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Best Career Options and Courses After 12th Commerce in 2024


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Navigate the diverse landscape of career options and courses after 12th commerce in 2024, as this blog guides you through traditional paths like CA and modern choices such as Digital Marketing, empowering you to make informed decisions for a fulfilling career journey.


Ever ponder over the thrilling prospects that await you once you finish your commerce 12th grade? Imagine this is the start of a fantastic journey where your choices today will shape your destiny. The exciting part is that, in 2024, many fascinating courses and career options will be available for discovery.

As a commerce student, you would wonder: After 12th commerce, which course is best fit for me? Your economics, finance, and business background open a world of opportunities. Whether you want to become a business professional, marketing whiz, or financial expert, courses are made especially to fit your needs. Your key is this blog, which presents a customized list of courses after 12th commerce while revealing professional courses and examining various career options. So, driven by curiosity and equipped with the knowledge to craft a fulfilling and successful career, are you prepared to venture beyond 12th commerce? Together, let's set out on this adventure!

Top Career Options after 12th Commerce in India

After completing your 12th grade in commerce, you have endless career options at your disposal. The following is a condensed summary of the best professional courses after 12th commerce, each of which offers a distinct route to success:


  • Bachelor of Fashion Design: A dynamic program that fosters creativity. It equips students with skills in design principles, garment construction, industry trends, and entrepreneurial pursuits.



  • Hotel Management: A widely favoured career path, Hotel Management opens doors to diverse job opportunities within the hospitality sector, hotels, and event management.


  • Chartered Accountancy (CA): CA unlocks the world of finance and accounting with courses for commerce students after 12th, especially if you have a natural knack for numbers and analytical skills.


  • Company Secretary (CS): In the after 12th commerce courses list, this program creates opportunities in corporate law, with Company Secretaries (CS) playing a pivotal role in ensuring regulatory compliance and shaping corporate strategy.


  • Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com): This course allows candidates to gain a foundational understanding of commerce and trade practices with various specializations like General, Honors, Accounting and Finance, and Taxation.


  • Bachelor of Economics: Understand the workings of the financial world by learning economic theories and regulations. Learn about the nuances of the financial world by comprehending economic theories and laws; this is an excellent option for the best course after 12 Commerce.


  • Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA)/Bachelor of Management Studies (BMS): These bachelor's degree programs cover business models, management strategies, and organizational behaviour in detail.


  • Bachelor of Laws (LLB): Students can opt for professional courses after 12th commerce, and a popular choice is enrolling in a 5-year integrated program. This combines courses such as BBA + LLB, B.Com + LLB, and more, offering a comprehensive pathway for career development.


  • Certified Public Accountant (CPA): The USA equivalent of CA, gaining popularity in India.


  • Bachelor in Foreign Trade: In the career options after 12th commerce, this program equips students with the essential skills needed to excel in managing international trade businesses.


  • Bachelor in Business Studies (BBS): A course allowing students to study business and operations.


  • Bachelor of Computer Application (BCA): For those into IT, choosing a Bachelor of Computer Application (BCA) course after 12th commerce offers various opportunities.


  • Actuarial Science: This field utilizes mathematics, statistics, and financial theory to analyze unpredictable future events, specifically focusing on matters relevant to insurance and pension programs.


  • Cost and Management Accountancy (CMA): The CMA course stands out as an ideal entry point and the best course after 12 commerce, serving as a perfect gateway to a rewarding career in finance and accounting.


  • Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA): Globally recognized, CFA opens doors to investment analysis and portfolio management.


  • Digital Marketing: A digital marketing career is an increasingly valuable and recommended course to do after 12th commerce; it helps navigate the online business landscape.


  • Data Science and Analytics: A course designed to help candidates learn about the business and operations sector.


  • Aviation Courses: Enrolling in courses in Aviation and Hospitality Management emerges as one of the best career options after 12th commerce, opening pathways to thriving careers within the dynamic airline industry.


  • Journalism and Mass Communication: A rewarding career in journalism is worth considering if you have strong communication skills.


