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B des Fashion design - The perfect guide!


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In today’s modernized world, fashion holds supreme power in our lives. Your first impression is your last impression. You can make or break your image with fashion these days! 

People take their appearances very seriously in this generation. We tend to keep up with the latest trends so that we are not left out!.

Do you think you live the fashion you carry? Then the B Des Fashion Design course might just be the one! In the olden days, Fashion Designing might have been an odd career option. But in the 21st century, we live Fashion, and it’s considered one of the most promising careers.

Let’s get started and we’ll let you discover if B des Fashion Design is one for you.

What is B Des Fashion Design?

Bachelor’s of Design ( Fashion Design )also known as B Des Fashion Design is an undergraduate course, that focuses on fashion, its history, dealing with designing clothing and accessories, and the fundamentals of fashion design. 

It is a four-year course, with 8 semesters and practical learning. Students learn to keep up with the annoying trends in the fashion industry. Get to know about fabrics, exquisite clothing, key concepts in fashion, and its evolution.

If you are a creative person, you can take up this profession and build a career by pursuing the B Des Fashion Design course.

Eligibility for the B Des Fashion Design Course

Besides having a creative approach and a sense of fashion, you need to see if you come under the eligibility conditions listed below -

  • The general category students must have secured at least fifty percent in their boards or a Pre Undergraduate Course with at least fifty percent from a recognized board of education.
  • The reserved candidates must secure at least forty-five percent to be eligible for this course.
  • Top entrance exams like IIAD entrance exam, UPES DAT, NID DAT, AIEED, NIFT, and UCEED also play important factors in this undergraduate course.
  • You will also need to go through entrance exams as per your desired universities.

Skills needed for B Des Fashion Design  

We deal with lots of situations in daily life that need quick reactions. When we go for an interview our basic instinct is to pass the interview and impress the interviewer. 

Our mechanisms work together dictated by our brains and try to make us achieve our goals. To achieve a certain goal we need a certain skill set for our daily interactions. 

Fashion is a creative field and needs complete attention when it comes to working smart and succeeding at the same time. Fashion needs an innovative perspective, a clear vision for the future of your brand or individuality

Let’s have a look at the skill sets needed for B Des Fashion Design courses -

  •  Innovative outlook
  • Unique perspective
  • Great communication skills
  • Analytical and critical thinking
  • Observational skills
  • Absolute time management
  • Continous imagination
  • Interest in designing 

Top Colleges for Bachelor’s Degree in Fashion Designing - 

As kids, we grow up thinking about going to college all the time. It’s always a given that, all the fun begins when we enter college. And that’s true. 

But the important part is the education that will be imparted to us. Just joining a college without a thorough check is not advisable. 

Fashion is one such subject, that needs total guidance and an open perspective from all sides. A B Des Fashion Design course needs a top-notch college to teach you the basic fundamentals of design, trending fashion designs and looks, and in-depth study about costumes, drawing techniques, and visualization.

Here are the top 10 colleges that will help you boost your bachelor’s in Fashion Designing -

  1. Pearl Academy, Presidency University, Bangalore
  2. UPS, Chandigarh University, Chandigarh
  3. LISSA School of Design, Bengaluru
  4. ITM Institute of Media and Design, Mumbai
  5. Mount Caramel College, Bengaluru
  6. PES University, Bengaluru
  7. National Institute of Fashion and Technology, Delhi
  8. United World Institute of Design,  Ahmedabad
  9. Symbiosis Institute of Design, Pune
  10. MIT Institute of Design, Pune
  11. Amity Institute of Fashion and Technology, Noida.

Top Recruters for B Des Fashion Design

The scope of Fashion and Designing has drastically increased in the past few years and the graph seems to be rising higher. 

Recruiters these days lookout for enthusiastic candidates who want to explore more. Fashion is such a topic that creates new statements every minute. It’s our responsibility to keep up with all the latest information and work towards making better designs.

“ The style you carry will speak for itself”

This quote states that your style and your work will speak for themselves. So all you need to do to get recruited by top firms is work hard until your work speaks for itself!

Here are some top recruiters for B Des Fashion Design -

  1. Pantaloons
  2. Sabyasachi Mukherjee
  3. Rohit Bal
  4. Ajio
  5. Benetton
  6. Swarovski India
  7. Varun Behl
  8. Allen Solly
  9. Global Desi
  10. Marks & Spencer
  11. Shoppers Stop
  12. Reid & Taylor
  13. Levi’s
  14. Van Heusen
  15. Snapdeal
  16. ITC Limited
  17. AND
  18. Lifestyle

   Career Opportunites for B des Fashion Design -

  1. Fashion Designer
  2. Fashion Entrepreneur
  3. Lecturer 
  4. Fashion Illustrator
  5. Fabric Buyer 
  6. Costume Designer
  7. Fashion Consultant 
  8. Fashion Brand Manager
  9. Fashion Merchandiser
  10. Fashion Stylist
  11. Fashion Blogger
  12. Trend Analyst
  13. Fashion Influencer
  14. Fashion Journalist
  15. Fashion Editor

Average Salary for B Des Fashion Design

With knowledge, you get power and opportunity, which leads to great working experience. Fashion needs constant improvement and discovery. It’s a continuous process of trying to do the best every single day.

The more you work and experience the more salary you can expect. Here is an average salary for an undergraduate in fashion design ( B des Fashion Design )

The salaries depend on the profession you choose after your bachelor’s in fashion design. The salary for a Fashion Designer and that of a fashion stylist may vary, taking various aspects into consideration. 

But an average annual package may range from 3 lakhs per anum to 15 lakhs per anum. 

Future of Bachelor’s in Fashion Designing 

The fashion industry has a dynamic future, with an increasing number of fashion design aspirants and the global fashion phenomenon supporting fashion design courses.

Fashion Designing graduates can work for great firms, advertising companies, and media houses or create their own brands. 

"Fashion is part of our daily air and it changes all the time” 

The above quote says that fashion is never-ending, we need air to breathe and we need fashion to create a revolution! We can give B Des Fashion Design courses a chance and learn to do better at every point.

Fashion in a way is one’s identity and can help us to see unusual things. 

If young people want to try out fashion designing courses, we should give them the liberty to choose for themselves and support them along their journey. Designing a cloth, or teaching how to design a cloth, both have their own challenges and the B Des Fashion Design undergraduates should be able to overcome them and work harder for a secure future!

Hope this blog helps to you awaken your inner fashion designer!

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