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Imagine reading a book that has no photos or reference images. After a while, you’ll find it boring right? No matter how interesting the content is, our eyes always search for photos. Simply put, IMAGERY = IMPACT.

A message or text is a simple piece of information until it is powerfully conveyed through images. The impact that various visualization tools create is both effective and creative. Therefore, communication through visual aids is always given a thumbs up without giving a second thought. 


What is Visual Communication?

Attractive graphics and motion pictures are considered to be the most trusted sources of interpretation. Visual communication simply means conveying a message via visual assistance for a better understanding. Various artistic elements are combined together with technology to form the most appealing medium of conveying messages. Relaying information through multimedia sure has its fun concepts and one such amazing vehicle that helps in doing so is - Visual Communication. It plays a huge part not only in film productions and advertising but also in the sectors of education, engineering, marketing, science, etc. It helps display complex concepts/information in a graphical form for an easier understanding. Not to forget the amount of time that is saved during interpretation. 


Is Vis Comm a good career?

Visual communication offers a wide array of options and is amongst one of the most discussed careers today. Since mass media is growing in leaps and bounds, creative careers like these are also gaining a lot of demand and acceptance. Earlier the bounty of this field was not very clearly known and a successful career here was then doubted upon. But, fortunately, due to the tremendous rise in media consumption and growing glamour, students are gravitating towards this field. 

Every year, design schools are pondered with hundreds and thousands of applicants around the world for the study of digital arts. This field allows you to be creative and is really interesting to work in. The job profiles are also super engaging and will always keep you busy with creative minds around you. With a constantly challenging atmosphere, you grow every year in this practical and technologically-driven field. 


Where to study Vis Comm from?

A lot of designs schools in India like ITM IDM; offer such creative courses with industry-relevant training and experience. Just like any other course, one can easily get admitted to VC courses through the Institute of Design and Media. We have special industry connections and tie-ups, the best faculty, and facilities like a media lab comprising of technological gears needed for a wholesome learning experience. Year after year passionate and creative souls pass through our training to set out in the media field with ample knowledge and creative flair.

Ps. - Students must be qualified with a 10+2 degree to acquire admission for  Bachelor in Visual communication and should have scored at least 50%.

You can also opt for universities abroad for your Vis Comm Degree.


Job options in Vis Comm

While the opportunities are limitless, here are a few important career profiles you can choose to work in post your Visual communication degree. Simply scroll and know the available opportunities that you can grab -


  • Photojournalism

Visual communication opens door to various opportunities and journalism is one of those. Journalism is a great choice of career. The production, scattering, or dispersal of reports and updates about worldly events are the main characteristics of this work profile. However, the key work of people in this field differs depending on their profile. In plain journalism, one needs to write and present news stories ranging from several backgrounds such as sports, politics, social issues, entertainment, and many others. Whereas, photojournalism; as the name suggests, is the blend of photography and journalism.

It takes a creative mind to combine words and images effectively. Currently, news channels have a huge online presence and therefore, visual reporting of news has also accelerated from the TV era. Additionally, news today is not just limited to one channel or source. Instagram, Twitter, private community groups (online), Facebook, etc. are now the new News Sources through which a common man feeds off. A photojournalist is therefore required in high demand for such a continuous supply.


  • Graphic Artists

People having a creative mindset, ability to think outside the box and play with the elements can opt for a Graphic Artists position.

Learning several computer software brings creativity to the table and helps to create portray/sell valuable concepts of a business. Some students work hard and create concepts using hand drawings to communicate their ideas and inspire others. Graphic artists design a website, infographics, logos, social media posts, short videos, graphic emailers, digital banners, etc.

Basically, a graphic artist is responsible to focus on the concepts, shapes, and other elements. Getting admitted to the right school of design allows learning the right skills needed for this futuristic job.


  • Web developer

Pursuing a VC course makes you adept to become a web developer. A web developer needs to gather the creative and technical skills required to build or design a website. The most important task of a web developer is to make the website functional and easy to access. It is important to keenly consider the user interface of any website before publishing it. The layout should be simple, should have the right ratio of content, images, and white space. The responsibilities of a web developer also include -

  • Testing website applications
  • Updating the website at timely intervals
  • Integrating multimedia on the site
  • Troubleshooting any existing problems 
  • Siting possible technical failures and amending them beforehand

With a boom in the internet, VC courses help you to learn and enhance specific parameters needed for a successful website. 


  • Media marketing

An individual having Visual communication certification, knowledge and talent can opt for media marketing.