Choosing the right course after 12th in commerce

Starting your journey in the commerce field requires careful consideration of the various courses available after the 12th. Knowing these options makes decision-making more manageable and enables you to decide on your preferred area of concentration. The landscape offers numerous possibilities, providing ample opportunities for those venturing into the commerce domain. Equipping yourself with the necessary skill set that aligns with your career goals is crucial. It serves as a key to unlocking your dream job. Let's now explore the courses after 12th in commerce.

  • When selecting a course, identify your interests to find your passion.
  • Check that the courses and syllabus suit your academic interests and professional aspirations.
  • Choose the best course based on factors like eligibility, cost, and length of study to ensure a prosperous post-12th commerce career.


Best courses after 12th commerce

With this carefully curated list of the top 20, you can explore many options as you navigate the best courses after 12th commerce. This wide range of options supports a variety of interests and professional goals, from traditional academic pathways to specialized fields. Explore all the options to find the best path for your post-12th commerce career.

The top 20 courses after the 12th Commerce are listed below:

  1. BCom (General)
  2. BCom Marketing
  3. BA in Humanities & Social Sciences
  4. BCom Tourism & Travel Management
  5. Bachelor of Commerce (B. Com)
  6. Bachelor of Animation and VFX Design
  7. Bachelor of Economics (BE)
  8. Bachelor of Accounting and Finance (BAF)
  9. Bachelor of Commerce in Banking and Insurance (BBI)
  10. Bachelor of Business Administration – International Business (BBA-IB)
  11. Bachelor of Business Administration – Computer Application (BBA-CA)
  12. Bachelor of Commerce in Financial Market (BFM)
  13. Bachelor in Business Administration (BBA) - Business Analytics
  14. Journalism and Mass Communication
  15. Diploma in Education (DEd)
  16. Chartered Accountancy
  17. Company Secretary (CS)
  18. Cost and Management Accountant
  19. BA LLB
  20. BDes in Design


What Course Should I Choose After 12th Commerce?

After completing 12th Commerce, opting for a Bachelor's course is recommended to further academic and career prospects.

Bachelor of Commerce (B. Com)

B. Com is a 3-year program for commerce students after 12th, covering economics, business law, accountancy, taxation, and finance. Ideal for those seeking the best course after 12 commerce, it imparts managerial skills and offers diverse career options.

Course Highlights of Bachelor of Commerce (B. Com):

  • Course Level: Undergraduate
  • Duration: 3 years
  • Mode: Regular / Full time
  • Eligibility: 50% marks in class 12 or equivalent examination
  • Admission Process: Merit-Based/Entrance Exams
  • Job Options: Digital Marketer, Accountant, Financial Risk Manager, Business Analyst


Bachelor of Accounting and Finance (BAF)

The Bachelor of Accounting and Finance (BAF) is a three-year undergraduate course offering in-depth knowledge in accounting and finance. Geared towards students after 12th commerce, it provides technical skills for financial analysis and compliance with accounting standards. BAF is a top choice among professional courses after 12th commerce.

Course Highlights of Bachelor of Accounting and Finance (BAF):

  • Course Level: Undergraduate
  • Duration: 3 years
  • Mode: Regular/Full time
  • Eligibility: Class 12th Board exams
  • Admission Process: Merit-Based/Entrance Exams
  • Job Options: Audit Manager, Investment Banker


Bachelor of Economics (BE)

Bachelor of Economics (BE) is a 3-year undergraduate course that analyses goods and services' production, distribution, and consumption. Tailored for those aspiring to excel in Banking, Finance, and significant corporate industries, it is a valuable course for commerce students after 12th.

Course Highlights of Bachelor of Economics (BE):

  • Course Level: Undergraduate
  • Duration: 3 years
  • Mode: Regular/Full time
  • Eligibility: Class 12th Board exams with 50% aggregate marks
  • Admission Process: Merit-Based/Entrance Exams
  • Job Options: Economic Researcher, Securities Analyst Trainee, Customer Profit Analyst, Investment Analyst, Fixed Income Portfolio Manager


Bachelor of Commerce in Financial Market (BFM)

The Bachelor of Commerce in Financial Markets (BFM) is a 3-year course suitable for 12th commerce graduates. It covers advanced studies in debt and equity markets and foreign exchange markets. It is ideal for those exploring professional courses after 12th commerce. BFM provides diverse career options in the financial sector.

