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Fashion Design vs Interior Design: Which One to Choose?


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Whether in fashion, graphic design, or product design, the design industry has some of the most exciting career opportunities for people with great imaginations who can turn their ideas into real-life products. 

If you can create detailed and practical designs that are current yet still fashionable or if you want to transform a space's static look into something beautiful and usable, fashion and interior design will provide you with an opportunity to show your talent.

The fast-changing fashion industry is now experiencing growth and will have  2.8 billion users by 2029. In India, the lean towards interior designers is also becoming a trend. 

If you have been wondering, "Is interior design a good career?" or "Is fashion designing a good career in India?" This blog will help you make an informed decision and offer information on your potential career path in these fields according to your strengths and abilities.


Fashion design

Fashion design is a vibrant and exciting field, perfect for those who enjoy playing with colors and expressing creativity. Getting into fashion design means you will be the creative mind behind clothes and accessories, from the basics to the glamorous outfits celebrities wear. 

You will draw up your collection ideas, create mood boards to express your designs and create samples to bring your ideas to life. You will also have to learn about different fabrics and materials that you can use to make fashionable and comfortable clothes.


Is fashion designing a good career in India?

India's fashion industry is growing fast, with a rising demand for basic and trendy clothing among consumers.  Design expertise is crucial to meet this growing demand. 

  • You could help a fashion brand create its next collection with the help of your design skills.
  • You could team up with a design house to develop fresh, trendy designs that differentiate your brand from the rest.
  • Additionally, you can create your fashion brand and be the CEO.


Interior design

Interior design is a great career choice if you enjoy using your creativity to make beautiful and useful spaces. To succeed in this field, you must have a passion for decorating interiors and a good eye for colors and spatial planning. 

If you join the world of interior design, you'll be responsible for transforming spaces into attractive and practical ones. Your tasks will include creating design ideas, figuring out how to make the space function well, and selecting furniture and materials that go well with each other.


Is interior design a good career in India?

The demand for interior design professionals is increasing daily, which provides opportunities for young, innovative individuals to showcase their creativity in the field. 

  • You can work for a design company, offering your help to clients who want to redesign their homes or commercial spaces.
  • Working with a design company will allow you to work with architects on various projects.
  • If you're passionate about creating beautiful and functional spaces, then looking into interior design career information, such as what courses to take or what materials to study, could be the first step to a fulfilling career path.


Fashion design vs. Interior design

Both interior design and fashion design demand creativity, a good eye for detail, and outstanding communication skills. The capacity to work with clients and peers is an important aspect of both jobs to ensure project success.

Work environment
Fashion Design Interior Design
Fashion designers, in particular, work in fast-paced environments. Interior designers enjoy more flexibility benefits than their counterparts in the workplace.
They may have work experience in the design studios under the supervision of their co-workers, who will help them prepare for new collections. They could work at an office, along with other designers and architects.
Sometimes, a designer may be self-employed and have a home-based studio. One-day-a-week meetings with clients and daily visits to the site for renovations are also part of the job.
Skills required
Fashion design-specific skills Interior design-specific skills
Strong sketching and sewing abilities. Thorough understanding of spatial planning principles.
Good understanding of textiles, fabrics, and current fashion trends. Knowledge of safety regulations is crucial to ensure the functionality and safety of designs.
Good at using design software to create visual representations of design concepts.

Fees of fashion design and interior design courses in India

The average fees for a bachelor’s course in fashion design in India can range from INR 2 lakhs to INR 12 lakhs. However the fees can be higher depending on the reputation of the university and the resources available to students.

Likewise, the fees for an undergraduate interior design course in India can range between INR 3 lakhs to INR 15 lakhs. The fees can vary depending on the institute offering it.


Wrapping up

Your choice between fashion design and interior design depends on your passion and abilities. Both professions give wonderful chances and room for personal growth in India. ITM University has good programs for both fields, making students stand out professionally. 

For those who ask, "Is fashion designing a good career?" or " Is fashion designing a good career in India?" ITM offers a one-stop solution with its Fashion Design and Interior Design programs. ITM prepares individuals for the competitive job market with industry-relevant training and dedicated placement assistance.

Enroll today and take your first step towards a fulfilling career in the design industry with ITM!



1) What are the career prospects in fashion design in India?

The fashion industry in India is growing fast, and there is a well-defined need for skilled fashion designers. You can work with existing fashion brands and design houses to either join them as a designer or become an entrepreneur and start your fashion brand.

2) Which is better, fashion designing or interior designing?

It depends on you. Fashion design is great for those who enjoy clothing and culture, whereas interior design can satisfy the cravings of those fond of geometric planning and beauty. Both are strong regarding the job market and the development potential in India.

3) Is a career in interior design good if I like maths?

Although math is not the primary field of study for interior designers, other aspects of this profession involve spatial planning and measurements. Effective math knowledge may be desirable in these areas, but it's not the top factor in becoming successful in this industry.

4) What are the benefits of studying fashion design at ITM University?

ITM University's design programs cover all design aspects. The programs balance theory with practical skills and experience to prepare able professionals for the design industry.

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