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List of Fashion Design Courses To Pursue From Fashion Designing Colleges


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Fashion design is becoming increasingly popular among the younger generation as a result of its phenomenal rise. And who doesn't want to be up to date on the latest fashion accessories and clothing? Fashion design, like all other disciplines, necessitates specialised expertise, and once you've mastered it, there's no stopping you. Fashion Designing Courses is a vocation that offers not only the benefit of flexible working hours but also a variety of other advantages. The fashion designing courses fees vary depending on the type of study, the fashion designing colleges attended, and the length of the term. You've come to the right site if you're curious about what fashion designers do. Where do you start if you want to work in this field? Check out this article to determine if fashion design is the right career for you.

Types of Fashion Designing Courses 

A student who has passed their class 12th boards can apply for a certificate in fashion design, however, to be considered for a Post Graduation in Fashion Design, they must have finished a bachelor's degree in fashion design with suitable aggregate marks.

Bachelor's Degree in Fashion Design

  • Bachelor of Fashion Design (BDes, BSc, and BA Fashion Design or associated specialties) are full-time studies. Admission to these fashion degree courses is determined by state and national entrance examinations, while some universities prefer to provide admission solely on merit.
  • Admission to the BSc fashion design program is dependent on both merit and admission examinations administered by the fashion designing colleges.
  • For admission to the Bachelor of Fashion Design, entrance examinations are necessary; however, some fashion designing colleges provide merit-based admission.
  • Academic accomplishment is required for admission to BA in Fashion Design programs.
  • To sit for the entrance exams, you must have completed class 12 with a minimum of 50% aggregate.
  • These fashion design studies might run anywhere from three to four years, depending on the institute.

Fashion Design Master's Degree

  • Masters fashion design programs are two-year full-time fashion design programs that focus on core specializations such as fashion design and management.
  • Students having a BDes/BA/BSc in fashion design can apply for postgraduate fashion design courses.
  • NIFT, CEED, SOFT, and other entrance exams are used to enrol in PG Fashion Design programs.
  • Students interested in obtaining a Ph.D. in fashion design should enrol in postgraduate fashion design courses, as they are necessary.

Fashion Designing Diploma

  • A diploma in fashion design can last anywhere from one to two years, during which time students are taught only the practical skills needed to pursue a career in the field, with little to no focus on theoretical understanding.
  • Fashion design diplomas and postgraduate diplomas, as well as related areas like textile design, are among the courses offered by fashion design institutes in India.
  • The applicant must have completed Class 12 or equivalent from a recognized board in order to pursue a diploma in fashion design.
  • A PG Diploma in Fashion Designing Courses requires a bachelor's degree in fashion design from a recognized university with a minimum grade of 50%.
  • Individuals who have completed a three-year bachelor of fashion design in any topic from a recognized institution are eligible for this course.
  • Some colleges require students to take a written exam followed by personal interviews, while others provide admission right away.

Advantages Of Having A Fashion Designing Degree

Without a doubt, fashion design is a competitive and beautiful industry. A fashion design bachelor's degree can benefit you in a multitude of ways. Take a look at some of the benefits:

  • You'll be able to work anywhere with a fashion design degree because you'll have the appropriate skills and knowledge. During this course, you will learn about the fashion industry and develop your fashion skills.
  • It will keep you up to date on the latest fashion trends from across the world. You will know everything there is to know about fashion before venturing into this area, from catwalk walks to best model to best fashion designer.
  • To obtain a degree in fashion design, one must attend an exceptional college. A reputable college will polish skills, provide a tranquil and stimulating learning environment, and boost innovative abilities.
  • If you have outstanding knowledge and talents in fashion design, you will be able to come up with a lot of unique ideas. 
  • In comparison to others, you will only require a brief period of time to accomplish your specific goals.
  • If you work full-time at a fashion firm, you can take advantage of special health benefits. These houses normally provide protection against a variety of diseases and infections. This type of job might provide you with a good salary, paid vacations, and sick days.
  • Many fashion designers dream of owning their own label. It is not only about the money, but it is also preferable to work for others anymore. Many fashion designers own textile factories, wholesalers, and even news organisations. 
  • You must be aware of the many fashion shows and events that occur all around the world. Many famous fashion houses and designers are constantly on the move. You will deal with a varied range of clients from all around the world as a fashion designer.
  • It's a dream come true to be able to travel to Paris and Milan for events and collaborations.
  • Many social media influencers are seeking to create new internet fashion trends. What could be more rewarding than seeing your fashion trend gain traction in society? Nothing could be more satisfying than that. Many fashion designers who are making an impact in the industry look to this as a major source of inspiration.

What Is The Best Way To Make A Career As A Fashion Designer?

The initial step is to locate the most suitable institution for pursuing a fashion design degree. If you want to be a pioneer in this profession, you must understand the fundamentals of the glamour industry. Get yourself accepted into a fashion design programme to become industry-ready. Fashion history, clothing textiles, drawing ensembles, operating a fashion firm, fashion events, and so on will all be covered. Here's how to develop a powerful and original fashion design career:

Examine and comprehend the history of fashion:

Are you familiar with Vera Wang and Oscar De La Renta? If not, you must understand why these names are so well-known in the fashion industry. In this sector, it's not simply about cutting and stitching. A professional must be well-versed in everything from the beginning to the present.

Make the Correct Connections:

To stay ahead of the competition, you must be astute when developing contacts in the fashion design sector. Begin meeting and networking with well-known fashion designers or those in the same field. If you need additional experience and contacts, look for unpaid internships. These suggestions will assist you in obtaining good fashion design employment when you graduate from college.

You must be aware of your area of expertise:

It's OK to be a jack of all trades, but it's much worse to be a master of none. You must first determine your area of competence in the field of fashion design. An appropriate course or degree may be able to assist you in learning the specific field that interests you the most. You might be interested in men's wear, accessory design, and a variety of other facets of fashion design.

Learn about the fashion industry's business side.

It is not a disadvantage to working for other fashion businesses. However, in order to make meaningful progress in this multibillion-dollar market, you must maintain a business mindset. To understand how to manage a successful firm, attempt to study the business side of the fashion industry.

Learn about colour palettes, textures, and figures by following these steps:

The numerous experiences and lessons will help you comprehend the world of fashion design colour palettes, figures, and textures. Some institutions also provide industry experience, different ideation, and fashion and styling cue developments. It will help you improve your fashion design talents.

Portfolio of a Designer

Every designer should have a well-organised portfolio of their work. Demonstrate your work in your portfolio if you want to make a name for yourself as a fashion designer. Include all of your abilities, including sewing, sketching, and pattern-making.

The skill sets you'll need to work as a fashion designer aren't mysterious or mind-blowing. You must be in charge of all innovations and innovative ideas, as well as enlist all technology that will help you do your job better. Only if you never stop studying in this industry can you get the benefits of fashion design. Try looking for fashion design courses at the best fashion designing colleges and get started on your path to realising your ambitions.

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