, the industry is growing with advanced technology, while certain aspects are to be considered for a better future.

The best hotel management colleges in India also help analyze that climate changes are constants and this is majorly being impacted due to the use of plastic products. Along with serving customers with upgraded services, letting newbies of the industry know the impact of the actions implemented is necessary. Currently, corporations and businesses are opting to ditch the single-use of plastic. To improve the current situation, businesses are now focusing to provide disposable products on a huge scale.

Besides, hotels are rising to the challenges of focusing on sustainable businesses. A BHM course gives you insights regarding all of this. A culinary school in Mumbai often educates the students about the various factors such as general waste production, usage of local produces, energy, water consumption, and various other aspects are serious and their claim. Sustainability is not restricted to environmental protection but also to managing the people and their finances. The best hotel management colleges in India also provide general information about the use of the resources and adopting the paradigm shift in the industry.


The best hotel management colleges in India conduct workshops and seminars that prove to benefit the students. These seminars and workshops are conducted by the industry experts giving the right insights and polishing your knowledge.

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