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All you need to know about the B.Sc in Culinary Arts | Why study in Mumbai?


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As we go about our daily lives, taking the food we consume for granted is easy. Yet, behind every delicious dish we savor is a complex process of creativity, technique, and skill. Pursuing a Bachelor of Science (BSc) in Culinary Arts can be an enriching and rewarding experience for those with a passion for food and a desire to learn the art of cooking.

BSc in Culinary Arts is an exciting and rewarding path for those with a love of food and a desire to learn the art of cooking.

The culinary arts have a rich history that dates back centuries. Since humans first discovered fire, cooking has been essential to our lives. Over time, culinary arts have evolved into a refined craft combining tradition, creativity, and innovation. Today, the culinary arts field is vast and diverse, encompassing everything from fine dining to street food.

For students interested in pursuing a BSc in Culinary Arts, the most exciting aspect of pursuing a BSc in Culinary Arts is the opportunity to explore different culinary traditions worldwide. Students will study the cuisines of other regions, such as Italian, French, and Asian, and learn how to create authentic dishes that reflect each culture’s unique flavors and ingredients.

A BSc in Culinary Arts is much more than just learning how to cook. It also involves developing essential teamwork, leadership, and creativity skills. In a culinary arts program, students will work alongside their classmates in a fast-paced and dynamic environment, learning to manage a kitchen and collaborate effectively.

A BSc in Culinary Arts aims to discover the student’s passion for food and learn how to turn that passion into a career. Graduates of culinary arts programs work in a wide range of industries, from restaurants and hotels to catering and food media. Students even have the option and training to start their own businesses, using their knowledge and experience to create unique and innovative culinary experiences for their customers.

The culinary arts industry is complex and intricate, requiring a balance of creativity and precision. Therefore, one of the essential aspects of culinary arts is understanding the basics and core principles.

Let’s take a look at some core principles students will learn -


This includes all financial metrics such as revenue, profit margin, and cost of goods sold. These metrics help determine the financial health of their businesses and make informed decisions to increase profitability.

Customer Service 

This includes customer satisfaction metrics such as reviews, feedback, and repeat business. Customer satisfaction is crucial to culinary arts, as it can make or break a restaurant’s reputation.

Internal Processes

This includes metrics that measure the efficiency of a restaurant’s internal processes, such as the time it takes to prepare and serve a dish. Optimizing internal processes can improve the quality of their food and increase customer satisfaction.

Learning and Growth

This includes metrics that measure the skills and knowledge of the culinary team. By investing in employee training and development, chefs can improve the quality of their dishes and stay up-to-date with the latest culinary trends.

A Bachelor of Science in Culinary Arts covers a wide range of subjects that provide students with a comprehensive understanding of the culinary industry. 

The critical areas of study are -

Food Science

This subject covers the chemical and physical properties of food, including the effects of heat, moisture, and other cooking methods on food. It also covers food safety, sanitation, preservation, and packaging.

Culinary Arts

This subject covers the practical aspects of cooking, including knife skills, cooking techniques, recipe development, and plate presentation. It also covers the history and cultural significance of various cuisines.

Food and Beverage Service

This subject covers the art of food and beverage service, including table setting, menu planning, wine pairing, and customer service. It also covers the management and operation of a restaurant, including front-of-house and back-of-house operations.


This subject covers nutrition principles and how they relate to culinary arts, including the role of nutrients in the body, dietary guidelines, and special diets for people with allergies, intolerances, or other health conditions.

Management and Leadership

This subject covers the principles of management and leadership in the culinary industry, including financial management, marketing, human resources, and entrepreneurship.

Hospitality and Tourism

This subject covers the broader hospitality and tourism industry, including the role of food and culinary arts in tourism, hospitality operations, and customer service.

Why study in Mumbai?

ITM offers a BSC in Culinary Arts in two locations in Mumbai - Oshiwara and Navi Mumbai. Studying BSC in Culinary Arts in Mumbai can be highly beneficial for aspiring chefs who want to make a career in the culinary industry. Here are some of the benefits of pursuing a BSC in Culinary Arts from ITM in Mumbai -

Industry-relevant curriculum

BSC in Culinary Arts programs in Mumbai provides students with a comprehensive understanding of the culinary industry. The curriculum includes subjects such as food production, culinary arts, food and beverage service, and food safety and sanitation, which are highly relevant to the industry.

Practical learning opportunities

Mumbai has a vibrant culinary scene with various restaurants, cafes, and food markets. Students pursuing BSC in Culinary Arts in Mumbai have access to various practical learning opportunities, such as internships and apprenticeships, which can help them gain hands-on experience and build their culinary skills.

Exposure to diverse cuisines

Mumbai is a melting pot of cultures and cuisines, allowing students to learn about and experience diverse culinary traditions. This exposure can help students develop a broader perspective on food and culinary arts, which can be highly valuable in the industry.

Career opportunities

Mumbai is home to a large number of restaurants and hotels, which provides students with a range of career opportunities in the culinary industry. Graduates with a BSC in Culinary Arts can pursue careers as chefs, food stylists, food writers, and culinary educators.

Networking opportunities

Mumbai’s culinary scene is highly competitive and collaborative. Students pursuing BSC in Culinary Arts in Mumbai can network with industry professionals, attend culinary events, and participate in culinary competitions, which can help them build their professional network and gain exposure to new opportunities.

Key points to remember about the B.Sc in Culinary Arts course-
Salary range after graduating Upto INR 30,000 per month
Job placement Both, national and international placement options available
Course duration 3 years
Course Recognition The University of Mumbai
Eligibility Students who have passed 12th grade or equivalent with a minimum aggregate of 40% marks
Fees Get in touch with ITM to know the detailed breakdown
Location Mumbai - Oshiwara and Navi Mumbai

In conclusion,

The BSc in Culinary Arts is an exciting and rewarding path for those with a passion for food and a desire to learn the art of cooking. It combines practical training with theoretical knowledge and prepares students for various careers in the culinary arts, from chef to food writer, food stylist, or culinary educator. 

Pursuing a BSc in Culinary Arts in Mumbai can benefit aspiring chefs who want to build a career in the culinary industry with a comprehensive curriculum, practical learning opportunities, exposure to diverse cuisines, and various career and networking opportunities.

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