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How to pick an IHM college after 12th?


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Most of the top IHM’s that are listed in the category of top hotel management colleges take admission on the basis of NCHM JEE conducted by NTA. However, apart from this entrance examination, there are other top hotel management entrance examinations that ensure your admission in good colleges too. But what is the exact definition of a good college? Each college has its own reputation and value. Each has its own education quality, industry connections, etc. One of the important aspects while selection is to look for the industrial training provided by the college. Let us check some of the parameters that must be looked into while choosing a hotel management college after 12th.

What is hotel management?

Hotel management is an area of the hospitality industry that involves overseeing the operations of a hotel location. When working as a hotel manager, you may manage the operations of a motel, resort or another similar establishment that provides lodging and other services for guests.

The title, "hotel manager" often refers to a hotel's general manager, who serves as the head executive at a specific property. The duties assigned to the manager depend on the size of the hotel, as well as its purpose and the expectations of its owners. A general manager at a hotel receives support from department heads, who oversee their own employees and report on the key functions.

Some of the most common departments at a major hotel include the front office or front desk, reservations, housekeeping, revenue, sales and marketing, events and catering, finance, food and beverage, security, human resources and engineering. A career in hotel management may involve working in any of these areas within the industry. In a smaller hotel, the departments may include housekeeping, guest services, engineering, food and beverage, accounts and sales and marketing.

How to Choose a Hotel Management College

There are a number of factors to be considered before taking admission into a hotel management college. These factors are the reputation of the college since years, academic performance, affordability, location, accreditation, etc. let us look into each factor in detail.

If you have opted to pursue hospitality studies, choosing a good hotel management college to join is a crucial decision. The options present are plenty. You can choose to study in your own country or in a foreign land. You also have to worry about the fee structure & living expenses in an alien land. However the most crucial part is finding out the quality of the school.

The general parameters used to rank an educational institute are:

  • Academics/ Quality of Course Content

When selecting a college check for the reputation of its academics. Go through the course content and ensure that it is industry friendly. Given the hands-on nature of the hospitality industry the practical hours in a hotel management program is crucial. Find out if the program offers hands-on experience and internship opportunities.

  • Affiliations & Accreditations

For an academic qualification to have value it is important that the college is accredited nationally or internationally. The accreditation process ensures that the curriculum is on par with national standards. International partnerships and affiliations add further value to the degree.

  • Faculty

In a good college the faculty is much more than a teacher. Faculty members have the ability to shape a student’s career. The faculty should have strong academic background coupled with relevant industry experience. This will help a student to learn both technical skills and people skills needed to succeed in their career.

  • Student - Teacher Ratio

This is one aspect which is critical in colleges, especially if you expect assistance from your faculty. In smaller class groups it is possible for the teacher to promote and encourage individual students.

  • Classrooms, Practical Labs

Well equipped classrooms and practical labs enhance the learning experience and ensures that a student learns to apply theoretical knowledge in a safe and hygienic environment.

  • Placements

Official placement figures are not always reliable. The easiest way to check out the placement stats of a college is to get in touch with its alumni through social networking sites. It is also good to talk to current students on campus and listen to their feedback.

After considering the aforementioned points, one must answer the question, "Why am I taking this course?" Once you know the answer to that question, you can easily determine whether the school is right for you.

Let's look at an example:

If you want to work as a chef at a reputable hotel after finishing the course, the most significant qualities to consider when choosing a college are:

Food production laboratories' quality.

The number of alumni working in kitchens around the world.

The characteristics listed above are the most significant for any top hospitality school. Because you will be spending more time doing practical than studying theory, the laboratory equipment and quality will be a very important factor to rank the hospitality school.

Tips for Choosing the Best Hotel Management College After 12th

Besides the factors mentioned above, there are some important tips you can go through before choosing a hotel management college. Some of these are:

  • As the application process of all the colleges usually begins in the month of January or February every year, do not miss out on filling the application form.
  • Each hotel management college has its own admission procedure be it the selection criteria and eligibility requirements. Some colleges take admission on the basis of entrance test while others on the direct merit. Check all the options carefully and thus start preparing from class 12.
  • Prepare the list of colleges based on location, infrastructure, reputation or any other factor. Shortlist all the colleges that you wish to take admission into.
  • Once you are done with the shortlisting, list some of the factors that you are taking into account and on the basis of that, prioritise what is more important for you.
  • If in doubt, visit the colleges which are in your priority list so that you can take a look at the infrastructure and other facilities offered by the college.

IHM strives to provide consistent and relevant education in the field of hospitality. We help you to develop the technical skills needed to get the job done and the people skills employers expect when looking to hire new graduates. At JSHM, we offer our students many opportunities to develop their skills and work alongside our industry partners. Factor in our modern teaching technologies and state-of-the-art practical training labs with quality learning facilitators and you are well set on your way to start a great career!

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