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Career Tips for Students Planning to Become a Successful Hotel Manager


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Have you always been in awe looking at the luxurious lifestyle of hoteliers and always wanted to be one? Do you know that you can also pave the way towards a lavish lifestyle and a successful career in the hospitality sector? Yes, you can even ace an amazing job with the biggies of the hospitality industry such as Taj, JW Marriot, Oberois, etc. All you need is the right support and guidance. Let’s get started.

The hospitality management industry is surely one of the most appealing to fresh pass-outs from school. Apart from immense growth scope, the industry also offers diverse work domains and better compensation than other job options. Students find the luxury lifestyle that the industry offers quite interesting and decide to join the sector. While getting motivated by the perks is quite normal, it is also imperative that students understand what it takes to build a successful career in hotel management and how a hotel Management course can help you mold your career better.

Here are some tips to ensure a successful career as a hotel manager:

1. Become a People’s Leader 

As a hotel manager, you will be needed to be a leader and not a boss. No matter which hotel management domain you choose to work in, you will be working with people and for people. It is better to develop an engaging yet strong personality that helps you get work done from your teams. 

2. Choose Your Course and College Wisely

Choosing the right hotel management course and college is probably the most important step that will determine what your career in hotel management will look like. There is a wide pool of institutes offering hotel management courses in India. This is where extensive research about accreditation, faculty, placements, etc., comes into picture. So, investing time in exhaustive research about the best colleges in India can help you a lot. 

Also, learn about your hobbies and which field of hospitality management you want to work in. Whether it is culinary arts, cruise ship management, accommodation staff, or a general manager, think and decide what you want

3. Learn from the Right Set of People 

There is no denying the fact that a company can make or break your career as well as your personality. This is why choosing the right group of people with similar interests motivates you to do better. The best tip is to stay in contact with your seniors who have already achieved a lot in the industry; they are the best career guides. Let their experience drive your career growth in the hotel industry. Doing a hotel management course set the foundation right for you

4. Understand the Customer’s Mindset

Once you know how to work with people, learn how to work for people. After all, your topmost priority should always be to provide the best customer experience as a hotel manager. To achieve this, you will need to understand human behavior and customer’s mindset. Small things such as remembering guests’ names and their preferences help a lot in building a positive impression. Hotel management course tries to instill a quality of leader so that you can understand your internal and external customers better.

5. Learn to Work in Teams

Working in teams is much more than just ordering your juniors or delegating the responsibilities. You will need patience and management skills to ensure that every team member is fulfilling their responsibilities. It is only with a happy and satisfied team that you can assure a top-notch customer experience. Hotel Management course teaches you to be a team player.

7. Work on Your Soft Skills 

Hotel management courses teaches you to be a jack of all trades. One moment you are greeting a guest and showing him around the hotel, the next moment you are solving the issue of electricity, and working on designing the venue the next. To lead a successful career as a hotel manager, will demand you to have a set of soft skills, communication skills being the most important of all. Learn how to talk with confidence, greet the right way, stay calm in tense situations, keep an emotional balance, efficiency, and management. It is best to work on soft skills during your hotel management course as you will have plenty of time to learn skills that you can put to work as soon as your graduation ends.

 8. Practice and Experience 

Watching a video on how to greet guests in the right way will give you a theoretical peek but only the on-ground experience will make you fluent. Similarly, problem-solving skills will automatically get incorporated into your personality once you encounter a few issues and find a solution under pressure. 

Paid gigs and internships are your best bet to get the required experience as a hotelier. While many hotel chains and restaurants hire interns regularly, it is best to choose a reputed college for hotel management courses that provide internship assistance as well. 

Let ITM be the Medium for Your Successful Hotel Management Career

 Three key players that determine your success in the hospitality sector are course choice, faculty, and college. ITM Institute of Hospitality Management provides a perfect blend of all three for our students. 

  • We offer a diverse range of hotel management courses including diploma, graduation and post-graduation courses. You can choose ITM for building a successful career in international culinary arts, patisserie & confectionery, cruise ship management, international hospitality & tourism management, etc. 
  • ITM believes in providing world-class education by professors coming from top reputed institutions and giant hotel chains. All ITM professors come with years of experience and strong academic background in hospitality management. 
  • ITM Institute of Hospitality Management has been imparting world-class education since 1991. We are a pioneer as well as the top player in hospitality studies. Long-standing experience and international collaborations with leading global universities provide our students with opportunities to learn and work internationally.

ITM Institute of Hospitality Management ensures 100% placement assistance for our students. Our students receive an entry-level package of up to 4.5 LPA. The giants of the hospitality industry such as Four Seasons Hotel, Taj, Oberois, Radisson, ITC, etc, visit our campus to pick their future employees from our talent pool. So, what are you waiting for? Visit our website and take the first step towards laying a strong foundation for your hotel management career. The world of luxury, travel and interesting challenges is waiting for you out there.

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