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Animation & VFX Salary in India - Freshers & Experienced


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It is an exciting time to get into India's animation and visual effects (VFX) industry. Animation and visual effects artists are in high demand in the fast-growing gaming, entertainment, and advertising industries. The Indian animation market will likely reach USD 16.6 billion by 2031, up from USD 1.37 billion in 2023 (Source).

But a lot has to be worked out before deciding on a career in animation and VFX, particularly about the salary prospects. Enrolling in an animation and visual effects course is one of the best options if you are passionate about this field. It improves your ability to create visually spectacular 2D and 3D animation content with guided, industry-relevant training.

This blog will explore animation and VFX salaries in India for freshers and those who are experienced. So, let’s get started!


VFX and animation jobs

Various positions are available in the VFX industry for freshers and experienced. This section will cover salary ranges and job roles for these positions.


1) Animator

Animators give scenes and characters a life in video creation. You might have seen characters in those awesome cartoons and movies that move around. Animators do that. They work on frame-by-frame movement to create animation using specialist software. 

Salary of animators in India

Regarding the animation salary in India, you can start as a fresher and make around INR 0.3 LPA. An experienced animator with more expertise could make INR 8.0 LPA or more.



2) VFX artist

VFX artists use their skills to create unique effects for games and movies. For example, have you ever seen those spectacular explosions or fire hurling out of dragons in movies? That is the output of visual effects artists. They produce and edit graphic components with software, mixing them perfectly with real-world video. 

Salary of VFX artists in India

Regarding VFX salary in India, a fresh hire in this position can start at INR 1.2 LPA. Experienced professionals could make INR 6.2 LPA. However, animation and VFX salaries for freshers can differ depending on employers and job locations.



3) Compositor

A compositor keeps everything together with visual effects. They combine every visual component various artists produce into a complete picture. Have you ever been fascinated by sequences where characters walk on extraterrestrial planets or travel through space? Compositors make all of it appear natural. 

Salary of compositors in India

Fresher compositors may begin their careers with INR 1.2 LPA, and a senior compositor could make INR 10 LPA or even more as they have more experience.



4) Rigger artist

A rigger and modeler artist builds the structure of 3D objects and characters. They make animated figures move and appear lifelike. They also create the 3D characters you see in video games and movies.

Salary of rigger artists in India

Freshers in these positions may start with INR 1 LPA. With experience, you can make INR 7.8 LPA.



5) Storyboard artist

Directors can see the finished result better when they doodle the crucial scenes and sequences. Those sketchy drawings that resemble comic strips? Storyboard artists do such work. 

Salary of storyboard artists in India

Animation and VFX salary for fresher storyboard artists is around INR 1 LPA, and experienced ones can make around INR 7.4 LPA.



6) Texturing artist

By creating textures and surface materials, these artists give 3D models depth and detail. Ever notice how realistically animated films and games depict objects? We owe texture artists for that. They use various software to provide three-dimensional models with realistic-looking textures. 

Salary of texturing artists in India

Animation and VFX salary for fresher texturing artists may begin with INR 1.2 LPA. Experienced professionals can make INR 9 LPA.



Factors affecting salaries for animation and VFX artists in India

Here are the key factors that decide how much you make in animation and VFX in India:

  1. Job role and specialization: Different jobs pay differently. Animators, VFX artists, and others all have their pay scales. Plus, if you specialize in something, it can affect your pay, too.
  2. Experience level: Your pay depends a lot on your experience. Newbies usually make less than experienced folks.
  3. Industry sector: Where you work matters. TV, games, advertising, and film all pay differently based on their norms and budgets.
  4. Location: Some cities pay more because they have more studios. Places like Hyderabad, Bangalore, and Mumbai usually offer higher salaries.

In short, your job, experience, industry, and where you work all decide your animation and VFX jobs salary.


Looking Ahead: What the Future holds for Animation and VFX Artists 

  • India's animation and visual effects industry has a bright future because of the growing need for stunning visual material across gaming and entertainment.
  • Potential compensation growth will result from the ever-increasing need for qualified professionals as technology and the sector develop.
  • Professionals should concentrate on ongoing education and upskilling to remain competitive and increase earning potential.
  • Specializing in new technologies and tools can offer a competitive advantage and better animation and VFX jobs salary in India.


Wrapping up

India's animation and visual effects sector provides various pay options for freshers and the experienced. Knowing the key factors that affect animation and visual effects salary, such as position, area of expertise, industrial sector, and location, will equip you with information to make wise professional choices.

With proper qualifications and experience, animation and visual effects salaries in India can be quite rewarding. The best option is to pursue a B.Des in Animation & VFX from the ITM Institute of Design & Media (ITM IDM). With an AI-integrated curriculum, you will learn from the best in the industry. Live projects, internships, professional certifications, in-house events, a high-tech campus, and 100% placement assurance are added benefits of the program.


Frequently Asked Questions

1) Does VFX pay well?

A VFX salary in India ranges between INR 1.2 LPA and 6.2 LPA, and you can expect an average annual salary of INR 3.4 LPA.


2) What is the animation salary in India?

Animators get between INR 0.3 Lakhs and INR 8 LPA. Salary estimates are for individuals with 0 to 8 years of experience.


3) Does one have to work in animation forever?

It can depend upon what type of job you choose. Some animator positions are permanent, and some choose project-based work.

4) Can I work as an animator once I finish high school?

Yes, sometimes. There are alternatives after tenth grade, even if most animation courses demand completion of the 12th.

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