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How to Make a Career in Hotel and Hospitality Management?


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The arena of the hospitality industry is expanding all the time. It is an extremely high growth industry that promises to create 100 million jobs over the next 10 years. The hospitality sector along with travel and tourism would account for 1 out of 10 jobs by 2025.

Stay Up-to-date 

As a hotel manager, you need to be aware of the current situation of the industry and the prevalent trends. They must understand that their hotel must reflect the change and evolve to meet the new challenges to stay in the business on a sure footing.

To this end, a hotel management professional must attend industry conferences, symposiums, workshops, award ceremonies, and all other industry events to stay in tune with the latest business information and trends. Keeping oneself up to date is critical to the ever changing landscape of the hospitality industry.

Hospitality industry leaders advise budding hotel management professionals to stay up to date about their industry. At a time when automation and AI are replacing the human work force, the remaining hotel management professionals are expected to create emotional experiences for the business to be successful. They are expected to go the extra mile that the bots can’t. The guests and travelers appreciate the emotions that the human workforce creates but they also want hassle-free processes and efficiency. A hotel manager, therefore, is expected to bring these two elements – efficiency and emotional experience – together both for the benefit of the hotel and the guests.

Where to Study Hotel Management in Mumbai

There are many reputed hotel management colleges in Mumbai and ITM Hotel Management College is one of best hotel management colleges in Mumbai. Hospitality management is different from hotel management and there are a good number of hospitality management courses in Mumbai including at ITM. If you are looking for the best institute for hotel management in Mumbai, ITM hotel management can be your best bet.  

What Do You Need to Be a Successful Hotel Manager?

To be successful as a hotel manager or for having a satisfying and rewarding career as a hotel manager, you need different sets of hand and soft skills. Most of these will come while studying at a hotel management school. You will also need a first-hand industry experience. Internship at hotels of different types, sizes, reputations, and locations can be highly useful. This is a perfect way to complement your academic achievements with practical hands-on knowledge. This is also a great way to complement your degree.

Work in a New Hotel Project

For a budding hotel manager, it can be highly productive to take part in a new hotel project. It can be a new hotel of a leading chain or it can be an independent boutique. Looking at a new hotel being set up from scratch can give you valuable insight into what all it takes for a well-designed, cute looking and well-appointed hotel. It allows you to set up the processes that you may find at established hotels. While you may get many opportunities to work where the systems and processes are well established, you may not find many opportunities to establish the system and processes yourself. A hotel and its personality depend a lot on how the initial system, processes, culture, and values were laid and established. In a new hotel project, you will do all these. 

Everything that you take for granted at an established hotel or restaurant such as menus and registration cards will need to be developed and created out of nothing at a new project. All this would call for researching and studying the available models. Your knowledge about the industry expands as you try to understand what’s working for others and how you can emulate them while leaving out what’s not working. While you do so, you will be aware of the deadline that lies in front of you.  

Working at a new hotel project would mean your involvement in multiple departmental functions and in different roles. Often, these roles will seek you out of your comfort zone. As a hotel management professional, you may be used to working from the comforts of the hotel. But when you work for a new hotel project, you may be working out of a nearby office where you may not have the facilities and conveniences of a hotel.

Understand the Working & Challenges of Other Departments

As a budding hotel manager, you need to evolve further the key skill set required to excel in the hospitality industry. The three major skills that you need to grow in your profession are organization, communication, and teamwork.

Besides, you need to know and understand the challenges that different departments face. For this, you will have to work closely with different departments. In short, you are shadowing your managers in different departments from housekeeping to finance.

Once you have spent your time gaining key knowledge experiences about different departments, your path to becoming a successful hotel manager is well-laid and straightforward.  You have the necessary awareness and experience of different departments and their key issues and challenges and you can be expected to provide efficient leadership by being an effective problem shooter.

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