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Top 10 Hospitality Industry Trends of 2023


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Change is the only constant, no matter where you are.

Every individual, every institution, every workplace, and every organization changes with time as trends come and go. And so does the trends in the hospitality industry. As the hospitality and tourism industry bounces back after the horrible impact of the pandemic, we can already see some current and some future trends in the hospitality industry.

A complete overhaul is also evident in the careers in the hospitality industry with dynamic choices and changing job roles. If you are planning to build a career in the hospitality industry or already have one, you must know about these the future trends in the hospitality and tourism industry.

Top 10 Hospitality Industry Trends of 2023

1. Smart Hotels for Smart Travelers

The world is going digital. From the vegetable vendor to the local bakery shop, everyone and everything is digitized, especially after the pandemic blow.

Evidently, using new applications for smooth access to contactless services is the new norm in the tourism industry. Today, hotel rooms are equipped with intelligent control systems, facial recognition, wireless charging, voice control, etc.

Here are a few areas where the hotel industry is going digital:

  • Online hotel bookings and check-ins
  • Contactless payments
  • Front-desk operations
  • Fingerprint recognition
  • Hotel aggregator websites
  • Reservation management
  • Internal communication & channel management
  • Voice control and biometrics
  • Room inventory & Arrival details
  • Property management software to avoid overbookings
  • Performance management software to improve customer outcomes
  • Employees’ shift management

2. Introduction of Essentialism

Gone are the days when tourists focused on getting an ultra-luxury experience and splurge for the same. Today, travelers seek unique and personalized trips that give their outings a meaning. As a result, customized travel experiences are on the rise, as are the niche hotels and relaxation retreats.

Further, tourists today seek unique experiences while they search for hotels. Hence, even the hotel industry is doing its part to include that taste of distinctiveness and novelty factor. This also births new careers in the hospitality industry such as travel bloggers, travel content writers, and travel agents who personalize the vacation plans.

3. The Target Customer Segment Is Predominantly Young

With millennials and Gen-Z forming the most significant chunk of travelers, the hospitality industry is shifting to prioritize experiences over comfort and luxury. Second, they prefer sustainable solutions for hotels and travel options. A survey conducted by Booking.com showed that around 55-60% of young tourists prefer to stay at eco-friendly stays.

Result? Hotels are going green on a large scale. More than a rebirth, the process is more like retrofitting and modifying the present infrastructure by embracing:

  • Energy-saving technologies such as smart lights and auto switch-offs
  • Replacing small toiletries with bigger bottles and dispensers
  • Adopting organic and ethical options
  • Automated energy control, sustainable motility, etc.

4. Solo Traveling

Today, people prefer to utilize the advantages of spending time all by themselves and stepping out of their comfort zone. They are going out of their ways to explore the great wide world unfettered, socializing and finding acquaintances to whatever degree suits them in the age of mindfulness. Today, solo travelers dominate around 10% of the travel market, making it one of the most prominent emerging trends in the hospitality industry.

This also affects the types of careers in the hospitality industry. Barriers between hotel personnel and visitors are being dropped to help solitary travelers feel more comfortable. At the same time, hotels focus on changing the interior design choices to bring a sense of homeliness and develop an informal environment.

5. Artificial Intelligence & Automation Is Spreading Its Roots

With advancements in Artificial Intelligence (AI), hotels are using AI to connect with tourists while opening up to hotel workers attentively. This enhances the movement experience by removing language differences and ensuring clear communication with explorers.

Today, hotels are constantly on the lookout for better technologies that can help them improve their client-facing and back-office operations, so development firms should incorporate such features in their releases. Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, robots in hotels, AI, IoT tools and building automation, chatbots, and a slew of other advancements are all part of the hospitality industry's future.

Do These Trends Impact the Careers in the Hospitality Industry?

Yes, absolutely. As a result of the transforming hospitality industry, careers in the hospitality industry are also changing. The way the workforce functions to provide top-notch services is quite different from the pre-covid world.

1. Embracing Technology

The tourism and hospitality industry wants staff eager to learn the nuances of technology. Be it housekeeping, administration, or kitchen management, the employees are getting the hang of the new technological integrations.

Through smart marketing, data analytics, forecasting, and planning, hotels utilize the data and digital capabilities to boost direct bookings and build a client base. Your expanded personnel will have the time to advertise all of your property's potential income generators, from office space and meeting rooms to parking, gyms, and more.

2. New Job Roles

If you are a hotel management student, you must certainly be looking ahead to make careers in the hospitality industry. The tourism and hospitality industry has witnessed the birth of numerous new job roles that never existed before.

Some examples of new job profiles in hospitality are:

  • Hotel Curator
  • Data Security Manager
  • IT Head
  • Data Analyst
  • E-commerce Sales
  • Social Media Management


Hotels are opting towards offering personalized and guest-centric services. Second, the industry is leveraging the power of technology and social media to its best. The way we perceive the careers in the hospitality industry is going to change forever. While the present job profiles require the employees to upskill, we can also see a fresh segment of job roles bringing an overhaul in the way we see the careers in the hospitality industry.

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