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The hospitality industry has risen to the pinnacle of prosperity. With an increasing number of job opportunities, it has emerged as a promising industry. There are currently over 187,000 hotels in the world. Statistics beyond your wildest dreams reveal the endless possibilities in the hospitality business. According to Brandongaille's data, one new job is introduced to the hotel business every 2.5 seconds. If you perform all of the math correctly, you will discover that approximately 34000 job vacancies occur in a single day! That doesn't blow your mind, does it? In an era where people are more interested in Management and Engineering degrees, Hotel Management has gained traction. It is currently a well-established business with several chances, which explains the increase in the number of hotel management institutions in India.

Hotel management is a very job-oriented industry that encompasses a wide range of services such as food service, lodging, and catering. Hotels, resorts, fast food chains, and restaurants are just a few of the key job categories in the hospitality industry. A hotel management specialist can work in any of the disciplines listed above. With the globalisation of more and more hotel companies spreading their company to worldwide markets, the hotel management sector has long been a popular career option among students. As a result, there is a high demand for hotel management expertise.

Because of its wide breadth in different nations, anyone can enrol in this course. Students want to take this course in order to advance their careers in other nations. The hotel management chain is expanding rapidly as a result of globalisation.


Because of its wide breadth in different nations, anyone can enrol in this course. Students want to take this course in order to advance their careers in other nations. The hotel chain is expanding rapidly as a result of globalisation.

Long-term employment opportunities exist in hotel management and catering.

hotel management is an extremely difficult occupation in other countries. You can join the government and non-government industries after completing a hotel management course.


If you are interested in a career in hotel management, you must meet certain eligibility requirements. This is as follows:

Certificate Courses: Certificate courses are often short-term courses lasting 6 months to a year. Candidates may pursue these courses after completing the 12th grade.

A candidate must have passed class 10th or 12th with at least 40% marks and English as a compulsory subject.

Degree Course: To be eligible for an undergraduate degree in hotel management, the candidate must have a 12th grade point average of at least 50% and English as a necessary subject.

After finishing an undergraduate degree programme in hotel management, the individual may pursue a postgraduate degree programme. This programme requires a minimum of 45% in graduation from a recognised university.

Jobs and Career

After completing the degree, the student will have numerous job prospects with prominent hotel chains such as the Taj group, ITC, Oberoi hotels, and the Hilton group, among others. The merchant navy and cruise ships have a high demand for qualified workers. So, if you want to pursue a career in hotel management, it could be a fantastic choice; however, choose the best institute because the possibilities of employment are normally higher at the top institute. Girls who are interested in the hospitality industry might enrol in air-hostess courses.

After completing hotel management courses, you will have numerous job opportunities in areas such as cafeterias, airline catering (flight kitchens) and cabin services, club management, cruise ship hotel management, hospital administration and catering, hotel and tourism associations, hospitality services in the Indian Navy, forest lodges, guest houses, resorts, kitchen management catering departments of railways, banks, armed forces, shipping companies, and so on.

7 jobs You wish to have

If you want to work in hotel management, you can choose from a variety of specialisations. Managers are required in each hotel department to administer the department and supervise a team of employees. Management positions in core departments such as sales or food and beverage are critical for a hotel's seamless functioning, and these positions appear regularly in job advertisements.

  • Manager of Real Estate

A property manager is in charge of a hotel's day-to-day operations and reports on the hotel's financial performance to the area manager or regional manager. This position typically requires at least three years of managerial experience, and a degree in business or accounting may be advantageous. According to PayScale, the average compensation for a property manager is $47,000.

  • Manager of Sales

A sales manager is responsible for reaching out to connections and securing new accounts for the hotel, as well as promoting repeat business from previous customers. Employers typically anticipate a few years of sales experience, and candidates with a bachelor's degree may be preferred. According to PayScale, the typical income for a hotel sales manager is $45,000.

  • Manager of Food & Beverage

A food and beverage manager purchases supplies, schedules and trains employees, and creates menus. This manager also keeps track of food and employee expenses to ensure profitability. Candidates should have some experience in food and beverage operations, such as working as an assistant food and beverage manager. Candidates with bachelor's degrees or food safety certifications may be preferred. According to PayScale, a food and beverage manager can expect to earn $46,000 on average.

  • Manager of the Front Office

The front office manager is in charge of overseeing visitor check-in and check-out as well as responding to guest requests and complaints. This manager is also in charge of the night auditor. Experience as an assistant front office manager is preferable, although a few years of experience in another managerial function may suffice. According to PayScale, the average income for a front office manager is $40,570.

  • Manager of Operations

A general manager, like a property manager, is in charge of a hotel's operations as well as keeping the firm financially on track. Candidates should have at least a few years of managerial experience, and employers may prefer applicants with a college degree. According to PayScale, the average compensation for a hotel general manager is $53,835, however this can vary greatly based on the market and type of hotel you manage.

  • Manager of Housekeeping

The housekeeping manager manages inventories, trains workers, and ensures that housekeeping standards are met. This role typically requires three years of housekeeping experience and a few years of management experience. Employers may prefer individuals who have CPR certification. According to PayScale, the average compensation for a housekeeping manager is $39,860.

  • Banquet Coordinator

A banquet manager is responsible for directing banquet activities, supervising workers, ensuring safety, and adhering to the event budget. This position typically necessitates at least two years of expertise in food and beverage operations, with managerial experience desirable. Candidates must be able to lift and handle large goods such as serving equipment because this is a physically demanding position. According to PayScale, the average income for a banquet manager is $45,778.

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