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The Importance of Internships in The Hospitality Management Industry


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Studying hotel management without internships? No thanks!

Nothing beats practical on-field training and the immense knowledge and valuable skills it can help you learn.

Are you an aspiring hotel management student? Or are you someone already pursuing a degree in hospitality management? Either way, you must be really interested in internships in the hotel management industry.

The hospitality and tourism management requires immense knowledge-both academic as well as practical. The practical aspects of managing a hotel, cruise ship’s food & beverage section, or a restaurant's kitchen can only be learned while working on-field. Just a degree in hospitality management course won’t do the job.

Importance of Internship in Hospitality Industry

The hospitality industry is booming after the world returns to normalcy after the Covid-19 pandemic. As the hotels, casinos, and restaurants start to function in full force, many hotel management jobs are flooded. Today employers want to hire talents that come with more than just a degree in hospitality management. This is because the majority of individuals with a degree in hospitality management may not carry the necessary skills to perform their duties. To adequately satisfy industry expectations, the hotel management institutions today collaborate with industry leaders to recruit competent graduates as future industry leaders.

Most university courses in hotel management now include mandatory student internships as a supplement to standard classroom study. Internships provide students with access to actual work situations that are not available in the classroom, allow them to put textbook theories into action, and reflect on their future prospects.

What Is The Meaning of Internship In Hotel Management?

Internships in hotel management are short-term paid/unpaid to gain practical experience and understand the working of a hotel. One can do an internship while pursuing a degree in hospitality management or after finishing hotel management school.

Here are key sectors in hotel management where you can find numerous internship opportunities:

  • Front-office
  • Housekeeping
  • Food and beverage services
  • Bakery and kitchen departments
  • Finances

Here is a list of the most common internship positions in the hotel management industry:

  • Operations trainee
  • Business development executive
  • Hotel management trainee
  • Management trainee
  • Marketing intern
  • Front desk receptionist
  • Human resources management trainee
  • Admin executive
  • Hospitality recruitment executive
  • F&B trainee

5 Reasons Why Internships Are Significant For Hotel Management Students

1. Boost Up Your CV

Internships are the sure-shot ways to amp up your resume, period!

Once you complete a bachelor degree in hospitality management, you will be sitting for interviews. If you have completed 1-2 internships while pursuing a degree in hotel management, you automatically become a preferred candidate by your employers. This is because the industry recruiters want to hire people who already have a fair idea about how a hotel works.

Further, internships help students improve their chances of landing a job by combining theoretical knowledge with experience, competence, and self-development abilities.

2. Immense Skill-Development Opportunities

“Only practical work and experience lead the young to maturity”

Maria Montessori

We can’t agree with the quote more. You must engage in internships while pursuing a degree of BA hospitality management because of the extensive skill-building potential they carry.

Hotel management internships allow you to develop skills such as:

  • Confidence and self-belief
  • Communication skills
  • Building on academic learning and performance
  • Customer service skills
  • Working within teams and team building
  • Leadership skills
  • Financial management
  • Problem-solving
  • Time management and multitasking
  • Detail-oriented approach
  • Industry awareness
  • Application of technology
  • Adaptation and flexibility skills
  • Writing skills (report writing, email drafting)
  • Operational knowledge

3. On-field experience

The hospitality industry is known for having one of the most rapid-paced environments. No two days are the same for people working in the hospitality and tourism space. Managing a hotel means working with people from all backgrounds, multi-tasking, ensuring your team performs its duties, and working at odd hours.

For someone fresh out of finishing their degree in hospitality management, such work conditions may be overwhelming. And here, enter the internships, aka working opportunities while studying. Internships allow you to have an actual taste of what working on-ground and managing a hotel is like.

You will also be acquainted with the persisting challenges, team-handling, significance of collaborations, and working under pressure. 

Further, internships will also allow you to understand:

  • How to work with people from different cultural backgrounds
  • How to handle cultural sensitivities
  • Different viewpoints and how to bring a balanced approach to your attitude

Also, as a student intern, you will bring new ideas to the table as well as give organizations fresh and impartial viewpoints.

4. A dive into the future prospects via networking

Suppose you have started working in a restaurant as a culinary intern. Apart from developing industry knowledge, future dynamics, and culinary knowledge, you will also learn how menus are designed in real-life.

Suppose your head chef has worked before on a Cruise ship or as an F&B manager in a casino. The point is that internships let you understand the other career options and job prospects you can consider in the hotel management industry. Maybe working on a cruise ship excites you more than working in a bakery. A huge part of hospitality management careers is networking with successful people; Internships allow you to do exactly that.

5. High chances of turning into a full-time job

If you perform your duties well and bring out positive results, your chances of getting a full-time employment opportunity from the employer are really high. It all depends on your work quality and ethics. So if you want a smooth transition from a degree in hospitality management to a high-paying job, consider internships.

Give your dreams a chance with ITM

If becoming a head chef or senior hotel manager has been your dream, now is your turn to turn it into a reality with ITM. How? With ITM’s graduate programs in hotel management

Our graduate program in hotel management is designed to:

  1. Incorporate the desired skill set to make you “The Right Candidate” for employers.
  2. Provide a perfect blend of theoretical and practical knowledge with internship opportunities with the biggies of the hotel management industry.
  3. Provide regular counseling sessions, workshops, and expert talks for our students to stay at the top of their game.
  4. Set the right foundation of hotel management from the faculty hailing from reputed institutions of the world.

Why Trust ITM?

There are thousands of colleges providing a bachelor degree in hospitality management. Why trust us?

  1. ITM is the first private, non-aided B-school in India accredited by national and international universities from the US, UK, Europe, and Asia.
  2. We have provided quality education in various fields for 30 years. So, when you choose to pursue a degree in hospitality management with ITM, you are learning from the industry experts.
  3. Have you heard of Taj, Oberois, ITC, Four Seasons Hotels, Accor, Starbucks, and McDonald's? These giants hire out talent every year, and you stand a chance too.

ITM believes in the capabilities of our students. This is why we have a 100% placement support policy where we guide and ensure each of our students gets the job they deserve.

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