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How can a Hotel Management course benefit a student's portfolio?


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Hotel management courses teach students everything they need to know to perform a specific duty in a hotel. Hotel management is also known as Hospitality Management in the educational field.

Hotel staff members come together to function as a team resulting in the smooth functioning of a hotel. The better a hotel functions through its staff, the better their guests are going to feel during their stay.

A hotel management course's primary goal is to deliver customer satisfaction.

Hotel employees deliver on customer satisfaction through high quality accommodation, food and beverage services, well decorated environments, addressing customer queries and issues and providing them with the services they need. Candidates choose to opt for an HM course as it is very popular among students who want to go for a higher education that not only offers multiple job opportunities but also benefits their career in the long run.



Students pursuing a HM course have a range of courses available for them to advance depending on their previous qualifications. These courses help students get prepared to take on various positions in the hospitality space.

A student can enroll in a range of hotel management courses in India at any institute of their choice.

The following are some of the hotel management courses available:

  • Bachelor of Arts in Culinary Arts
  • BSc Hotel management
  • Bachelor of Arts in International Hospitality & Tourism Management
  • Bachelor of Arts in International Culinary Arts
  • Diploma in Patisserie and Confectionery
  • Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in International Hospitality and Tourism Management
  • Certificate Course in Cruise Operations

Students can also go for a Master in Hotel management course to further develop their knowledge and career.



Students interested in taking a HM course must meet certain requirements.

The minimum education that a student needs to have in order to enroll for a hotel management course is having completed 10+2 years of education from a recognized board in India.

The admission process for this program, like the other courses, is based on merit. Some institutes on the other hand conduct an entrance exam in order to rank a student's skill set and knowledge.

After a student has passed the entrance exam they have to go through a personal interview round, a student's performance in these rounds determines their selection in an institute.


Job roles

Hotel management courses or hospitality management courses offer students a variety of job roles that they can choose from.

A hotel management course trains students to take on the following job roles in a hotel.

  • Housekeeping staff

The most important duty in a hotel is the housekeeping staff's duties. Housekeeping staff ensures the hotel is clean and organized in every way.

Housekeeping is a hotel's operations department in charge of the cleaning, maintenance, and aesthetic upkeep of the rooms, public areas, back areas, and surrounds. A hotel's revenue comes from the rooms, food, beverages, and other related costs including laundry, health club, and spa which is handled by the housekeeping staff.

  • Chef

The quality of food a guest consumes in a hotel is one of the most significant aspects of their stay.

It's important that the food supplied to the guests is hygienic, well-cooked, and served in a timely manner.

Some of the duties of a chef include planning menus, ensuring food quality stays high, managing the food stock and inventory, maintaining health and hygiene in the kitchen, and planning a budget for the kitchen.

  • Accommodation Manager

An accommodation manager is the head of the housekeeping staff.

His job is to ensure that the tasks assigned to the housekeeping staff are fulfilled in a timely and effective manner. As accommodation managers, they will be accountable for the seamless functioning of the hotel.

This involves maintaining high standards of sanitation and upkeep, keeping track of finances, and swiftly resolving any issues. They must also ensure that their employees are properly taught and supervised.

  • Front Office Manager

A candidate with the duty of a front office manager has the duty of greeting the guests at the reception and making sure that their demands and complaints are met.

Some of the most important duties of a front office manager are managing and training the team of receptionists and making sure that they are trained to handle customer complaints in a professional and courteous manner.

The accommodation manager is responsible for a guest's first and last impression of a hotel.

  • Catering Manager

A catering manager is the head of all operations in the kitchen department. They recruit lead and direct chefs and other staff members in a kitchen.

Some of their duties include planning menus in consultation with chefs, hiring, training, supervising, and ensuring the staff is well trained, maintaining safety and sanitary standards, and checking the quality of the food provided.

  • Restaurant Manager

A restaurant manager's job is comparable to that of a hotel manager.

They handle the restaurant portion of the hotel rather than the full hotel.

A restaurant manager is in charge of hiring, training, and supervising staff, as well as ensuring compliance with licensing, promoting, and marketing their restaurant, managing budget allowances, dealing with customer complaints and inquiries, monitoring staff performance, and keeping profit records.

  • HR and Training

The HR and Training manager in a hotel undertakes the responsibilities of hiring and training the applicants to fill open positions.

The responsibilities of an HR manager include recruiting and training, managing employee data, conducting an interview and assessing job candidates, keeping a track of employee attendance and working schedule, and reporting on the employee performance.



A HM course helps students develop their portfolios and helps them land a good job in the ever growing hospitality sector.

Students with a Hotel management qualification can get promising jobs in domestic as well as an international chain of hotels. They may choose to specialize in the various specializations offered by institutes in India.

The above mentioned courses help students pursuing a Hotel Management course by developing the important skills and gives them the knowledge required to function in this field of work.

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