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How an interior design course can improve your market value


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Interior designing has become a much sought after career in recent times owing to its increasing popularity amongst builders and house owners. Aspiring interior designers are enrolling themselves in courses to give their careers a boost and increase their job prospects.

An interior designer is someone who beautifies a space by striking the right balance between conveniences and making it pleasing to the eyes of the user. A designer carefully takes into consideration all the things which are of importance to the customer and design an arrangement that meets their requirements while making sure there is enough fresh air and sunlight entering the room.

A designer may be involved in the process right from designing the blueprint to adding finishing touches to the house. Hence it is important for an aspiring designer to pursue a Bachelor of Interior Design which imparts some knowledge about architecture as well. They consider the purpose of the room and carefully assess the available space to determine what furniture is required. They pick colour schemes and customize them according to the customer’s likings and budget.


Let us get into the course details for an interior design program-

Overview of interior designing course-

After the completion of grade 12, a candidate can opt for an interior design course in Mumbai by enrolling in one of the best designing colleges. The eligibility for getting admission to a good designing college is to pass an entrance exam specific to each college. The syllabus for interior designing courses is similar for each college with subtle differences in specializations.

An individual can opt for a one-year diploma course after the 12th grade to learn the basic techniques of designing using different computer software. A much detailed course is a B.Des. in interior design which aims to impart knowledge about the latest market trends and enables a candidate to work independently by establishing their own interior design business. The interior design course duration is three years and most colleges offer placements to students at the end of the program.

Bachelors of interior design course details are as follows:

o   The Interior design courses in Mumbai with fees range from INR 1,00,000 to INR 1,50,000 per year.

o   The salary earned by an interior design graduate is approximately INR 500,000 per annum.

o   Various specializations are offered in a graduation program such as lighting design, commercial interior designing, space planning, sustainable design and many more.


The best Interior designing colleges in Mumbai also offer postgraduate designing courses like M.Des. and other postgraduate diplomas to be pursued after graduation. A post-graduation degree or diploma enables an individual to widen their career options and also gives them a choice to start their own firm. Working independently gives you the freedom to work from home anytime anywhere and during the coronavirus pandemic, it has been helpful in avoiding going to crowded places for client meetings.


5 things an interior designing course can teach you

Interior design is the art of transforming simple spaces into creative and functional ones. This field involves the design of a variety of spaces such as hotels, malls, schools, restaurants, etc.

To start a career in interior design, technical knowledge along with creative skills is a must which can be obtained by doing relevant courses from the best interior design colleges in Mumbai. Before enrolling in a course, carry out research to find out the top design colleges, their course curriculum and faculty to ensure that you receive quality education and good placements.


Here are 5 best things you can learn from an interior design course-

1.  Color psychology:

In any designing field, colour psychology is of utmost importance as it allows a designer to choose colours wisely. Students are taught the basics of colour schemes and their impact on the ambience of the surroundings. A Bachelor of interior design teaches you how to integrate different colours with subjects.

2.  Knowledge about fabrics:

Attractive and vibrant upholstery is the first thing that a person notices when he walks into a store or restaurant. Hence it is vital to understand fabrics and how to effectively match them with the other elements to create a great ambience.

3.  Latest trends in designing:

The latest interior design courses in Mumbai aim to educate a student with the latest developments in this field as well as the current market trends. An example of an ongoing trend is interior landscaping which has gained popularity in recent times and is suitable for those who face space constraints.

4.  Virtual designing:

Basic and advanced computer applications give design students an opportunity to learn virtual designing at an interior design college. With the help of virtual designing, designers are able to achieve efficient results that live up to the client’s expectations.

5.  Space management:

Today, space management is an issue since it requires a progressive change which many are resistant towards. The most reputed design colleges in India focus on this topic and teach you how to use a compact space efficiently while making it comfortable.


Concluding thoughts-

An education in interior design not only offers you bright job opportunities but also develops your skills to let you start your own business. A designing career is lucrative as well as lets you use your creative side to beautify spaces. Interior designers not only design homes, but they also design dreams!

To sum it up, it is quite evident that a Bachelor of interior design course can help you increase your market value by giving you more career options to pick from. An employer considers a degree-holder as a valuable asset to the organization and retains them owing to their skillset and technical knowledge.

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