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Surprising reasons Hoteliers have the most satisfying careers


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Hotel management entails a healthy blend of daily business operations and customer service tasks. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, hotels have been closed for several months, putting recruitment on hold. However, as the world is slowly progressing towards normalcy, the sector starts to emerge from the tightest restrictions and hotel management offers a perfect career option for newcomers. The huge rise in the travel and tourist business in Australia and the Asia-Pacific region, coupled with a workforce focusing on work/life balance, has fundamentally altered the workplace environment for hoteliers. Hotel groups are placing a greater emphasis than ever on career happiness, professional development, and work/life balance in order to retain top talent.

Why is the hospitality industry interesting?

Here are the 4 key reasons why hoteliers have the most satisfying careers

  • You Get to Live a Luxury Lifestyle

Being a hotelier enables you to travel the world, stay in luxury hotels and live a leisure-filled life while earning better than your counterparts working in other sectors.


  • Professional and personal development opportunities

As a professional working in the hotel industry, you will grow professionally and personally. Not only do you develop your existing professional abilities, but you also acquire new ones through the range of colleagues, clients, and scenarios that will put your skills to the test.


  • Variation and adaptability

A dynamic work environment that allows for movement between departments boosts employee contentment and sense of accomplishment. To the new generation of employees who value the benefits of a diversified career, the concept of sitting in front of a computer day after day is saying the least "repugnant."


  • Hospitality is one of the most stable sectors of the economy.

According to the World Tourism Council, the leisure travel industry will contribute 11.5% of global GDP by 2029, while also employing more than 420 million people. This is excellent news, as many occupations in other areas are becoming obsolete as a result of AI and automation.


Is the hospitality industry a good career path?

Your employment options are truly infinite with a degree in hospitality management. Each year, the worldwide industry expands, changes, and diversifies. Indeed, hospitality is among the fastest expanding job industries in the globe, with growth expected to continue in the future. Additionally, employment in premium hospitality and tourism offer a unique career path for people who specialize in producing the best visitor experiences.

Hospitality as a career is also to a certain level immune to the ever evolving technology, because hospitality is focused on human connection and the soft skills required to succeed, the industry is considerably less likely to be impacted by automation. Fortune magazine calculated the automation potential (AP) of jobs to see which ones are most likely to be replaced by technology. Their studies indicated that tasks including 'people management and development,' 'decision-making, planning, or creative work,' and 'interaction with customers, suppliers, or stakeholders' were among the most difficult to automate and hence had the lowest AP.


What are the career opportunities in the hospitality industry?

The following is a list of the types of occupations that you can obtain with a degree in hospitality management:


  • Hospitality Management Positions in Hotels

Traditional hospitality jobs frequently begin in hotels & restaurants, and the accommodation sector continues to diversify with the addition of new facilities and concepts. You could begin at Reception, Guest Relations, or Rooms and work your way up to Director or General Manager level positions. You may choose a corporation with which you identify and advance your career by accepting positions in new locations. Alternatively, you can pursue a career in marketing or finance, which will allow you to work for a range of different hospitality industries.


  • Jobs in Food and Beverage

Another critical part of hospitality employment is the Food & Beverage sector. This is an exceptional career option for those interested in cooking, baking, designing venues and menus. You will be working in 5-star restaurants, nightclubs, pubs, cruise ships, bakeries, etc. Hospitality students receive extensive training in this sector, and demand is extremely high, making it quite easy to secure a supervisory or managerial position immediately following graduation.


  • Jobs in Travel & Tourism

Additionally, a hospitality degree prepares graduates for careers in travel and tourism-related organizations, where accommodation services and skills are critical to the client experience. This category covers airlines, cruises, private planes, and charters, with job pathways ranging from guest-facing service positions to back-end marketing, sales, and finance roles. Tourism career prospects are expanding as the volume of tourists increase and visitor expectations evolve with each generation. It comprises tour-bus driver positions, excursion planning and marketing, travel journalism, tour packages, destination management, and tourism planning.


Why Should you Choose ITM for a Hotel Management Course?

After completing their 12th year, students interested in pursuing a career in the hospitality business (hotels, resorts, or tourism) enroll in Hotel Management courses. Bachelor of hotel management (BHM) and Master of hotel management (MHM) are common hotel management degrees. Moreover, we also offer short-term hotel management certifications and diplomas in hotel management. The hotel industry giants such as Oberois and Taj along with 50+ recruiters hire our students each year. Our hotel management course offers a 100% placement assistance to ensure a bright and successful future. ITM is the front-runner institute providing excellent career options in the hospitality industry. Our hotel management courses are a perfect blend of theoretical knowledge mixed with on-ground training and internships. 

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