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Choosing the Best HM College in India: 5 Factors to Consider


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If you have made the decision to pursue a career in hotel management, you will have a plethora of possibilities to choose from in this field. Choosing an excellent college for hospitality management is the very first step of the journey. When there are so many hotel management institutes functioning in India, it becomes difficult to choose one. India has around 790 colleges in India that offer Hotel Management courses.  The 790 colleges are further divided amongst 615 privately owned and 175 public colleges.

Why Choose a Career in Hotel Management?

The Hotel Management course includes a variety of skills such as food service, front desk operations, sales, marketing, and accounting, among others. The hotel sector is reaping huge profits as the world's population continues to urbanise. The tourism and hospitality sector is set to become a billion-dollar industry in the upcoming years. Because of the increase in revenues, this business is giving tremendous opportunities for professional advancement

5 Factors to Consider Before you Choose Hotel Management College

When selecting a hotel management college, there are a number of considerations that should be taken into consideration. Some candidates are more concerned with the placement history of the institution, while others are more concerned with the reputation and educational quality of a certain college. Consider the following factors while making your final decision on your ideal HM course:

  • 1. Student to faculty ratio: Any college's student-to-faculty ratio is a useful indicator of the amount of time or personal guidance that each student receives. The student to faculty ratio is defined as the number of students enrolled in a school or college divided by the number of teachers employed by the institution. It is crucial to assess the student to faculty ratio of the university to determine the number of students assigned to each professor and the quality of education.
  • 2. Accreditation and Affiliation of Institutes: Numerous institutions are defrauding students in the guise of a degree. Your qualification will be worthless without formal certification and affiliation. Determine if the college's courses and curriculum adhere to industry standards. International and national associations enhance the value of the degree you'll earn. NAAC accredits the majority of colleges and institutions in India.
  • 3. Placement history: If you're seeking a lucrative Bachelor's degree, consider Hotel Management as a concentration. By pursuing it from a reputable college in India, you can increase your chances of being hired by large multinational corporations, 5-star hotels, catering firms, software companies, tourist companies, and airline organisations, among others. When selecting a college, ensure that it has a strong placement record (more than 95%). Additionally, verify if their top recruiters are from the luxury brand category, such as Taj, Hyatt, Sheraton or JP Palace. Packages of up to 4 LPA are available to hotel management specialists.
  • 4. Professors and Mentors: Always learn from the finest when it comes to education! This is because professors play a critical role in moulding students to become hospitality industry leaders. As a result, teacher experience and knowledge are critical. Having mentors from other countries enables the applicant to appreciate the value and distinctions of hospitality on a local and global basis. Thus, before picking a college, ensure that the mentors and faculty are well-versed and well-known.
  • 5. Infrastructure: As somebody aspiring to build a career in hotel management, you must understand the value of hands-on training. To gain real-world experience working in large restaurants and hotels, one must undergo hands-on training. All of this will prepare you for future employment situations in which you will be required to work professionally. As a result, the Hotel Management College from which you have chosen to pursue hotel management courses must have the essential infrastructure. This is just to guarantee that students learn hotel administration the proper way—by really performing all of the jobs.

Is choosing hotel management a good career option?

Yes, here are 3 key reasons why hotel management is the most bright career option for students.

  • Opportunities for tremendous growth

India is expanding its scopes and prospects for tourism in accordance with its tourist goals. The government is actively pushing tourism, which is expected to surge by the third quarter of 2021. This is a relief since the employment market will increase and industry participants may wave farewell to the Covid-induced recession.

  • Promising Possibilities

The hotel business is amongst the most dynamic, with a wide range of options and potential. Recent industry analysis indicates that when the globe rebounds from Covid, 2021 is anticipated to be one of the most crucial years in tourist history. Hotels are prepared by recruiting new employees and management. As a result, it opens up several opportunities for everyone interested in joining this burgeoning business.

  • Hospitality Management

Managing is the most exciting aspect of the course for the majority of students. A management topic guides you through the full process of strategy formulation and implementation. Learning good management techniques is critical for a successful beginning in the hospitality sector. Whether it's responding to visitors or escorting them out during a crisis, the management bears full accountability. 

India's Best Hotel Management College

ITM Institute of Hospitality Management proudly states that we are one of the finest colleges imparting quality education from top industry experts and mentors. The variety of hotel management courses at ITM includes patisserie & confectionary, culinary arts , cruise ship operations, international hospitality studies, etc. Our students get hired by the top industry players such as JW Marriot, Taj, Onerous, Four Seasons Hotels, Radisson, etc. We provide 100% placement assistance and opportunities to develop soft skills apt for the hospitality management industry. Our student exchange programs and international collaborations with global institutions give chances to our students to learn abroad. In addition, we arrange regular site visits to hotel chains and restaurants for our students to get an in-person experience of what working in the hospitality management sector looks like. Build your dream career in hospitality management with the ITM Institute of Health Management and our excellent hotel management courses.

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