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How to earn a bachelor's degree in hotel management from abroad?


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You will gain a comprehensive understanding of the business and management concepts required to work in the hospitality industry with a degree in hotel management from abroad. One of the major industries in the world is hospitality, which includes a variety of establishments like hotels, restaurants, and bars. Many hospitality management programs include topics related to tourism and events and provide a variety of possibilities for you to gain practical experience. After graduating with a hospitality degree, you should have all the necessary abilities to assume managerial positions in the sector. Studying hospitality management overseas provides several advantages, including a far wider selection of programs, the ability to see how another country views hospitality, and the chance to make contacts in the worldwide sector that will be useful to you once you graduate. How to earn a bachelor's degree in hotel management from abroad will be covered in this article.

Why Study Hotel Management in Abroad?

  • A degree in hospitality will provide you access to a wide range of fascinating employment possibilities. Additionally, people will have the opportunity to travel to fascinating foreign locations. Whether they want to partner with hotels, resorts, cruise lines, or other businesses in the tourism sector, the opportunities are practically limitless.
  • Students that have an interest in travel, tourism, and hospitality often decide to major in hotel management in their subsequent studies. For a variety of reasons, a sizable number of Indian students come abroad to enroll in this management program. The main factors motivating students to study hotel management abroad are their inability to enroll in a recognized program and the affordable cost of doing so.
  • Candidates who want to pursue a bachelor's degree in hotel management overseas apply to study at cutting-edge institutions with unrivaled amenities, take classes from top professors and graduate with a degree that is recognized throughout the world. They have countless options, including returning to India to open a business or join one of the biggest hotel chains, in addition to working in their country of study. Let's now go over the admissions process in more detail for international bachelor's programs in hotel management.

Qualifications and conditions

We'll discuss the general eligibility requirements for Indian students who want to pursue a Bachelor of Hotel Management (BHM) in one of the best foreign universities. While each country would have its own set of rules and eligibility criteria for international students wanting to study hotel management abroad. Students must have at least IELTS 6.0 Academic level proficiency in the English language. Additionally, you must produce a valid IELTS certificate that is no older than two years.

Age Requirements:

Candidates who wish to study a Bachelor of Hotel Management abroad are not restricted by age.

Academic prerequisites:

Candidates must complete their 10+2 education from an accredited board to pursue a bachelor's degree overseas. Along with having the required academic credentials, applicants must have a strong interest in working in the hospitality industry to be considered for admission.

Norms for Work Experience:

Because this is an undergraduate program, candidates are not needed to show any work experience. However, those with relevant work experience or internships in between semesters would only improve their student profiles.

Application Methods:

Direct registration on the college or university websites is how candidates from other countries can apply for the course. Following the examination of the application, the institution's administrator will respond as quickly as possible to the applicants. The online applications will be accessible all year long, however, there will only be two application processes. Additionally, candidates must pay the required fees when applying for hotel management positions abroad.

leading BHM specializations in abroad

The options for taking this course online are numerous. It goes above and beyond the scope of a hotel. The study of hospitality management encompasses all of this and much more, from handling minute details to overseeing a full hotel and giving guests an outstanding experience. Among other specializations, students have the option of branching out into the food and beverage industry, hospitality, and tourism. Candidates are advised to select a specialization that involves an internship because doing so will enable them to get practical experience in addition to academic knowledge. Below is a list of international narrow specialties that students can select from.

  • Restaurant and Banquet Management
  • Event Management
  • Tourism management
  • Hospitality Marketing
  • Finance and Human Resources

BHM Job and Career Opportunities

The next exciting step after earning your bachelor's degree from a foreign university is finding your ideal career. Students frequently apply right away for higher education and then finish their Master's. Howe, to enrolment n  a reputable university and study for a master's in hotel management from overseas, you must first have a significant amount of professional experience. Candidates who are studying overseas for their hospitality degree are undoubtedly connected to the hospital industry. Candidates who complete their Bachelor of Hotel Management overseas are further qualified for positions in marketing, operations, general management, human resources, communications & public relations, and the media. The most common career options for graduates in hotel management are shown below.

  • Hotel Manager/ General Manager
  • Front Desk Executive
  • Food and Beverages Manager
  • Marketing Executive
  • Events Manager
  • Tourism Officer

Scholarships to Study Bachelor of Hotel Management abroad

The high cost of tuition fees and living expenses faced by the student due to several variables is one of the disadvantages of studying abroad. The Indian rupee's weak exchange rate performance is the main issue. However, applicants who are passionate about studying abroad would realize their dream. For those who would prefer not to obtain financial aid or a student loan, a list of available scholarships is available.

All undergraduate levels can earn degrees in hospitality management, which are frequently provided as foundation degrees or certificate programs. A bachelor's degree in hospitality can be earned over three or four years, and there are master's degrees available that last one or two years. While studying hotel management, you'll spend a lot of time in lectures and classes, but the majority of programs also incorporate internships in related fields so you may gain practical experience. You will be evaluated through project work, essays, and written reports.

Programs Offered