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IHM - Top 7 Benefits of becoming a chef!


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If you love experimenting in the kitchen and creating flavor combinations, you are most likely to become a chef. Aspirants like you love inviting friends and family over and impressing them with lip-smacking food. You must know various cuisines and read cookbooks in place of novels. Along with this, we are sure you also may have research about the best hotel management colleges in India to pursue a professional degree. - (like BA in culinary arts)

But with all this zest, there must be a part of you who may question being a chef and whether it is the right career choice. You are right to think from all sides. After all, a career choice can make or break your entire future. 

We also understand that a chef’s job is definitely not an easy one. It is not a nine to five job with a fixed pattern of work. A chef has to deal with crazy shifts, tiring work hours, immense physically challenging tasks, etc. You get a reality check of all these situations once you opt for the best hotel management colleges in India. 

But, there is nothing to get disheartened here. Every job role in every industry has its own perks and downsides. It is the passion that helps you overcome every hurdle and shine through. 

In fact, talented chefs are in high demand globally. People who seek and execute things with perfection, usually opt for the best hotel management colleges in India for their chef’s degree. So, if you are someone who wishes to get admitted to an Indian Institute of Hotel Management for a chef’s degree, read along to know the benefits of becoming a chef.


A variety of career options

One of the best parts about becoming a chef is that you have so many job profiles to choose from and at different places too. For example, you can choose to become any type of chef - pastry chef, a baker, an executive chef, a private chef, etc. And likewise, you can work at a cafe, restaurant, country clubs, resorts, Cruise ships, casinos, convention centers, private homes, etc. So choose your course wisely from one of the best hotel management colleges in India.

Creative Liberty is in your hands

Cooking is an art, it is an expression on the plate. Through cooking, chefs communicate concepts and experiences to their customers. And as a chef, you have this creative liberty to showcase your talent on the plate. This is the most important aspect you learn during your years at the best hotel management colleges in India and abroad. 

You can play with different ingredients, represent different cultures, and help flavor profiles mingle on the plate. You are in charge of what goes on the menu and how it will be presented. This creative liberty is craved by almost every professional, and this title grants you that!


Option of working independently

If you want to not go down the traditional route and work on established entities, you can work independently. The Culinary Arts field is such a flexible and creative field that allows you to work from anywhere and with anyone. (or even alone for that matter) The best hotel management colleges in India will also provide you with an entrepreneurial edge for the same.


A lot of bonuses and free food for life!

Bonuses are an important part of a chef’s job. What’s best is that - they are performance-based. So, if you take your training from the best hotel management colleges in India seriously, you are sure to get rewarded well. Additionally, there is always free access to food and drinks on this job. 


You earn a handsome salary package. 

Earning well can be tough during your internship period or right after your education from the best hotel management colleges in India. But, as you grow old in experience and ranks, the salary then is very high. You can say it compensates for your learning years. 


You earn respect as a chef!

Chef is one such job title that is highly respected not just in the kitchen or in the industry, but in the social world as well. In fact, you'll start noticing this during your years at the best hotel management colleges in India or abroad. It is a reputed title to hold. A chef’s culinary ability is highly regarded and valued. They are often sought for creative advice. 


You can start your very own establishment.

After getting educated at the best hotel management colleges in India, your further work in various restaurants and kitchens all around the globe. Then comes a point when you feel like starting something of your own. Most chefs you study about, have their own independent establishments like fine dining restaurants, food brands, cooking shows, catering operations, etc. You too can put all your study and experience into practice by opening something of your own. Studying in one of the best hotel management colleges in India can help you achieve this even at an early stage.


Conclusion - 

To avail all these benefits you must make a successful career out of it. And for that, you can enroll for BA in culinary arts from ITM IHM. It is one of the best hotel management colleges in India. If you wish to become a chef in all its glory, have fascinating training experience, and learn from the best, opt for this Indian Institute of Hotel Management.

There are three types of courses you can choose from to become a chef - 

  • BA in Culinary Arts
  • Bachelor of Arts in International Culinary Arts
  • Diploma in Patisserie and Confectionery

ITM IHM is rewarded as one of the best hotel management colleges in India. Admissions for the academic year 2022-23 are open to apply. So, hop on to our website to fill out the form or connect with our esteemed educational counselors. They will help you with your decision and clear all doubts you have. As an Indian Institute of Hotel Management, we offer international internships as well. So, if you wish to fly high with your dreams, we are the best hotel management colleges in India that can help you do so.

We hope to hear from you soon and are eager to have you as our student!

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