Course Highlights of Bachelor of Commerce in Financial Market (BFM)

  • Course Level: Graduation
  • Duration: 3 years
  • Examination Type: Semester System/Year wise
  • Mode: Regular/Full time
  • Eligibility:  10+2 or equivalent qualification from a recognized educational Board
  • Job Options: Finance Officer, Risk Manager, Financial Research Manager, Financial Planning Consultant


Bachelor of Commerce in Banking and Insurance (BBI)

A 3-year undergraduate course in Banking and Insurance (BBI) is ideal for commerce student's post-12th. Focused on theoretical aspects of Banking and Insurance, it's among the best courses after 12 commerce, providing valuable career options in these fields.

Course Highlights of Bachelor of Commerce in Banking and Insurance (BBI):

  • Course Level: Undergraduate
  • Duration: 3 years
  • Examination Type: Semester System
  • Mode: Regular / Full time
  • Eligibility: 10+2 with Commerce subjects, minimum 50% aggregate score
  • Job Options: Marketing Agent, Sales Representative, Financial Advisor, Accountant


Top Courses After 12th Commerce without Mathematics

  • B.Com General

One popular professional course after 12th commerce that doesn't require a strong foundation in mathematics is the Bachelor of Commerce (BCom). This three-year program offers a thorough overview of commerce fields like taxation, cost accounting, financial accounting, and business management. It covers finance, accounting, and business. Only those who have finished their 12th grade are eligible for the BCom General program, which gives you the practical skills you need for a successful career.


  • B.Com Tourism & Travel Management

A dynamic three-year undergraduate program, the Bachelor of Commerce in Tourism and Travel Management focuses on the financial and economic aspects of the travel and tourism industry. The course covers diverse subjects such as corporate accounting, tourism marketing, hotel management, financial management, revenue management, eco-tourism, etc. This course opens the best career options after 12th commerce in the tourism and travel sector.


  • B.Com Marketing

For marketing students, B.Com Marketing is a three-year foundation course and is one of the best career options after 12th commerce. This course will cover various topics, including quality control, advertising, communications, and sales management. To develop original ideas for advertising and marketing campaigns, the course requires you to be able to work creatively and logically.


Professional Courses After 12th Commerce

Bachelor of Business Administration – Computer Application (BBA-CA)

BBA-CA, or Bachelor of Business Administration-Computer Application, is a fantastic choice among courses after 12th Commerce. This undergraduate program is tailor-made for IT enthusiasts, aiming to excel in IT user support and infrastructure. 

Course highlights of BBA – CA

  • Course Level: Undergraduate
  • Course Duration: 3 years or 6 semesters
  • Eligibility: 10+2 in Commerce or Science Stream


Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA)

BBA, or Bachelor of Business Administration, is a popular three-year undergraduate program for those completing 12th commerce. It focuses on business principles and administration, enhancing leadership skills and fostering a business vision.

Course highlights of BBA

  • Course Level: Undergraduate
  • Course Duration: 3 years
  • Examination: Semester/Year-wise
  • Eligibility: 10+2 or equivalent from a recognized educational board
  • Job Positions: Business Administration Researcher, Marketing Manager, Finance Manager, Human Resource Manager, etc.


Bachelor of Business Administration – Internation Business (BBA-IB)

BBA-IB, or Bachelor of Business Administration International Business, is a sought-after course after 12th commerce. This three-year professional degree covers strategic management, operations, marketing, and finance, offering a robust foundation for those seeking professional courses after 12th commerce.

Course highlights of BBA – IB 

  • Course Level: Undergraduate
  • Course Duration: 3 years
  • Examination: Semester-wise
  • Eligibility: 10+2 or equivalent; some colleges may require Mathematics and Commerce.
  • Job Profiles: International Finance Manager, International Distribution Manager, International Training Manager, Global Business Manager, etc.


Industry Oriented Integrated Courses

These programs are tailored for a career-oriented approach, teaching subjects with a practical industry perspective - these courses with real-world perspectives open doors to vast job opportunities in India. Explore the best career options after 12th commerce with these industry-centric integrated courses.

