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After the 12th grade, there are numerous career options. Selection is based essentially on the student's interest and future scope. Hotel management is an extremely job-oriented field that encompasses a broad array of services such as food service, lodging, and catering. So, if you're interested in HM courses after high school, check this article.

The HM industry is a lot of fun to work in, from exploring new locations to connecting with fresh people every day. The field is now enriched by great technological advancements and alms, making it even more exciting. Now it is one of the fastest-growing industries in the world. You can work in any part of the globe you want because hotels, resorts, and stays are located all over the world. Evidently, an adequate hotel management degree and experience are obligated.

A Successful Career in Hotel Management

HM features a multitude of career options in India as well as abroad, while it also gives you excellent pay packages for all attributes. A HM professional's annual wage in India varies from 2 to 20 lakhs. Now, let's learn about the divergent sectors and the exhilarating job opportunities they offer to the students.

i) Travel and Tourism Sector:

A Hotel Management Course will assist you to embark on an intriguing international career. The skills and knowledge acquired in the hotel management degree are transferable all through the world, allowing students to apply for jobs in the hospitality industry in any location they choose. Every overall tourism sector, across the globe, is expanding rapidly as a result of globalization, social media, people's changing lifestyles, and so on. This is attracting more visitors to various destinations while also increasing the demand for hospitality-related jobs.

When you engage in a hospitality degree program, you will also gain a thorough understanding of the travel and tourism industry. Private jets, airlines, and cruise ships can all be your workplaces in this industry. Sales, service, guest relations management, and other job profiles are available here. Girls who are interested in the hospitality industry can also matriculate in air-hostess courses.

ii) Food & Beverage Jobs Sector:

Restaurants, fine dining, bakeries & confectioneries catering food trucks, cafes, nightclubs, and other businesses fall into this category. As new hotels, restaurants, and cafes open in big cities and suburbs alike, the demand for qualified individuals to run these enterprises has increased. HM colleges provide students with advanced training in cooking as well as food and inventory management. Following their IHM courses, graduates can easily find managerial positions.

Food and Beverages Sector Job Roles comprises Chef, Food and Beverages Manager, Catering Manager, Restaurant Manager, Kitchen Steward, Guest Relation Executive, Housekeeping supervisor, Culinary Manager, and many more.

iii) Opportunities in Government Sector:

HM graduates have an enormous range of career options in the government sector. An opportunity in working in the Government Sector will accelerate your career in the Hotel Industry, helping you earn dignity and solid profit in your respective fields.

They can find work in a variety of government sectors, including airlines, Indian Railways, Indian Navy Hospitality Services, shipping and cruise lines, state tourism development corporations, and so on. These sectors offer job roles like IRCTC (Railway) Catering, FSSAI Jobs, the Food Corporation of India (FCI), the Indian Navy Catering & Hospitality Services, and the Army Catering, and the Government Airlines.

iv) Leisure Positions:

Apart from the above-mentioned positions, one with a HM Degree can also apply for various informal and formal positions outside of the Hotel Industry. This includes events, weddings, spa and saunas, sports fests, wellness retreat programs, other celebrations, etc. Here are some examples of careers in the aforementioned field: Wedding Planner, Spa Attendant, VIP Services Manager, Banquet Manager, Event Coordinator, Project Manager, Sports Event Executive, and Wellness Area Manager. Numerous different functional job roles also include Office Coordinator, Finance Manager, Housekeeping Manager, Front Desk Executive, and more.

v) Exceptional Payroll:

The most lucrative aspect of this career is the phenomenal rise in hotel management salaries. The global average living cost has risen over the last decade. With this in mind, candidates are looking for jobs that will pay well. It should be unsurprising that hotel management can accommodate any request. The hospitality industry provides a remunerative job that is sufficient to cover your expenses while also providing opportunities for future growth.

The hotel administration Salary structures differ from one chain or group to the next. The starting salary ranges from Rs 1.8 lakh to Rs 2.4 lakh per year, or Rs 15,000 to Rs 20,000 per month on average. According to the most current hotel management industry career trends, you can expect a 45 percent increase in your remuneration within two years, which is unprecedented in any other field.

vi) Dignified and solemn Career:

A HM Course will surely award you a dignified and solemn career. With all other benefits, personality growth is the key factor that a HM Course gets you to excel in. Apart from helping you grow in your professional career exponentially, HM also molds you mentally, preparing you for the industry.

Hotel management requires a significant amount of dedication. It's not just about serving people; it's also about treating them like family and earning their trust, which this course will help you do. It also makes you more hygienic and groomed, which improves your overall appearance. Apart from professional training and expertise, it is the sheer determination to persevere in the face of adversity while still giving your all that determines how far you will advance in this field.

This indicates that the hotel industry is one of the most prominent in India, offering vast and diverse opportunities in every sector, large or small. One can completely ace their career in the HM Industry in India with proper guidance and adherence. As a result, choosing the right option based on your interests is the key to a successful and exciting career in hotel management. Candidates can undoubtedly reach the pinnacle of success with the assistance of a prestigious HM institute.

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