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The covid-19 pandemic and worldwide lockdowns have impacted the food & beverage industry quite prominently. The concerned areas of impact include food delivery, supply chain, and other logistics-related things. Further, the moral obligation of social distancing has made shopping for customers more chaotic and tiring. One of the important changes in the food industry after covid-19 is restrictions on the dine-in facility at restaurants. Thus, you can’t enjoy the outing with your family for dinner. So to prevail in such circumstances, the changes in the food & beverage industry are already evident.

If you want to know the top trending changes in the food industry, you are in the right place. Keep reading to know all about it.

What are some new trends in the food and beverage industry?

1. Shifting business online

If you analyze the food & beverage industry deeply, you will find that the pandemic has given rise to digitalization. Thus, to meet the growing needs of society, proactive food and grocery stores have come up with the plan to turn their stores into e-commerce ordering websites. This is one of the most important changes in the food & beverage industry after covid-19. Online shifting of food outlets gives you an option to shop from your favorite bakery without even visiting there. Thus, consumers remain safe from the pandemic and also enjoy their favorite food items delivered to their doorstep directly.

Therefore, the visionary stores that sensed this change quite early invested in modern technologies to sustain the changes in the food & beverage industry amid the pandemic.

2. Increase in sale of healthier foods

India is a country naturally known for its expertise in treatment through Ayurveda. Thus every household believes in keeping such food items in the home which are herbal too. The covid-19 virus is a threat to those with a weaker immune system. Hence, everyone is interested in buying herbal foods that increase the immunity of a person. So, the latest trend in the food & beverage industry in India is an increase in the sales of healthier food items and beverages in the market. Some examples would be fermented drinks like kombucha which has gained a huge market today. As the demand is increasing, the R & D is also increasing, which has flooded the market with many immunity-boosting food and drink options.

3. Increase in demand for trustable food items

With the onset of the pandemic, everyone now focuses majorly on the transparency and hygienic conditions of the items they are purchasing. And when someone buys food items, it becomes even more important, as their body will be consuming it. Thus, it directly affects your health.

Hence, one of the important trends in the food & beverage industry in 2022 is people demanding more transparency from their suppliers on the hygienic conditions of the food items they are purchasing and indicating the ingredients on the packaging. It includes transparency in the origin of food, storage house conditions, how it is transported to your home, etc. To meet such trust issues of customers, the food & beverage industry is coming up with innovations such as UV Ray disinfectants, etc.

4. Increase in demand for cooking appliances

The covid-19 pandemic left everyone stranded at home. Hence, it becomes hectic to cook the food all day regularly for all family members. Hence, households are shifting from the old traditional method of cooking on gas to more easy and less time taking options. Thus, the other important changes in the food industry are people buying easy cooking appliances.

Or the appliances that show recipes and cooking instructions together. Some of the highest selling appliances amid the pandemic are air-fryers, multi-cookers, electric ovens, etc. These changes in the food industry have given relief to many households. Moreover, home cooking has also resulted in an increase in sales of smart kitchen gadgets. 

5. Restaurant style cooking

Not being able to have dine-out doesn’t mean you can’t recreate the same at home. Yes, the recent food surveys show that people are constantly changing their food habits during their time at home amid the pandemic. To relieve the mood and overcome the stress people are creating a restaurant-like atmosphere in their homes only. It has been eye-catching among all the trends in the food & beverage industry in 2022. People do so by ordering pre-packaged meals, restaurant like products, and other important stuff that adds restaurant flavors to your homemade food.

6. Increase in consumption of plant-based foods

Plant-based foods are rich in vitamins and anti-oxidants and offer great help to those who suffer from anaemia. Thus, seeing the impact covid-19 has caused, the food & beverage industry experienced a high rise in the sale of plant-based foods. Hence, indirectly, it has seen a dip in sales of packaged fast food and other fried food items.

Not only households, restaurants famous for their fast food traditions are also shifting to plant-based food on their menu. So, it shows that people are more cautious about their health at this time.

7. Automation in Food & Beverage Industry

Covid-19 spreads through the air hence the number of people in an area more is the chances of its spread. Thus, the food processing and manufacturing units have tried to bring automation into their functioning. It involves, less engagement of humans, and thus chances of the virus being spread are less.

Thus, automation is one of the prime changes in the food & beverage industry amid the pandemic. Not only did this help in reducing the spread of covid-19, but it also increased the efficiency of food manufacturing units. It does so by reducing the time taken to produce the same output. It also aids, in better quality control, and less wastage of raw materials. Thus it increases the overall profit of both customers and factories producing goods.

8. Sustainability

Sustainability is nothing but maintaining the changes that the food & beverage industry is bringing to fight the losses incurred during the pandemic. Thus, every food industry is bringing changes in its working model, coming up with innovations. All this is done to win the trust of their customers that they give them the most hygienic and healthier diet to fight off the covid-19 pandemic.

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