Chartered Accountancy (CA):

  • It is an international accounting course recognized worldwide except in the United States.
  • Course Structure: CPT (Common Proficiency Test), IPCC (Integrated Professional Competence Course), FC (Final course)
  • Subjects: Accounting, Cost Accounting and Financial Management, taxation, Auditing, Corporate law, Business law, etc.
  • Eligibility: 10+2 with a minimum 60% aggregate


Company Secretary (CS):

  • Governed by The Institute of Company Secretaries of India (ICSI). This course is more theory-oriented, attracting commerce students inclined towards law.
  • Like CA, the CS professional program has final levels. It educates students on the legal aspects and agreements within companies, paving the way for senior positions in corporations and large firms.


Cost and Management Accountant:

  • This is a professional course by the ICAI (Institute of Cost Accountants of India).
  • Course Structure: Foundation, Intermediate, and Final
  • Subjects: Business Mathematics, Laws, Management, Ethics, Accounting, Economics, etc.


Mass Communications and Journalism:

  • This course offers unique career options after 12th commerce.
  • This three-year program is designed for students to envision roles in media, public relations, corporate communication, event management, and related content creation and delivery fields.
  • It's a pathway to developing skills and exploring diverse career opportunities in media houses and similar domains.


Other Course options after 12th commerce

Apart from the courses mentioned, students can explore diverse options for courses after Class 12th commerce. These courses offer a range of opportunities beyond conventional commerce subjects. Courses include:


Bachelor of UX Design:

  • They are offered as a four-year full-time program leading to a B.Des degree.
  • Eligibility: Open to Class 12 pass-outs or equivalent qualifications, no stream restriction; the minimum age requirement for admission is 19 or 20, as specified by institutes at the time of admission.
  • Skills Needed: Wireframing, Information architecture, Prototyping, etc.


BA in Humanities & Social Sciences:

  • A three-year course in India covering fields like Design, mass communication, and hospitality.
  • Eligibility: Requires a 10+2 certification from a recognized board. Some universities may mandate a minimum of 50% in the overall 10+2 GPA.
  • Skills Needed: Interpersonal skills, Curiosity, Organizational skills, etc.



  • It is a five-year integrated LLB program open for enrollment after Class 12.
  • Eligibility: Class 12 diploma in any stream from a recognized school. Overall GPA of at least 45–50% in Class 12.
  • Skills Needed: Research skills, Time management skills, Convincing skills, etc.


Diploma in Education (DEd):

  • The certificate-level teacher training program prepares candidates for teaching in nursery schools.
  • Eligibility: Candidates need at least 50% to 60% total marks in Class 12.
  • Skills Needed: Management skills, Patience, People skills, etc.



The array of courses after 12th commerce provides diverse career paths. The best course after 12 commerce varies based on individual interests. Traditional options like BCom, BAF, and BE focus on finance and economics, while professional courses like CA and CS offer specialized roles. Fields like Digital Marketing and Data Science cater to modern business needs, and integrated courses like BBA and BBA-IB provide insights into administration and international trade. 

Exploring beyond traditional paths, options such as Bachelor in Fashion Design, Bachelor of Design in Animation and VFX, Bachelor of Design in Visual communication, Bachelor in Business Administrations (BBA), Hotel Management and programs offered by ITM Group of Institutions (ITM) can provide unique opportunities. Whether in mainstream commerce or newer domains, post-12th commerce opens doors to a fulfilling career, and making an informed choice aligned with passion is crucial.



  • What are the options after the 12th commerce?

After 12th commerce, top options include B.Com, Bachelor of fashion design, BAF, Economics, BMS, BFM, BBA, CA, Hotel management, etc. 


  • Which career is best for the future in commerce?

The best future careers in commerce include Chartered Accountant, Investment Banker, Chartered Financial Analyst, Actuary, Cost Accountant, Company Secretary, Personal Financial Advisor, and Research Analyst.


  • Which stream has more money?

The commerce stream is recommended for higher remuneration, especially in finance, economics, business, and accounts.


  • Which subject has the highest scope?

Both science and commerce streams have significant scope in India.


  • Does commerce have scope in the future?

Yes, commerce offers abundant prospects with diverse career options in the banking, finance, consulting, and insurance sectors.

Programs Offered