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Career Scope After Master In Hospitality Management


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In today's developing world, Master’s in Hotel Management jobs in India are in high demand and have a bright future. Any student can get placed in the Masters in Hotel Management Programme placements after completing a Master in Hotel Management course. Aside from that, Hotel Management has numerous job openings in both the commercial and public sectors. Hotel Management Job openings are nearly equal to the number of pupils, ensuring that there is something for everyone. A wide number of occupations are accessible depending on their skills, allowing even freshers to find a career of their choice and demonstrating the high job scope.

Hotel Management Graduates' placement at any firm is generally thought to be a cakewalk. One of the reasons is that, as a result of the course structure, aspirants can be classified as professionals after completing the MHM program, allowing them to have a broad range of work opportunities and competencies. In reality, most Hotel Management graduates continue to educate themselves, allowing them to work more effectively. Campus interviews are another factor that makes landing a job easier.

MBA Hospitality Management graduates are expected to make decisions based on their preferences, and MBA Hospitality Management is one of the most popular degrees available.

What Can I Do With a Hospitality Management Master's Degree?

Those with a master's degree in hospitality management have a lot of alternatives. There is numerous employment in travel, tourism, airlines, cruises, and ground transportation, according to Deloitte. Many leadership and executive-level roles are available to those with a master's degree in hospitality management.


A Bachelor's degree in Hotel Management from an Indian university is the minimum required for pursuing a master's program.

A candidate's Hotel Management bachelor's degree should have a minimum grade point average of 50%.

Admission to hotel management institutions is based on merit; however, certain hotel management institutes provide admission to master's programs depending on their entrance exam performance.

Hospitality management is a broad phrase that encompasses a variety of services. The key disciplines in the Indian hospitality industry include event planning, transportation, cruise lines, hotels, gaming, the airline industry, and many others.

MBA Hospitality Management graduates can find work with a number of major firms and recruiters. Graduates can expect to earn between INR 3 and 10 lakhs per year after completing this course. Casino Manager, Cruise Manager, Finance Manager, Food and Beverage Manager, and more positions are open to hospitality graduates.

There are several job fields in which an aspirant can look for work, including:

Airlines Retail Sector Industry Entertainment Industry Resorts, Casinos, and Hotels, Cruise liners

Companies that handle events, Putting Green Catering Services in the Management Sector

Universities and Colleges in the Travel and Tourism Industry, Chain Restaurants.

What exactly is a hospitality position?

Hospitality employment entails working directly with clients at establishments such as restaurants, hotels, theme parks, and other recreational facilities. Although many hospitality jobs are customer-facing, others, such as bookkeeping, marketing, and sales, provide chances in the background.

To work in hospitality, you should have a great desire to interact with people and deliver excellent service. If you select work in food service or attractions, you may be required to stand for long amounts of time. Specific abilities are also required for several hospitality occupations. Those who desire to work as cruise ship entertainers, for example, should have established musical ability.

Those in hotel management have a lot of burdens on their shoulders. Some of their main responsibilities are as follows:

  • Internal operations supervision
  • Employee recruitment and hiring
  • Customer service supervision
  • Due diligence on finances
  • Increasing profits
  • Marketing activities are used to raise awareness and publicize specials.
  • Maintain positive ties with the hospitality press.
  • Learning to survive in the off-season
  • Collaboration with event and meeting planners
  • Maintenance of facilities
  • New employee training

The career scope after a master’s in hospitality management

Manager of Food and Beverage The manager is in charge of the restaurant's general operation. Hiring workers, keeping daily records, maintaining workplace discipline, following kitchen safety requirements, and meeting quality standards are some of the everyday tasks of such experts.

Finance Managers are in charge of the hotel or restaurant's financial operations on a day-to-day basis. These experts prepare financial reports and manage the accounts. They research and look for ways to increase the company's profitability.

Casino Supervisor A Casino Manager is in charge of the casino's overall operation. All of the casino's gaming operations are planned and directed by him.

Restaurant Managers hire, train, and supervise a variety of tasks that take place in the workplace. He sets the budget and menus based on the preferences of the clients. He also ensures that all of the restaurant's hygiene regulations are followed by the personnel. INR 50,000 INR 70,000 INR 80,000

A travel agent is someone who assists travelers in booking transportation and lodging. Individuals, groups, and families that want to travel can schedule entertainment activities with them. They may also provide helpful recommendations for places, hotels, sports, and other activities.

Casino Host  A casino's host is responsible for ensuring customer happiness. Getting to know regular clients and offering numerous incentives to guarantee that their casino experience is enjoyable and that they return are some of the day-to-day responsibilities of these hosts.

Graduate careers in hospitality management with a master's degree:

  • Director of Resort Facilities Hotel/Restaurant Sales Manager Hotel Revenue Manager
  • Meeting, Convention, and Event Planners Hotel Manager Restaurant Manager Banquet Manager Head of Food and Beverage
  • Director of Events Hospitality Advertising and Marketing Professionals Corporate Controller Director of Operations Management Operations and Planning Analyst
  • Director of Guest Services Sales/Management of Conventions Corporate Hospitality/Tourism

The top seven highest-paying hospitality positions

Executive chef Casino director Event manager Travel manager Sommelier Restaurant manager Hotel general manager


The top MBA Hospitality Management recruiters include both government and private hotel businesses. Various recruiters for these grads exist; a few of these companies are listed below:

Hotels ITC

Taj Hotels & Resorts

Hotels by Hyatt

Group Oberoi


Hotel KTDC

Corporations Sheraton

The Mansingh Hotel Group

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