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How to Choose the Best Culinary Arts Institute in India?


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Choosing the best Culinary Arts Institute can be difficult due to many factors involved. But the efforts are worth it, as studying at the best culinary schools in India is the key to turning your dream into reality.

The first question that comes into students’ minds while choosing the best culinary colleges in the world is, “What factors should one consider for picking the best culinary arts institute?”

Don’t worry; we have a solution. Here is a 5-point checklist while choosing out of the best culinary colleges in the world.

1. Faculty

The students who learn from the best work with the best.

Well, we can’t agree more! When picking the best culinary school in India, your first priority should be the professors. Make sure that the culinary school offers the perfect blend of expertise and experts to groom the students into the perfect chefs. Here are a few questions to ponder upon:

  • Does the college have an optimal Student: Teacher ratio? If you visit the culinary college, make sure the faculty is not overburdened.
  • Does the faculty hold enough qualifications and experience? If yes, where have they studied and worked?
  • Are the professors keen on bringing the best in their students? Are they ready to individually mentor every student and solve their issues?    

2. Accreditation, Age, & Awards

An accredited culinary arts institute automatically grants a sense of authority and reputation to the institute. Accreditation and awards ensure that the country’s top educational institutes have recognized the institute. Some of the best culinary schools in Asia and India are recognized by the world’s best institutions, making them preferable options over the others. Moreover, the age of the culinary school plays a crucial role as neither accreditation nor excellence is achieved overnight. More the age of the culinary college better would be the work of alumni and brilliant track record.

Therefore, if you want to climb the cooking ladder from basic to advanced in the proper manner, the first step is to check:

  • National and international accreditation of the culinary arts institute.
  • Awards and recognitions won by the culinary school in the past years.
  • Culinary school’s age (at least 20 years)

3. On-field Training

Hands-on instruction and on-field training are the must-haves for a culinary school to be on your priority list. Why? Because no level of theoretical lessons can teach you how to get a perfect consistency. Cooking and baking by yourself will give you confidence and highlight your weak points and strong areas. Further, culinary internships will boost your CV and real-world experience in the culinary industry.

Unless you learn to plan menus, chop, cut, saute, grind, measure, and cook on your own, you can’t be qualified to work as a chef.

Hence, put your maximum focus on finding:

  • Does the culinary arts institute focus on providing hands-on instruction?
  • How many instructional hours does the college provide with chefs on-site?
  • Do the professors provide enough autonomy to the students to run the show themselves?
  • Does the college provide free skill workshops on knife skills, baking, beverages, food writing, brewing, etc.? If not, does the curriculum focus on inculcating these skills?
  • How many internships does the college demand before granting the degree?
  • Does the culinary school organize site visits, workshops, and seminars by experts?

4. Learn About The Course Curriculum

The best culinary course makes you aware of not just cooking but also the business & management aspects of the hospitality industry.

Having a detailed understanding of the culinary course is imperative for many reasons. First, it will help you understand the subjects covered in the curriculum. Second, a unique and comprehensive curriculum means the culinary arts institute has actually put effort into brewing out the best for its students.

Suppose you are interested in a career outside the typical cook perception. Will the course & curriculum still be relevant? Find a course that focuses on a 360-degree development making you knowledgeable and confident enough to explore careers in food styling, R&D, food photography, R&D, restaurant management, publishing, catering, etc.

5. Placements & Alumni

Let’s do the real talk. Every culinary arts institute will portray a merry picture of themselves. But the real scenario is portrayed by the college alumni and placement statistics. Try to find out college alumni and contact them about the education quality, mentorship, and placement support.

If top-industry leaders visit the culinary school’s campus to recruit: that’s a green flag. Another positive sign you should look out for is alumni working in diverse industry domains, including hotels, R&D, food technology, blogging, etc.

Apart from these points, also consider course fees, location, and course duration. Some more questions you can ask yourself before choosing the best culinary school in India in 2022 are:

  • Is the culinary arts institute located in a popular culinary destination?
  • What kind of companies visit the culinary school’s campus for recruitment?
  • Are internships at the stage or restaurants & hotels?
  • What are the eligibility criteria, selection criteria, and approval ratio?
  • What is the evaluation system of the culinary school?
  • Does the college provide world-class infrastructure and state-of-the-art facilities for technical knowledge?

ITM-Your Search For The Best Culinary School Ends Here

ITM is a 30-years old, accredited, and reputed culinary arts institute in Mumbai excelling in the culinary field today. At ITM, you get to learn everything about culinary and baking from the best professors in India. Our faculty hails from the world’s best culinary schools with experience in the biggies of the restaurant industry.

Our Bachelor’s of Arts in Culinary Arts is designed by industry-thought leaders to incorporate every required skill in our students and make them perfectly ready to ace excellent careers in various culinary fields. Further, ITM focus on organizing frequent expert talks, seminars, and workshops for skill upgradation. Moreover, ITM provides 100% placement support to every student giving them the opportunity to work with restaurant industry giants such as ITC, Taj, Oberois, Four Seasons, McDonald’s, etc.

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