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Top 5 Surprising Career Options to Pursue with a Culinary Arts Degree


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“I am pursuing a culinary course but becoming a chef is not something my thing.”

What do I do? Are there any other careers in culinary I can pursue with my degree in culinary arts? Yes, actually a lot many.

We all know the common careers in culinary field, executive chefs, restaurant managers, baking & pastry chef, and a few more. We also understand that not everyone pursuing a culinary course or planning to do so might be interested in these job options. Every being is different, some ace at the chef job, some have other choices and this is completely normal.

In this article, we will share the top 5 best careers in culinary field that are miles away from the job of a chef or restaurant manager. Let us go.

What Else Can I do with a Culinary Degree?

  1. Food Stylist
  2. Nutritionist
  3. Kitchen Designer
  4. Sommeliere/Wine Steward
  5. Health Inspector

Let us understand them one by one the various roles in careers in culinary.

1. Food Stylist

Food stylists aka Foodtylists are the professionals who prepare the presentation and style various dishes & beverages for aesthetic photography. They work closely with the advertising and production team to create appealing food photographs and displays. 

2. Nutritionist

Due to the deep knowledge of carbs and calories, dietician and nutritionist are 2 lucrative careers in the culinary field. As a nutritionist, you will not only help your clients to get a better understanding of health goals but also design personalized meal charts keeping the clients’ issues in line. Along with a culinary course, you can also get a diploma in nutrition. 

3. Kitchen Designer

Today, the trend towards modular and personalized kitchens is on a steep rise. If you have a culinary arts degree and designing aesthetic outlays is your forte, becoming a kitchen designer may be the fit for you. The knowledge you get about culinary processes, food storage techniques & hacks, understanding of kitchen storage, electrical requirements, plumbing, etc. during the culinary course can help you in designing kitchens. 

Moreover, both kitchen designers and culinary professionals work for customer satisfaction, your communication skills and customer service knowledge can help you ace a career in this field. So, kitchen designer has become one of the top alternative careers in culinary at the moment. 

4. Sommeliere/Wine Steward

If drinks, especially wines, is your strong forte, this might be your dream job. As a sommelier, your job is to give individual recommendations to dining guests, as per their taste. To become a wine steward, one needs to have a high level of knowledge about types, age groups, common preferences, cuisines, and flavors. Keeping every factor in mind, they give personalized wine lists to the guests. 

Also, the customer skills that you acquire during the culinary course will come in handy here as well. With excellent communication skills, you will be able to get a better idea of guests’ tastes and preferences. 

5. Health Inspector

A degree in culinary arts teaches you a lot about food safety, hygiene, and ingredients. To use this knowledge in the field, a health inspector is the right job option for you. Governments across the world hire health and sanitary inspectors who ensure that food safety, meal preparation, and storage is in compliance with health and safety regulations. 

*Health Inspectors often need to clear the government examination.
Alternative Careers in Culinary Field Average Salary Skills Required Benefits
Food Stylist Entry-level salary: INR 2-3 LPA Creativity ability Better Salary Opportunities
Senior-Level Salary: 5-6 LPA Attention to details Your creative abilities & experimentation is appreciated.
Food Presentation High scope for freelancing and taking up highly-paid personal projects.
Market trends
Effective communication and instruction ability
Nutritionist Entry-level salary: INR 2-3 LPA Deep knowledge of food science Highly in-demand career option.
Senior-Level Salary: 5-6 LPA Various dietary components and their effects on health. Job satisfaction as you help people achieve better health results.
Entry-level salary: INR 3-4 LPA Highly communicative and engaging personality Self-employment and flexible work schedules
Senior-Level Salary: 7-8 LPA Business and management skills if you start your own service-based business.
(The numbers can go up if you start providing personalized services) An ability to explain things to people and motivate them.
Kitchen Designer Entry-level salary: INR 2.5-3 LPA Knack for creative details and designs High salary opportunities
Senior-Level Salary: 5-6 LPA A keen eye for new market trends You can start your own venture after gaining a few years of experience
Knowledge of color schemes and complementarity Increasing demand of kitchen designers in the industry.
An excellent listener
Knowledge of plumbing, storage, and overall kitchen layouts.
An idea about building codes
Wine Steward Entry-level salary: INR 2.5-3 LPA Extensive knowledge of wines, cuisines, spices, flavors, and their complementarity with each other Allows you to work with the hospitality and brewing industry.
Senior-Level Salary: 5-6 LPA Highly interactive and communicative nature Competitive salaries especially in international hotels.
Entry-level salary: INR 2-3 LPA Scope of travelling and living an adventurous life.
Senior-Level Salary: 8-10 LPA
(Sommeliers earn higher salaries abroad)
Health Inspector Entry-level salary: INR 3.8-5 LPA Knowledge about food safety codes Mostly employed by national and state governments, so high salary opportunites.
Senior-Level Salary: 8-10 LPA Knowledge about national and state laws governing food safety and storage.

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