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Things to consider when you choose the best colleges for Interior Design


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With rising spending on quality of life by Indian urbanites and their increased exposure to exotic destinations in the global village, the demand for interior designers is at an all-time high. On the other hand, when the population expands and family structures shift from joint to nuclear, per capita land usage diminishes and it is certainly diminishing here.

Interior design is a career that many creative individuals pursue, either soon after education or upon a few years of labour but not achieving ideal job fulfilment. Several women from the upper crust or design hobbyists may have turned to Interior Designing at a certain time in their careers. They mostly do so because of the ready-made clientele with whom they are in contact. In fact, once they've designed their own homes and are familiar with the latest home fashions, they are confident enough just to begin decorating the homes of others. 

As a result, making effective and efficient use of limited space is not only an option but a need for the people. With all of these changes, interior design is developing as a lucrative career option for those with a creative bent of mind.

Nonetheless, before making any final decisions, every aspiring candidate should be aware of the following industry knowledge.

So, If you are seriously interested in becoming an Interior Designer, you should pursue a Bachelor-level 4-year degree such as a Bachelor of Interior Design immediately following your 12th grade. Let's look at all factors to consider when selecting the best colleges for interior design

The best colleges for interior design are always at the best location 

Whilst Interior Design courses can be taken online or in person, the location of an Interior Design college has a significant impact on its relevancy and market status.

Mumbai is the centre of Interior Designing in India. The majority of Interior Design projects and prizes take place in and around Mumbai. There are numerous colleges in prime cities like Delhi, Bangalore, and Pune, However, Mumbai is home to the greatest designers, and many Interior Designers keep a residence in Mumbai to be close to their clients. You will the best colleges for Interior Design in Mumbai.

Best interior design colleges use the expertise of professional interior designers. Hence, if you study in Mumbai, you have a better opportunity of connecting with the greatest designers in the field and create ties with them early on. They frequently visit universities and work on projects with aspiring design students.

The finest faculty is the next priority when selecting the best colleges for Interior Design

Before enrolling in any of the best colleges for Interior design, research the faculty. You can acquire it by visiting their official website or contacting their placement teams. Check up on the faculty members' credentials and profiles. Remember, you have the right to inquire about who will be educating you, their experience, and their industry network. 

Some best colleges for Interior Design in prime locations have visiting professors come in a couple of days a week, or they do regular weekend training sessions with significant industry experts. 

Visits to industry, exhibitions & tradeshows

Due to the pandemic, industrial or expo visits may be hampered. You may, however, inquire about how the college provides practical or experiential education during these times.

Several colleges are hosting online webinars with architects and designers on relevant subjects such as 'Sustainable Housing', 'French Modern Furniture', 'Tiny House Interiors Design' or 'Textured Designs'. Inquire about the college's past activities and whether they sound interesting to you.

Practical sessions in the lab are a must when choosing the best colleges for Interior Design

The infrastructure of a college is crucial for Interior Design courses. A well-stocked computer lab with design programmes such as Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, or Indesign is essential. You may also need 3d Studio and AutoCAD.

Designers nowadays demonstrate their concepts with virtual reality videos and simulations. Even if you are unable to produce them, knowing what is possible will allow you to make client pitches and thrive in the market.

Job Placements and great internships 

After completing an Interior Design school, you may opt to work for an agency, for an existing designer, or to start your own business. Select the best colleges for Interior Design that is a good place to start your career.

If you want to start your own label or brand, look over the curriculum to see if it includes topics that will help you do so. Internships with prominent design houses are also available at the leading interior design institutions. This will help you in your own business or if you work for someone else.

Academic Collaborations on a Global Scale

Every industry is becoming more global. The Indian interior design industry is constantly influenced by foreign ideas. As a result, certain Interior Design institutes in India have collaborated with colleges in Europe and the United States.

Check out if your chosen college has an international collaboration, particularly in terms of the core curriculum and course themes. Global influence can also be apparent in terms of teaching quality, variety, and manner. best colleges for Interior Design with international elements and attributes will be more open to new ideas, experimental, and up-to-date.

In Summary

Based on the above factors, narrow down your list of the best colleges for Interior Design after conducting research online or by consulting with friends and family. After that, if possible, try to visit the campuses of these five colleges. Engage with students, instructors, and administrators. You can make an appointment with the admissions team and ask them to show you around the campus to check the infrastructure and observe classes in action. You are permitted to thoroughly examine a college before enrolling.

Ultimately, once you've narrowed down your choice and have an idea of the expenses, ask the colleges whether they have any scholarships or payment plans. Some offer partial or full scholarships based on your 12th-grade results. Some colleges now offer no-interest EMI plans for staggered payments, so this will also be one of the crucial factors when selecting the best colleges for Interior Design.

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