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How to build a visual communication career?


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Do you know who conceptualised the packaging design of your favourite biscuits? Do visual and aesthetically designed images fascinate you? Or do you wish you could create something similar to those? A career in visual communication will fulfil those ambitions of yours.

Visual Communication is the art of graphically representing information in the most comprehensive manner. It is important to create efficient and effective meaning for the audience. A career in this field is said to be one of the most interesting careers that demand creativity the most. If you want to establish a career along the same lines, a visual communication course from an esteemed design institute would be the perfect choice for you. 


BSc visual communication- The best visual communication course

BSc in Visual Communication is a three-year undergraduate degree program for students who want to build careers in this field. It equips students with correct knowledge and expertise in the various aspects of visual communication in the media industry.  

It paves way for visual communication enthusiasts who want to make a career in a field that aligns with their areas of interest. If you too are planning to pursue a career in visual communication, ensure you undertake Bsc In visual communication to get the much-needed understanding of how the industry works in real via hands-on training and practical learning in the course of 3 years. The subjects and topics taught in Bsc In Visual Communication are beneficial for the students to get in-depth insights into visual language, photography, visual design, communication theory, and photography. 

Not only does the course add more value to your understanding, but it also adds value to your educational qualifications. A combination of both makes it easier for you to find relevant job opportunities right after graduation. Isn't that great?


The future scope of BSc in Visual Communication-

Generally, professional and visual communication experts are always in great demand in the various sectors of the media industry such as-

  • Print and production
  • Photography
  • Journalism
  • Advertising industry
  • Film industry
  • Production of film and content

Apart from this, they can even start their own ventures or switch to taking up freelancing projects which offer a generous paycheck that is as good as other professions. 

For you to make the most of your three years of education in visual communication, ensure you enrol yourself in a college that fits into the criteria of ideal colleges for visual communications. Exceptional infrastructure in terms of having computing technology and technical laboratories for specialized training in design and production is a must. 

Further, the way the course subjects are taught is of great significance in shaping and polishing your craft. 


The major subjects taught in BSc in Visual Communication are-

  • Visual Analysis
  • Television Production
  • Media Research Methods
  • Professional Photography
  • Visualization and Illustration
  • Copywriting
  • Communication Theories
  • Development Communication


Who all can apply for the course?

The admission/eligibility criteria for the course is pretty simple. Candidates must have a higher secondary certificate from a recognised board or equivalent with an aggregate of more than 50% in the science stream. Further, some colleges conduct entrance exams in order to check whether the students are a perfect fit for the course and the college or not. This is followed by a round of interviews comprising personal interviews wherein the candidates are asked a few questions about themselves and also about the area they are planning to build a career in.

For those who are deeply inclined towards learning visual communication and pursue it as a career, the admission process will seem to be easy. Hence, there's not much to worry about.  


How to step into the industry after a degree in visual communication?

After completing the course you will be faced with an ocean of opportunities awaiting graduation. Most of the time, colleges help out students in getting placed in various job profiles. Other times, you can also look for job opportunities on your own as there are plenty of them. 


Here is a list of just a few of the many professions that you get the benefit of working at after a degree in visual communications:

  • Visual Communication Designer
  • Graphic Artist
  • Desktop Publisher
  • Digital Photographer
  • Web Designer
  • Instructional Designer
  • Animator
  • Cartoonist

Since all these are skill-based professions, the better you become at your art, the more you can charge your clients based on the quality of work you provide to them. Therefore, try building a strong portfolio right from the first year of college. Include all the projects you did as a student and the on-the-job training and experience you gained during multiple internships and workshops. Initially, all of this will help you a lot in finding a job and clients. At a later stage, your self-built brand will be more than enough for you to target new clients and projects to work for. 



Effective Visual Communication Design is the need of the hour for many businesses that solely rely on visual communication as a medium of marketing, advertising and communicating messages to bigger masses. If you are interested in this field even slightly, you must consider developing your interests and pursuing it as a career. You can research and gain more knowledge about the industry from the people working in it. BSc in visual communication is like a gateway to this field. You will gain knowledge, expertise and the required educational qualification at an early age. The entire program is divided into six semesters. In each semester students get to learn something new and advantageous that will be of great significance to them in the long run in the field of visual communications. 

Many design colleges in India offer this course. But to undertake a program from one of the best design institutes in India, you must do thorough research and spend some time choosing a college for yourself. You can learn more about the course on the official website of ITM Group of Institutions.

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