Understanding Differences Between Part Time MBA and Full Time MBA Degree
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11 March 2019 - 14:11, by , in EEC, Comments off

For working professionals, having an MBA degree has never been very simple. Until recently, suppose you ever wanted to get the MBA, you need to go to the school full-time. It means quitting your day job. Today, because of the technological advancements, and pressure from the businesses and students, lots of schools provide many options—like the part time MBA, evening and weekend MBA courses. The part time MBA is in decline. However, selecting to study part-time or full-time is not very straightforward as selecting the degree that is in vogue. There’re some important differences between the full-time and the part time MBA study that the prospective MBA students must be totally aware of before applying.

The biggest barrier to any MBA program is its cost. The top school’s fees can set you back the six-figure amount. However, crucially, part time MBA students do not need to sacrifice the salary to get an MBA. The part time MBA students need to take classes each weekend and earn the qualification in 2 years. The full-time MBA programme offers the vast scholarships that will help the students to saddle the tuition fees cost. There’re not many scholarships for part time MBA compared to the full-time MBA program, because there is more space accessible relative to the applications in a part time MBA program than a full-time one. So, students in a part time MBA normally continue to work for full-time.

Whereas part time MBA students will work full-time, that means they have very less spare time for enjoying different activities outside their work and study. It is quite challenging to balance the demands of the full-time work and rigorous academic curriculum.

The full-time MBA degree still is pretty intense. Also, many b-schools are opting for the shorter 12month of courses instead of traditional 2-year format that means you will need to work hard in whichever format you select.