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Mistakes to avoid as a Hotel Management fresher


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Every professional starts as a fresher. You’re not aware of the process when you apply for an intern or entry-level position. During this period, commencing a mistake is common and it is nothing to worry about. Every individual learns from a mistake and if you don’t commit it, you might not learn anything. And although you must have pursued the best hotel management courses in India, you must be careful with your career decisions.

While employers are ready to hire new and fresh talents, a few tips and tricks should be followed by the applicants entering the new world. 

Various sectors are supporting the Indian Economy, one of the major contributors is Hospitality Industry.  A student with a dream of strolling the cities and enjoying the cuisines can join HM courses. HM or Hotel Management course is not restricted to cooking in kitchens but provides multiple options to discover. Hotel Management is an exciting course to discover. After completing the best hotel management courses in India or culinary school in Mumbai or abroad, you’ll feel the ‘newbie nervousness’.

Here are some handy tricks to ace the interview and acquire the suitable and best position.

1. Mention realistic and relevant information

Whether you’ve obtained a degree from the top 10 Hotel Management colleges in India or abroad, you’re likely to start a job as a professional. While beginning your career, building a strong CV or Resume is a task, but you need to ensure you mention the right, valid information. The CV or Resume should contain all the details- Name, grades, age, school, and contact details (if any).

Whether you’re applying after completing HM courses or any other, you need to ensure you skip mentioning the details such as objectives, irrelevant social media links, too many professional details, buzzwords, and multiple contact numbers. Hence, after completing the best hotel management courses in India, you can attend workshops to know how to build a strong resume.

2. Avoid Informal cover letter

Attaching a good and interesting cover letter helps the employer to know the skills you have. The freshers who have completed their degrees from the best hotel management courses in India might not be aware of the cover letter.

After completing the hotel management courses after the 12th, you can simply seek assistance from your friends or teachers to maintain the length of the cover letter. Especially highlighting the skills and achievements can prove to be helpful.

3. Keep the interaction professional

While completing the course in culinary school in Mumbai, most freshers feel the interview is the space to create an impression. Though it is true, every interaction should be kept professional. Your employer will notice your tone, body language, and communication skills before hiring you. The best hotel management courses in India teach you to be professional from the very beginning.

4. Highlight your skills and qualification

You’re a fresher and have limited information to provide, but don’t leave the space blank. If you’ve obtained the best hotel management course in India such as ITM, you definitely can access certain workshops. These workshops help the freshers to improve their skills. You can easily mention the skills and qualifications in your resume as a reason to hire you.  Highlighting the skills and qualifications improves the weightage given to your resume.

5. Elaborating your answers

When you enroll in the best hotel management courses in India, you need to know, how to answer the questions. Usually, the interviewee asks open-ended questions and they expect a small brief. If you’re being asked about your college or previous work, you shouldn’t wind up saying ‘it was good’. Instead, describe your skills and situations that made you stand out from the odds.

6. Prepare for the common questions

Your overconfidence might land you in a problem. Every interviewee asks a few common questions and one can easily browse them on the internet. ITM is among the institute offering the students with grooming and mock tests that enhance their communication skills during some of the best hotel management courses in India. You simply can make the list of questions and modify your answer as per the organization and the profile you’re applying for.

ITM IHM along with assisting the students to obtain the certifications updates the students with the new trends in the market.

7. Keep your social media clean

Being a newbie or fresher, don’t mention any irrelevant or cliché social links to your resume. Access to the internet is easy now, and every piece of information can be scrutinized. Hence, do remove the unnecessary or sensitive information to increase the chances of getting hired. Don’t forget to add the links that depict your whole work and have a lot to say about your professionalism.

8. Verify your details

Your name, contact details, e-mail address, and other details should be mentioned in a proper format. Grammatical errors and other mistakes should be avoided. Fresher applying for the job after completion of HM courses are provided with the placement offers. The institutes guide the students to provide the right information about designing the resume and improving skills.

The best hotel management colleges in India assist the students with internal training to enhance the basic skills that help them during interviews. The importance of mentioning the right details is taught during this period.

9. Tailor the resume as per the requirement

The best hotel management courses in India brief you about the array of options available. Every professional job has a certain set of roles and responsibilities to fulfill. One needs to tailor the information in resumes or CVs as per the requirements. The colleges such as ITM allow the students to enroll in workshops that help to enhance the skills related to resumes, culinary activities, and grooming.

10. Never forget to follow-up

Whether you’re enrolling for the hotel management course after 12th or are into any stream follow-up is necessary. It is not a difficult task and this should be mandatorily followed. You can simply send a Thank You note expressing gratitude for giving an opportunity. If you don’t hear from them within a week, you can simply drop a follow-up mail.

The best hotel management courses in India or culinary schools enhance various soft skills of students, but as a fresher, you need to ensure certain tips and tricks are followed. Every fresher does a mistake and with time, one can improve them. The mentioned hacks apply to experienced people too.

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