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Catering Industry: Career Scope, Course, Salary in 2022


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Today, the catering sector provides a wide range of options for culinary experts and food service workers seeking meaningful work experience and high-paying catering careers. You can get a degree in culinary arts or catering management from an accredited institute of hotel management. A job in the catering sector might be right for you if you love food and work best as part of a team in a fast-paced atmosphere.

What is the scope and future of the catering industry?

Regardless of the economic crisis, the culinary and hotel management business in India has steadily grown at a pace of 15-20 per cent each year, according to FICCI. This is why there has been a steady growth in the number of institutes of hotel management in India and also the students enrolling in the institute of hotel management.

Catering careers cover a wide range of specialities such as:

  • Sales
  • Marketing
  • Catering Manager in Corporate Offices
  • Front Office Management
  • International and National Hotel Chains
  • Airline Catering and Cabin Services
  • Kitchen Management in hospitality industry and catering companies
  • Cruise Ships
  • Catering Executive
  • Casinos & night clubs
  • Chefs (Sous Chef, Executive Chef, Assistant Chef)
  • Kitchen Porter
  • Dietician and nutritionist
  • Providing catering management services in the Armed Forces
  • Management Officer in Government Organizations
  • Event Management and Retail
  • Food preparation
  • Chefs
  • Restaurant Management
  • Kitchen Stewarding Supervisor
  • Guest Delight Manager

These roles provide employees with the chance to work in a range of domestic and international locations, such as five-star hotels, military camps, informal dining, and corporate settings. Most professions also provide a solid career path with several prospects for growth and progress for entry-level individuals.

However, one can only take on diverse roles if they have completed their graduation course from a certified institute of hotel management that provides quality studies, training and exposure.

Moreover, please note that jobs in the hospitality and catering industries are characterized by erratic schedules and speed. While shifts vary, one might anticipate working 10 to 12 hours each day, seven days a week. Hospitality and catering careers often require a one to two-year culinary school certification from an institute of hotel management or previous sales experience and/or a college degree for management or administrative catering roles. 

Higher-level roles such as executive and head chef or catering manager need financial analysis and reporting skills, as well as a thorough grasp of marketing, public relations, and presentation that you can only learn after completing a hospitality management course from a reputed institute of hotel management.

Educational Qualifications Required For Catering Careers

There are a variety of catering & culinary courses one can pursue at an institute of hotel management to make a successful catering career. Having a diploma or graduation in a professional culinary or catering technology course is the minimum of catering manager qualifications in India as well as abroad.

While some courses are as short as 4 months, completing a bachelor's degree from an institute of hotel management needs 3-4 years. Moreover, you can choose either dedicated catering courses or hospitality courses with catering as a sub-specialization.

If you want to make a career in the catering industry, here are some of the top courses that will help you out.

Catering Courses Course Duration
Certificate Course in Catering & Cooking 24 Weeks
Advanced Diploma in Catering & Cooking 30 Weeks
Diploma in Hotel Management & Catering 1 Year
Bachelor of Hotel Management and Catering Technology 4 Years
Bachelor of Catering Technology and Culinary Arts 3 Years
Bachelor of Culinary Arts 3 Years
Bachelor of Culinary Management 3 Years
Bachelor of Catering Science and Hospitality Management 3 Years
Bachelor of Catering and Hotel Administration 3 Years
BBA in Hotel and Catering Management 3 Years
BBA with Diploma in Hotel Management 3 Years
BBA in Catering Technology and Tourism 3 Years
BBA in Hotel Management 3 Years
Post Graduate Diploma in Hotel Management, Catering Technology and Tourism 2 Years
M.Sc. in Hotel Management & Catering Science 2 Years
M.Sc. in Hotel Management, Catering Technology & Tourism 2 Years
MBA in Hotel & Catering Management 2 Years

After completing your diploma/graduation/post-graduation from an accredited institute of hotel management, you can begin your catering career in sectors such as restaurants, event management companies, airlines, cruise ships, bars, corporates, banquets, railways, and industrial settings such as offices, banks, bakeries, health sector, etc.

What are the career opportunities in the catering industry?

As an industry, catering comes under the broad umbrella of the hospitality management & culinary arts sector. After completing a diploma or UG course from an institute of hotel management, opportunities in catering careers are as follows

Catering Jobs Catering Job Duties & Responsibilities Catering Jobs Salary
Food Service Manager Managing operations and daily activities of a restaurant. Ordering food supplies & implementing cost control strategies. Dealing with customer issues and complaints. Overseeing the execution of orders & deliveries. Hiring, training, and managing employees. The average salary for experienced food service managers ranges from INR 50 to 60 thousand.
Catering Manager Obtaining customer specifications (like the number of guests, menu requirements and event dates). Creating menus for food and beverages as per the client's tastes and particular demands(for example healthy meals for children) Determining ingredient needs and establishing portion sizes along with total expenses. INR 40-50 thousand per month.
Catering Chef Taking care of large catering orders for events Planning, executing, managing and directing the work of employees in the Kitchen Department. Prepare menus and implement taste tests. Plan staff shifts Hire, train, and handle kitchen staff Supervise food preparation and customer service. Maintain kitchen food inventory and arrange orders as required. Ensure that all health and safety laws are followed. INR 30-40 thousand per month.
Catering Sales Manager Maintain customer contacts Write proposals, write contracts, book, manage, and lead events and logistics, and do other managerial tasks INR 30-35k per month.
Banquet Server Serves food and beverages to customers in a good and courteous manner Provides information to aid in the choosing of meals and beverages. Provides ordered options in a timely and effective manner. Maintains the perfect dining ambience with a positive staff attitude. INR 20k-30k per month.
Kitchen Porter Carry out the majority of the basic chores required for the proper operation of a kitchen. Washing dishes, cleaning kitchen appliances, cleaning work surfaces, unloading deliveries, and, in certain situations, basic meal preparation. INR 20-30k per month.

Build A Successful Catering Career With ITM- Best Institute of Hotel Management in India

If you want to build a successful future in the food & beverage and catering industry, then look no further than ITM. ITM is the best institute of hotel management in India that has been imparting high-quality education from the top faculty professors for the past 30 years. With ITM, you can convert your high-paying catering career dreams into reality. Our bachelor's courses in culinary arts & hospitality management are a perfect fit for students willing to pick catering as a career.

Apart from catering, you can also explore hospitality, culinary, event management, etc., after completing a bachelor's degree from ITM. Moreover, you can also pursue a catering career abroad after gaining a few years of experience in India. ITM believes in helping our students in securing high-paid jobs. This is why we provide 100% placement support to all the students at ITM. Top industry leaders from a variety of sectors visit ITM’s campuses to hire for their companies. Some top examples are ITC, Radisson, Four Seasons, Starbucks, Novotel, Taj, Oberois, etc.

Come and discover a fresh way of approaching catering careers with the best institute of hotel management, ITM. Visit our website to know more about our courses and placements.

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