Students who are interested in learning and tackling algorithms, or who enjoy interacting with different people can pursue a career in media marketing. These professionals use social media platforms or marketing sites to improve service and product or even a brand campaign. People working as media marketers attract consumers by creating awareness about certain products or services and increasing sales. For this, you need to get proper exposure to the online possibilities and the rewards it offers. Plus, you need to do a lot of research work and get your hands dirty in a lot of practical work before setting out in the real business world. Joining the Institute of Design and Media can pull ample opportunities. 


  • Instructional designer

Being this guy is not everyone’s cup of tea. Visual communication allows a graduate to enter instructional designing. These designers are responsible for creating, developing, and delivering instructional material, both physically and digitally.

Instructional designers have access to ‘N’ number of opportunities as they can choose to work with colleges, businesses, government sectors, and other interesting areas. This profession helps endure a good salary. ITM IDM is one of the best educational institutions when it comes to training students with specific skills. They organize specialized workshops, online classes, seminars, guest visits; to ensure the students gather all the information for a successful future. 


  • Graphic illustrator

Don’t confuse Graphic Illustrator with Graphic Artist or Designer. Graphic Illustrator is the one who brings the visuals, ideas, figures, and everything together to convey the intended message to the consumers. Their main responsibility is to develop images and logos to help the business communicate efficiently. Not just that, an illustrator also creates -

  • Packaging
  • Furniture designs
  • Booklets
  • Book illustrations
  • Comics/Digital Paintings
  • Jacket covers, etc.

He/She has to meet the brief given by the client and take the campaign’s personality, color theme, and aim into consideration before starting the work. An illustrator uses CAD (computer-aided design) software for his/her work. One has to stay updated with the new advancements and creative trends as the pace of digitalization is super fast. A job like this will keep challenging you every day.


  • Film production

When we say Film production, you might have listed several opportunities in this specific genre. Film production and visual communication skills go hand in hand.

3D, 2D, animation, and many other elements enhance the storyline and keep the audience emotionally invested. Post-production of a film, video advertising, short films, animated videos, are sectors where professionals play their game. - (and it sure is exciting!) But, getting into film production is not easy and hence, you need institutes such as ITM. ITM IDM allows the students to get many life-changing and worthy opportunities. They have collaborated with industry professionals who not only give insights but also grant work to aspiring candidates.


 Why choose Visual communication?

We all know that the multi-media industry is a million-dollar venture around the globe. People are invested in it 24 by 7 due to various reasons - personal, professional, entertainment, and so on..- you get the gist. Every single person in the world is a media consumer no matter how big or small. Well, this is the main reason why the industry is always in demand seeking new talent and allowing people from every sector to join forces with them. 

Not to forget the growing buzz and support of new technological advancements. This further creates immense scope and hope for passionate souls who are having cold feet currently; thinking whether to enter the field or not. Opting for a Bachelor's in Visual Communication might be the turning point of your life. 


What are the benefits of Visual Communication?

  • Delivers information precisely

By producing 2D and 3D illustrations, a piece of information can be made easy to digest for its audience; no matter how complex the topic is. The chances of having good storylines, therefore, increase. When messages are conveyed through art, they speak louder and clearer than words. One can interpret a lot of information from a single image and thus, communication becomes easier on the receiving end. 

  • Improves credibility of a message

Words can be sometimes derived differently and cause misinterpretation, causing the loss of credibility. Additionally, the transmission of information from one source to another might cause misinterpretation as well. But visuals can never lie. Therefore, presenting information through visuals allows us to perceive the element in its true sense.

  • Attention-grabbing and engaging

Placement, concepts, and color keep the viewers engaged. Visual communication helps to learn skills that enhance the way of thinking of the audience. There are various technical aspects that help grab the attention and engage people in the right manner. 

  • It is more flexible than verbal communication

Visual communication has its own charm. Meaningful messages can be conversed beautifully without words in no time. Both time and effort are saved here.

  • Impacts audience

Pictures tend to stick with us better than words. The magic of staying in your audience’s head forever is by creating impactful visuals. You may not have enjoyed the AMUL advertisement without the cute little girl appearing in the advertisement. Though AMUL is known for its products; it is more popular due to the cute chubby animated girl. Such is the power of smart brand identity and hook placement.


EndNote -

Visual communications open up a new creative world for you that you can build up as you like. The creative liberty you get is thrilling on its own. Not to forget the freedom from restrictions it allows you to experience. Imagine the feeling of setting out your work for the world to take notice and get inspired/informed from. 

So, if you are even slightly thinking about joining the creative force, do not think twice. Get yourself enrolled this year and spread your creative wings.

ITM IDM’s enrollments will start soon, so if you are really interested in creative careers, CLICK HERE to sign up for their online and offline entrance exam!

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